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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
The galleries move through the site at various speeds, but will be available for a minimum of five weeks after they first appear.

10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update

24th May
2 x HD Videos
Violet, Bella, Ruby
Getting it Right
16 mins 45 secs - 758 mb
Imogen & Flame
Coated in Bondage
11 mins 15 secs - 509 mb
140 Images
We always want to get it right and give you what you want to see. Jo S has only been a menber for a while and joined because he loves to see the ladies mummified and has asked to see a macked up lady tied up with tights and ending up with tights covering her all over, especially her head. Violet has no problem being mummified like this and with a very large tights gag, of course. Christian, Jake and Oliver are going to see Bella like this as Oliver loves the ladies in lingerie and clear macs and Jake and Christian love to see hog-ties. Bella looks particularly lovely like this and with her head forced back by her spiky bit gag strap, the drooling was inevitable. Andrew has always loved black rainwear whether it is rubber or pvc, but now finds blue attractive as well, says not sure why now (after many years) but wanted to see an all blue outfit and with the lady on the floor. Ruby fits this bill perfectly as you can see and her blue bit gag to going along with the blue mac, boots and gloves should go down very well.
Ladies in coats and bondage, where the coats are heavy duty and when fully wrapped, buttoned and belted around the ladies they become an integral part of the bondage. Imogen is in a thick yellow lined hooded trench coat and has been tightly roped sitting on the edge of the bed. Ankles crossed and roped and a tight cleave gag are also added before her cleave gag is removed and her mouth is stuffed full with another scarf and this is then sealed in place with her cleave gag and she is then hooded as well. A long scarf is then wound around her gag and head several times before she is laid onto the bed where she is left to writhe and struggle to her heart's content. Flame has been taped onto a high stool in a red heavy duty trench coat and black rubber boots, the coat is fully done up and the collar turned up. Her arms are taped to her sides and her mouth is sealed with the same gaffer tape with lots being added to her mouth as time goes by. A black rubber sou'wester is then tied onto her head and finally the hat brim is turned down over her eyes and taped that way to blindfold this lovely bound beauty.

From Update

17th May
2 x HD Videos
Dark Desires
14 mins 0 secs - 631 mb
Luci & Meg
Rukka Bound
9 mins 05 secs - 668 mb
140 Images
Malika has a lot of desires and as they contain dressing up, bondage and other alternative hobbies calling them dark is a good way to describe them. Dressed in a shiny black mac she had her arms tied out to the wall and her back roped to the post behind her. After being rubber ball gagged her mac was tucked up into the ropes to show off her stunning black lingerie, which had been sent to her by a big fan. Then the mac was wrapped around her and more tight rope applied sealing her booted legs together. Dressed all in yellow by way of trousers, jacket, wellies and gloves she was locked into a head and wrist board and another board to strap her ankles apart. Then hooded and yellow ball gagged she was left to roll around and struggle in this lovely bondage combination. In a short pink nylon K-Way jacket and pink rubber boots Malika had her arms roped behind her and was hooded and pink ball gagged. Then laid onto the desk, upon which she had been sitting she was rolled over and hogtied as tight as possible. Now very helpless and unable to struggle in case she fell off the desk she does look a wonderful sight like this.
Rukka macs are so popular and they have to be some of the best quality rainwear ever made and when you add a little bondage they only look so much better. Here there is Luci in a shiny beige Rukka mac and white wellies and she has been cuffed and roped up against the wall with her arms and legs tied out. She is very soon roped a little more and she is hooded and ball gagged by Helena leaving her entirely helpless as Helena as Helena loves and teases her Rukka captive. For Meg it was a bright yellow Rukka mac and white heeled wellies and she had her arms roped tightly behind her and then a red ball gag was strapped into her mouth as well. After having her ankles roped together her gag was retied over the hood as tight as possible. Meg was then bought down onto the floor and ended up hogtied on the carpet, looking very delightful as she rolled around and drooled from her ball gag.

