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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
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10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

From Update


23rd April

2 x HD Videos
Kitty in Tightly Taped
10 mins 05 secs - 398 mb
Betty & Shannon in All in Black
9 mins 35 secs - 372 mb
143 images
It is good to have Kitty here once more and whether it is tape or rope or anything else for that matter, she loves it all. In a yellow rain jacket and coloured wellies, her body was taped with her hands in her pockets forcing her arms to stay down by her sides. Then tape gagged and her ankles were taped together before she was hooded and roped to the beam behind her. A little more tape around her body, neck and gagged head and her bondage was complete, on this occasion. Kitty arrived wearing jodhpurs so a red riding mac had to be worn to go along with them. With her arms bound behind her and a leather head harness bit gag in her mouth all she could do was drool which she does so very well. Topless in a clear short rain jacket she had her hands balled up and taped in the sleeves with thin black tape, then her arms were taped to her sides and she was hooded and ball gagged. Helena then fitted her with a long pair of waders and then taped her legs together. She was the sat onto the floor and then laid down as she struggled with her bonds, showing everybody how good she looks like this.
Ladies in black and yellow rainwear but both delightful when the ladies are in bondage along with their macs and boots. Shannon is wearing a long shiny pvc black trench coat and she has been cuffed and chained in the corner against the post. Her arms spread out and her ankles chained together. She has also been fitted with a full leather hood and a metal ball gag and her mac was pulled back to show off her bare legs. Violet was hogtied on the floor in a yellow Rukka mac, her wrists tightly bound very close to her ankles and a rubber ball gag is strapped between her teeth. A quick easy way to apply bondage to a lovely lady leaving her as helpless as anybody could be. Betty is sitting on the floor in a black Rukka mac and her booted feet have been crossed and tied together to make it impossible for her to stand. Scarf gagged and the hooded before leather head harness gag was applied over her gagged mouth, she was then laid down and her knees were tied up into her chest and her ankles tied back to her wrists. Again one very helpless beautiful female.

From Update


16th April

2 x HD Videos
Anastasia, Mallory & Elyssia in As You Like It
10 mins 30 secs - 393 mb
Violet & Celeste in Ladies on Tape
8 mins 50 secs - 328 mb
138 images
Ron B is very taken with Anastasia and has asked to see her in heavy rubber bondage. Luckily enough we do have heavy rubber coats, so with Anastasia fully buttoned and belted into her wet coat, waders and sou'wester she first had her arms taped behind her and was rubber ball gagged. With her ankles also taped together she only thing she could do was drool from her gag. Moved across the garden she was taped to the supporting wire and she was left to delightfully drool a lot more. Phil M sent us the green one hooded piece rain suit and with GrayH asking to see similar it was a good opportunity to have Mallory spread out on the bed while wearing it along with black rubber boots, gloves and wide bit gag. With her arms and legs tied out, her knees were tied together with tight rope from around her waist and her gag taped over as the more helpless the better she becomes. Jake loves hogties on lovely ladies. Jake loves rainwear hogties on lovely ladies even more so Here is Elyssia very tightly hogtied into her blue mac with black and white rope. Her gag is a leather head harness gag, especially requested by Jake so Elyssia's head can be pulled up and back and tied into that position. This he thinks is the ultimate hogtie when the head is pulled back like this. It certainly does look very good, doesn't it?
Taped up ladies while dressed in rainwear always a wonderful sight to see. Celeste is wearing a short nylon jacket, stockings and heavy duty wellies. Her arms have been taped down by her sides and lots of tape used to hold her booted feet together. She is scarf gagged and hooded and then more tape applied to her body and all around her gagged mouth and over her hood and around her neck holding her head against the beam behind her. An almost naked Violet is dressed in a long clear mac and silver boots. Her arms have been taped in front of her, her legs taped together and her hands taped inside the mac sleeves, she is also then ball gagged and hooded. Her ball gag is heavily taped over and she is laid out on the table after which the hood is taped down over her eyes and she is left to see what she can do about her bondage. The answer of course is nothing at all except roll around on the table and moan to herself.

From Update


9th April

2 x HD Videos
Elle, Lavinia & Celeste in Bound to Ride
6 mins 50 secs - 361 mb
Violet in Tight in Nylon
6 mins 15 secs - 233 mb
177 images
Three ladies tied up and gagged in their riding coats who can actually do anything but go for a ride at the present time. The coats are heavy duty and always look so good when they are fully buttoned and belted and being worn by beautiful ladies who just happen to be tied up at the time. Elle has been taped to a tree with cellotape in the yellow riding coat and with one foot taped to a nearby tree. First cleave gagged and then with the gag covered tightly with another scarf and a yellow sou'wester added to complete her outfit and bondage. The beautiful Lavinia has been tied sitting on a high stool with her body and arms bound to the post behind her. Her red riding coat open at the bottom to show off her legs. Her yellow tipped wader covered legs have stretched into the splits position and tied there. She was the gagged with a large ring gag. Then with her gag changed to a red ball gag and a sou'wester tied onto her head the stool was removed leaving her suspended and very helpless with her struggling only enhancing her appearance. Celeste is wearing a heavy beige riding coat and has her arms bound behind her. With the collar turned up her mouth is filled with a scarf and taped over with clear tape. When her gag had been changed to a rubber gag she was bent over with her wrists tied to the overhead beam and she was roped from her neck to her ankles forcing her to stay fully bent forward, but showing off her mac covered bottom does provide another excellent sight.
Betty is dressed in a light green mac and spotted pink rubber boots, she had had her arms tied behind her and after being hooded is sat upon the stool and her legs and crossed ankles are tightly roped together. A rubber ball gag strapped in place over her hood and eventually she is forced to sat bent forward after the hood drawstrings have been tied close close to her knees. The lovely Violet is wearing nylon trousers tucked into her wellies and a nylon jacket, she had her arms crossed and taped in front of her with rope and cellotape. Hooded and tightly cleave gagged and with her legs taped together leaves only to be able to swing around a little from her ropes. Another very tight fitting nylon jacket is then zipped onto her backwards and after her gag has been taped over the hood is pulled up over her face and tightened into position. She is now very beautifully helpless with only the tip of her nose on view as she struggles in her tight bonds.

From Update


2nd April

2 x HD Videos
Isabelle & Drew in Precious Ladies
6 mins 25 secs - 240 mb
Celeste in Rubber Cover
5 mins 35 secs - 208 mb
164 images
Isabelle is a beautiful lady who is a good friend of Drews and has eventually made it here, something she has been very keen on since she found out what Drew does in some of her spare time. Her bondage introduction has included three deferent aspects of the site, helping to tied others up, being tied up by herself and then being tied up with others. First with Isabelle in a yellow Rukka and Drew in red it was Drew who ended up tied up as Isabelle loved the idea of having her friend tied up and gagged. Drew was tied sitting on a high stool with her arms bound behind her and one leg tied out to the wall. Isabelle hoods Drew and then scarf gags her and then ties up her other leg to the wall keeping both of her feet off the ground. Isabelle then starts to enjoy herself even more as she wraps a lot of tape over her friends gag and around the post until she felt very pleased with the result so much so that all she wanted to do then was to cuddle up to her tied up friend. It was then her turn to be put into bondage so wearing a long pink mac her arms were bound behind her and Drew could not wait to get her revenge. First hooding Isabelle and ball gagging her she then tied one of her feet in the air behind her making her hobble on one foot. Then with her foot lowered and her ankles tied together Drew gags her with a long scarf wrapping it all around her lower face. Then it was time to tie them up together, with Isabelle in gold and Drew in silver trench coats they both had their arms tied behind them and they were rubber ball gagged. Then sat onto the floor they had rain bonnets tied onto their heads and different ball gags tied over them to make sure they did not fall off. They were then left to their own devices and they both ended up on the floor where they maneuvered themselves next to each other and ended up gag kissing, which has to be the perfect way to end a time like this.
We have Celeste covered in rubber and Raven looking very glamorous in corset and rubber skirt under her long purple mac. Celeste starts off in a long rubber trench coat, gloves and waders, her arms have been tied behind her and she is gagged with a large spiky rubber bit gag. Then with her ankles bound a sou'wester is tied onto her head and she is sat onto the metal water tank and her coat pulled back to show off her Century waders. Her arms were then retied along her legs with lots more rope and a rubber ball gag tied over her sou'wester to hold it in place. Finally with rope around her neck tied down to her knees she was forced to stay bent over. Raven is in a black corset and long rubber skirt, she has been tied up against the wall by her wrists and ankles and with rope around her waist. After being hooded and rubber gagged and with a lot more rope bound around her body her mac is peeled back to show off her very glamorous outfit.