From Update

10th May
2 x HD Videos
Meg, Flame, Emily
Show Girls
16 mins 20 secs - 738 mb
Malika & Ruby
Well Covered
13 mins 20 secs - 602 mb
152 Images
The title means here are three ladies who are well worth showing off as they are beautiful and being dressed and bound only makes them more so. Meg is an absolute stunner and this dark haired beauty has been roped onto a high stool in a silver mac and purple riding boots and little else. She is first purple bit gagged and after this gag has been changed to a rubber ball gag is her mac opened to reveal her stunning breasts. Flame is dressed in a long white mac and silver boots and has been bound to a post with her arms stretched out. She was cleave gagged and hooded by Helena who then began to peel back to reveal that Flame was bound under the mac, her body had been roped down to her knees showing off her black lingerie. Now after her gag had been taped over Helena was able to tease and tickle her beautiful bound victim. Emily was dressed in a see thru purple mac over her white lingerie and with patterned boots she was tied onto the garden bench with her arms and legs extended and her mac pulled back to show off her bare legs and boots. Then ball gagged and hooded the mac was pulled further back and the hood tightened down over her face leaving just the ball gag showing, but still looking quite wonderful.
Two ladies very well covered in their rainwear and bondage. The beautiful Malika has been roped into a chair with her arms at her sides while wearing a silver Rukka style mac and silver Hunter wellies. Before long she is ball gagged and hooded and then the gag and her head is heavily taped to secure her gag tight into position. The only thing she can do now is moan and kick her bound and booted legs. Then with her gag switched to a rubber ball gag a clear hooded mac is wrapped around her, more rope is added and she is double hooded and then left to drool. Ruby is in a shiny yellow ankle length mac with her arms taped across her chest very securely. A huge cloth gag is forced into her mouth and this is taped over with several layers including her chin and neck. After her body was taped again a yellow see thru mac was fitted on her backwards and the then hood pulled up and tied over her face, leaving her delightfully cocooned.

From Update

3rd May
2 x HD Videos
Never Better
16 mins 10 secs - 732 mb
Meg & Emily
Waders & Rope
9 mins 40 secs - 433 mb
154 Images
Jade is a beautiful lady and never looks better here than being dressed and bound and made as helpless as possible. In a long clear hooded mac over her silver coat she was tied siting against a post with her arms heavily roped behind her and her legs bound together. Lots of tight rope held her against the chair and then she was hooded, rubber ball gagged and collared to add to her helpless situation. A long scarf was then bound over her mouth around the post and the hood was tightened down over her eyes. A rope around the collar made sure she kept her head up. In a long red mac and boots and with a red rubber swim cap she had her arms heavily taped across her chest while standing in the coffin and with her loving the feeling of the red rubber gloves against her lips. With her mouth stuffed and tape gagged more tape was used to further bind her arms against her chest and also to bind her legs together. Rope across and around her body then prevented her from falling or getting out of the coffin. In a yellow rain jacket and yellow Hunter wellies over her fishnet tights she had her wrists roped above her head and her ankles crossed and tied together. She was also yellow ball gagged and hooded by Helena who was there to watch over her. Then with her arms bound in front of her Helena then gags her with a much larger yellow sponge ball and tapes it in place with several layers of clear tape. Helena now does what she does best and that is to cuddle and love her bound victims.
Waders are always very popular and so obviously is rope so the two together is something many will enjoy. Meg is wearing long shiny yellow tipped black rubber waders with a yellow rain jacket and she has been tied spread eagled against the beam with rope around her knees and arms to hold them as far apart as possible and before long a yellow ball gag is tied into her mouth. Then with her ankles crossed and bound and she is hooded with the gag retied over the hood. Emily is rubber rain wear dressed in coat, gloves and long waders and after sitting on the grass she is rubber ball gagged and a sou'wester is tied onto her head as the coat is tucked up into the ropes binding her body so her waders are on view. From this she is laid onto the grass and roped into a tight hogtie with her wader covered legs tied up close to her wrists. Her movement is now just about zero, which means success all the way.