From Update


26th March

2 x HD Videos
Ammalia in Multi Media
8 mins 05 secs - 308 mb
Elle & Lavinia in Cover Story
11 mins 20 secs - 424 mb
171 images
Ammalia has been dressed in four hooded macs with the top one put on her backwards. Her arms have been roped and cellotaped in front of her and Helena is there to ball gag her over the first two hoods. The third hood is then tied up over her head as she struggles as hard as she could. With her gag changed to a ball gag with a breathing pipe the top hood is pulled up over her face and tied tightly. She is then sat down onto a chair where she continues to struggle noisily in vain. For Elle it was three very tight fitting rain suits at the same time, black, pink and clear with them tucked into her wellies and rubber gloves. Tied to the beam behind her with her legs apart and ball gagged she has the two top hoods pulled up over her head and a large rope collar to keep them all in place. Lavinia's first time in several macs meant a long nylon mac, then a purple one and a white spotted clear one with her hands bound in front of her. Helena then proceeded to hood and gag her before pulling down over her head another clear jacket. This was put on her backwards so the zip went up her back and her whole head was covered in the clear plastic over her hooded and gagged head. Then sat into a chair Helena kept hold hold of her to make sure her struggling was not going to help.
Three more bound and gagged beauties for you and very lovely they look too. Elle is wearing a very shiny black hooded mac, shiny black boots and gloves and is tied up outdoors among the straw bales. Her arms are tied behind her and she is hooded and rubber ball gagged and only able to hobble around the bales due to the right ropes around her knees. Anastasia has been chained to the post in her red riding mac, the chains holding her arms behind her and her ankles have also been cuffed. In her mouth is a very large red ball gag strapped as tight as possible to hold her mouth open as wide as possible. A tied up Raven has been led out into the garden in her black trench coat by a purple dressed Helena. Scarf gagged she has been led over to a stool and then tied to it. A long purple scarf has then been tied over her gag to keep her quiet as the neighbours were wandering about and we did not want Raven to attract their attention.

From Update


19th March

2 x HD Videos
Shannon in Bound to Please
10 mins 05 secs - 375 mb
Lavinia in Two is Better
6 mins 35 secs - 245 mb
155 images
It has been a long time since Shannon came around but happily she is now back for more. This beautiful lady says she has missed the ropes and gags so it it is good to make her happy again. Over her very short dress she had to wear a long clear plastic mac before her arms were tied behind her. Then laid across a stool she was very tightly hogtied, hooded and gagged from which she could not really struggle in case she fell off the stool. Re tied sitting on the stool, this time she was gagged with a large ring gag tied over the hood holding her mouth wide open which does look very appealing. Outdoors in a black rain suit, long black rubber waders and long black rubber gloves she first had her wrists tied up behind her. Then hooded and gagged with the largest ball gag we have she had on leg tie up into the tree so she she had to struggle while balancing on one wader covered leg. Then in a white mac, pink wellies and pink swim hat she was bound and gagged with a second swim hat and led across to the straw bales onto which she was sat. Then with her legs bound to stop her being able to stand up again her gagged mouth was wrapped in clear tape to seal the swim hat into her mouth and then another used to blindfold her which was also tightly taped into place. As she loves all this so much it is not surprising we love her too.
Mysteria in red, Anastasia in nylon and Ammalia in green, a lovely combination of three well dressed and tied up and gagged ladies. Mysteria in a shiny red mac with an extra large hood has been bound to the beam behind her and tape gagged. Her body has been very tightly roped and one foot tied up to the lower beam forcing her to stand on one foot. The very large hood has been draped over her head just to inconvenience her that little bit more. Anastasia, dressed in a green nylon jacket has been bound to a post with nylon strips and her arms tied in front of her. Tightly hooded and tightly gagged with pink nylon before a second hood was tied over her head and more nylon was used to cover her gagged mouth and neck. Ammalia is out in the garden in a green riding mac and black rubber boots and sou'wester. She has been bound with thin black tape around her body and arms and then her legs after she has been sat onto the grass. Then left to roll around she provides a very lovely sight as she kicks her legs high up in the air as she struggles with her bonds.