From Update

26th April
2 x HD Videos
Seven Ladies
Beautiful Gas Masks
17 mins 25 secs - 789 mb
Ruby, Bella, Meg
From the First Time
10 mins 30 secs - 473 mb
154 Images
Six ladies in gas mask bondage may not be everybody's taste but we think it adds that little bit of extra spice and looks quite beautiful. Ruby was very tightly strapped into her pink mac and had a full head pink mask with small eye holes, the small eyes holes only making her appearance more exciting. Violet had been tied into a chair in her spotted mac with tights, so after being gas masked tights were tied over this as well. Lacey's first gas mask experience is what you see here, being masked by Helena after being chained and ball gagged, the mask looking so good with the trench coat. This same grey mask was put onto Shannon after she had been heavily roped into a chair in her clear spotted mac and ball gag. She was of course then hooded as well. Lily had been tied up on the floor in a long green mac and red boots and gloves. Surrounded by gas masks, it was the dark green one that was fitted over her rubber ball gag, she was then also hooded. Bella had been tied onto the desk in a sitting position with her pink booted legs spread and she was masked with the pink gas mask around which the white hood of her mac was tied. Ruby loves the gas masks so it seems right that she should wear them as often as possible. This time wearing a short clear jacket and waders with her lingerie she was black rubber swim capped and rubber ball gagged. Helena then fitted a black rubber mask slowly over her head and then tied the clear hood over that. A very delightful sight, just like all of the other ladies.
These are tied ladies from their first shoots here at Rainbound. Ruby was roped into a chair with her arms at her sides and her booted feet tied up in the air at her sides. Wearing a red above knee mac and red wellies she had a red ball gag added by Helena after being hooded. This hood was then tightened down over her eyes and her ball gag was taped over. From Bella's first shoot before she had her baby she was dressed in a long green hooded mac and she had her arms tightly roped behind her. She was then hooded and taped gagged and had her knees bound together so she had to hobble while turning in her ropes. Meg loved these padded coats and delighted in wearing this one and being taped into it. Her hands were taped into the pockets and clear tape was wound around her body, hood and gag. She thought she was so cleaver by actually escaping from this tie, but it means she will always be bound even tighter to make sure this never happens again.

From Update

19th April
2 x HD Videos
Flame & Violet
Covered Love
10 mins 40 secs - 480 mb
Covered Love 2
7 mins 20 secs - 328 mb
Ruby & Imogen
Tape on Tape
9 mins 10 secs - 413 mb
134 Images
Ladies in layers and then tied up and gagged always look so good as the layers become an important of the actual bondage. Flame was dressed in a black, red and clear hooded macs and had her arms taped in front of her, her arms roped to her body and was head harness leather gagged over the black hood. She was then led into the garden by Helena by a rope attached to her gag and this was then tied down to her arms. After being sat onto the garden seat Helena triple hooded her and bought Flames booted feet onto her lap to stop her standing up again. For Violet it was four macs a long pink one, then a white spotted one, then a see thru purple one and then a clear one, the clear one being fitted on her backwards. Her rubber gloved arms were tightly roped in front of her and she was rubber ball gagged over the pink hood. She was roped to the post and triple hooded before the hood on the clear mac was pulled up and tied over her face leaving her fully enclosed in plastic rainwear. Jade was taped into a chair in the bright sun while wearing a yellow rain suit and two macs with gloves and boots and after being ball gagged was soaked with a water hose by Helena. Helena then taped over her ball gag and pulled up the third hood and then soaked her again before the chair was laid onto its back so Jade could dry out in the sun.
Tight tape bondage is a perfect way to ensure the ladies are as helpless as possible and it is even better when the ladies who are taped up are more than willing to be victims like this. Ruby is wearing a red see thru plastic trench coat with her won very high heeled boots, she has had her gloved arms taped in front of her and then her arms very tightly taped to her body. Into her mouth went a very large red ball gag and her knees were tape together. She was then left to do what she does so very well and delights in doing and that is drool from her huge gag. Imogen, in her blue mac and boots had her arms taped behind her with clear tape, she was then sat long ways onto a desk and her boots were taped together and she was ball gagged. Her legs were then taped down to the desk and she was hooded and her gag was taped over, again all with clear tape. Finally a rope from her knees to around her neck kept her bent forward and that much more helpless.

From Update

12th April
2 x HD Videos
Helpless as Possible
18 mins 20 secs - 830 mb
Meg, Elyssia, Drew
Tied Delights
7 mins 30 secs - 336 mb
154 Images
Having Shannon as helpless as possible has to be a good thing, she looks so wonderful when bound and gagged and the tighter the ropes the more she loves it. In just her bra and knickers with white rubber boots and a white rubber swim cap she had her arms tied down her sides with her wrists to her thighs. Very tightly cleave gagged with the gag tied around her ropes behind her to stop her bending her head forward was how things started. Her gagged mouth was then heavily taped over with white tape and her ankles were taped together, which only increased her appeal. In a see thru red trench coat and red Hunter wellies, her arms were roped behind her and a huge red ball gag was strapped into her mouth. After her ankles were bound together she ended up on the floor and her gag was changed to a head harness leather gag and a rain hat was tied onto her head. She was then bound into a tight hogtie on the floor and left to roll around as much as she could. In a white mac and high heeled shoes she was tightly bound while sitting on the bedroom swing and was cleave gagged after her bare legs tied with her ankles crossed. A final touch being the long white scarf wound around her head and gag leaving her very wide eyed and helpless.
Three ladies tied up and gagged and looking very delightful at the same time. The beautiful Meg is dressed in a full length black plastic rain mac with black rubber boots and gloves, her arms have been tied behind her with black and white rope and she has been gagged with a black pvc gag with a wide mouth plate. She had to hobble across the garden until she reached the pole to which she was then secured with a lot more tight rope. Elyssia had her arms roped down to her ankles while wearing clear plastic trousers and jacket and was quickly hooded and cleave gagged. A long white scarf was then tied over her gagged mouth and tied off to the beam above her so she had to keep her head up. Drew is outdoors in a bright red hooded mac and black boots. Her arms have been roped to her sides with thin cord and a rubber gag has been fastened into her mouth as tight as possible. She was then left to wander around the garden knowing she was not going to be going too far.

From Update

5th April
2 x HD Videos
(NEW) Luci
Something New
11 mins 40 secs - 865 mb
Mallory & Jet
Alternative Use
8 mins 35 secs - 630 mb
182 Images
This is something new for Luci, she is usually on the other sides of the ropes but was keen to see what is was going to be like coming here. We are very impressed with her and am sure you will be too. Wearing just knickers and stockings, a clear spotted mac and black rubber boots were added to her body and she was tied out against the wall with her arms and legs spread. With a very tight rope around her waist, a large black rubber ball gag was strapped into her mouth and she was hooded. This showed off this very buxom lady's breasts perfectly and Helena appears to seal her gag in place with layers of clear tape. In a long blue mac and black rubber riding boots she had to experience tight tape bondage outdoors. Her arms and body were tightly taped with silver gaffer tape and she was roped to a tree. Her cleave gag was taped over as were her legs and boots as it was essential she stayed put. Then it was rainwear and leather bondage so in a gold trench coat and boots she was strapped and hogtied on the table top. Then gagged with a leather head harness gag, Helena was there to make sure she kept her head up and back.
Putting wellington boots to an alternative use has to be a good idea when it comes to bondage and tying them onto the ladies arms as part of their bondage outfit does seem to work very well. Mallory is wearing a see thru short yellow rain jacket and bright yellow wellies and onto her arms have been tied Hunter wellies, her body has been roped and she is very tightly gagged with a yellow ball gag. Then hooded and her booted arms were roped together in front of her body. Jet had been tied out sitting on a table with her arms and legs spread while wearing a long bright red hooded mac and heavy duty black and red boots. First red ball gagged and then with her arms forced and tied into red wellies, she was hooded and her gag was changed to a beautiful mouth filling rubber inflatable gag.
Rainwear bondage with a lighter touch, making sure the bondage shows off the outfits in the best way possible. Six ladies including Drew, Lavinia, Helena, Siren, Malika and Jet neatly bound and sometimes gagged as they show themselves off.

From Update

29th March
2 x HD Videos
Jade, Flame, Helena
Loved Like This
13 mins 20 secs - 600 mb
Buffy & Elle
Clear to See
10 mins 55 secs - 493 mb
144 Images
Ruben has asked to see one of the ladies gagging and ungagging herself while she is tied up with the biggest scarf as possible. Jade was more than happy to do this while dressed in a leopard mac and having her arms taped in front of her. First stuffing a large red scarf fully into her mouth and then slowly pulling it out again before finding an even larger one. Seeing the ladies drool from their gags is quite delightful to see and many seem to enjoy it, so for Roger and all other drooling fans here is Flame doing just that. Flame does not seem able to help or stop herself from drooling and can think of no reason why we should want her to stop and putting her into a mac that shows off her drool has to be a necessity for Ion and we are happy to do this as well. Roger sent us these nylon jackets that Helena is wearing and this is how he would like to see her tied, so here she is in a red Peter Storm jacket and with her arms tied out along the beam with nylon strips. Her body is bound with nylon strips as well and she is gagged with the same. With the top jacket done up around her and double hooded more jackets were draped over her arms and bondage for good measure.
Two ladies tied up and gagged but dressed so everything can be clearly seen. Buffy is in a long clear hooded mac with clear trousers and pink boots and gloves. Her arms have been heavily roped down by her sides and before long she is hooded and then very tightly ball gagged. Then after being laid onto her back her legs were tied up to the overhead beam so she was unable to stand up again. Elle is wearing just a very short see thru red plastic rain jacket over her stunning bra and knickers and red wellies. Her arms have been bound and her hands to her thighs. Her ankles were tied out to the desk legs and she was red ball gagged and the rope hanging down her front was tied up tightly through her crotch. After being hooded several layers of clear tape were wound her head and gag sealing her ball gag into her mouth.

From Update

22nd March
2 x HD Videos
(NEW) Lacey
A New First
11 mins 40 secs - 526 mb
Sassie,Mallory, Violet, Helena
In Good Hands
8 mins 25 secs - 380 mb
142 Images
Here is Lacey, she is a friend of Meg and immediately jumped on the opportunity of coming here. Straight away it became obvious she is a lady who going to be very happy about being tied up and gagged like this. This is a double new first for her, her first time in rainwear and her first time in bondage. It started with her in a long pink hooded mac and she was taped onto a high stool with her hands in her lap. Then hooded and she was gagged with a knotted pink scarf before this was tightly taped over with several layers and her gloved fingers were taped together, a lovely way to start a new experience. In just a pair of knickers, waders were added with long rubber gloves and a glass clear plastic trench coat. Her arms were roped outwards as were her wader covered legs and she was rubber gagged with a matching rain hat pushed down onto her head. Another very enjoyable session for Lacey as you can see. Then in a long hooded navy mac she had her arms roped behind her with red rope and she was then hooded and red ball gagged by Helena. More rope was then added and her gagged changed to a very wide red bit gag.
All of these ladies are in good hands as they must be looked after at all costs. Helena and Sassie are both dressed in long bright red hooded and belted macs with coloured wellies. They both have their arms bound behind them and their elbows tied to each other to make sure they stay close. Then cleave gagged, hooded and their gags are taped over with clear tape, they are left to enjoy each others bondage company. Mallory is in a heavy duty green cotton trench coat with a green swim cap on her head. The coat has been fully done up around her and her arms are tightly roped behind her and a rope around her neck, tied to the beam keeps her in place. A trench coated Helena is there to rubber gag this lovely lady and then cuddle up to her, who would not want to? The beautiful Violet has on a see thru red mac and has her arms roped in front of her and she is also tied to the beam with a rope around her neck. Then hooded and tape gagged Helena does her looking after tied up and gagged lady thin

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