From Update


12th March

2 x HD Videos
Lavinia in Loving Lavinia
9 mins 05 secs - 339 mb
Mallory in What She Likes
5 mins 15 secs - 196 mb
144 images
The lovely Lavinia has already appeared a few time but now here is is with her first solo gallery. She was blown away with the mac and boot collection so this seemed an appropriate place to keep her for a while. In a blue mac and red wellies she had her arms taped behind her with thin red tape and then Helena added a bright red ball gag over her hood. More tape was added to her body and legs and a rope around her shoulders tied off to an over head hook. A high collared clear mac was then zipped up around her bound body and the arms tied together at the back. This being her first introduction to having to wear more than one mac at a time, next time will be a lot more at the same time. As Lavinia has such a stunning body and beautiful lingerie it really would be a shame if we were not to show it off. In a glass clear red edged mac and shiny red wellies over her lovely lingerie this topless beauty was tied to the end of the bed with her legs spread as well as being hooded and then rubber ball gagged. With her arms tightly tied to her sides she ended up laying back onto the bed with her bound legs draped over the bed end which has to be a sight worth seeing. Dressed in a long white mac she was hogtied across a desk with rope and slings holding her to the overhead beam. Helena first hoods and ball gags Lavinia and then removes the desk leaving her suspended in her hogtie where all her twisting and turning did her no good at all. Lavinia has only been hear a short while and we all love so much already as we are sure you do too.
Two well dressed ladies in bondage. Their rainwear only enhancing their appearance and their bondage. Mallory is in a glass clear mac and black rubber boots and tied into a chair with her arms behind her and her legs bound together. We are always happy to give the ladies what they want as long as it fits in with what we want and in this case it certainly does. Mallory loves different gags so first it was a leather ball gag with a face plate which was changed for a large rubber ball gag after more rope had been applied to her body. Then came the leather head harness gag and finally the matching leather blindfold which always looks very attractive with this type of bondage. Fay was dressed in a long green mac and tied with her arms behind her, rubber ball gagged and then out to be tied to the tree by the rope around her waist being looped over a branch and tied to one of her rubber booted feet. Then came the macs hood and Helena forcing her up onto one foot before taking a long black and white scarf and tightly wrapping it over her gag and eyes leaving her head fully covered while she cuddles up to this tied up lady.

From Update


5th March

2 x HD Videos
Elle in Always Beautiful
7 mins 35 secs - 281 mb
Lavinia, Alexia, Violet & Helena in Back to Back
7 mins 35 secs - 282 mb
150 images
Elle has the ability to always look beautiful no matter how she is dressed, or undressed and whether tied up an gagged or not. First in nylon trousers and jacket she has her arms cellotaped behind her back and more tape around her chest and stomach. Then laid across the desk she has her feet cellotaped together and to the beam above her to keep her in her hogtied position. Then hooded and ball gagged she could only put up with the tight tape as escape was totally impossible. Outdoors in a long blue mac and wellies she is also wearing a clear mac over the blue one. Arms and body taped with thin red tape and a very effective ball gag with a red leather face plate has been buckled over the blue hood. After a little wandering around her boots were taped together and the clear hood pulled up over the blue one. She then let herself down onto her knees and then onto the grass as that was the only option left open to her. In a pink mac over her lingerie she had her legs spread and tied to the bed legs and her arms tied behind her all done with pink rope to match her outfit. A pink ball gag followed and then Helena began to remove her lingerie to expose her huge breasts. Now with her arms tied down to her legs Helena tightened the hood so it pulled down over her eyes providing a beautiful finishing touch.
Three bondage scenes where the ladies look particularly lovely in their ropes and gags. Deception is dressed in a knee length heavy duty navy mac and navy wellies and she has been chained to the beam support with Helena in attendance. After Helena has hooded her she gags her with a metal bit gag which matches the chains holding and keeping her in her bondage. Celeste looks very fetching in her beige riding mac and heavy black rubber wellies and with the mac tightly belted and fully buttoned her appearance is further enhanced by the ropes holding her arms behind her back and the gag filling her mouth which has been held in place by lots of clear tape tied around her head. Then her ankles were crossed and tied to stop her hobbling off anywhere and the mac collar was turned up around her head. The two new beauties, Lavinia and Alexia were tied back to back while sitting on the desk and their mouths taped shut with the black gaffer tape. The tape matching their long black shiny pvc coats. Then their bound ankles were tied up in the air and a with a rain hat for Lavinia and a hood for Alexia they were left to watch them struggle and moan.

From Update


26th February

2 x HD Videos
Lavinia, Alexia, Helena, Elle in Double the Fun
8 mins 0 secs - 296 mb
Anita in Lady in White
7 mins 45 secs - 290 mb
145 images
When you have two very good friends that love to be close to each other having them tied up and gagged together can only be a very good thing. Lavinia has only been with us for a couple of weeks but already she has bought her best friend Alexia around to join in the fun. Alexia is another dark haired beauty who is fairly new to bondage but like Lavinia now has a new hobby in her life. A good way to start has to be to have them both in yellow Rukka macs and red wellies and tied up together. Their arms were roped behind them and their ankles tied together before their mouths were taped shut. Then came the hoods, more rope and more tape around their gagged mouths before finally a rope around their necks to make sure their heads stayed close enough to each other that they could not resist gag kissing. Then with Helena and Violet dressed in metallic macs with matching rain hats and silver wellies they were taped back to back with thin black tape. Taped mouths again and more tape around their arms and body made sure again that these two were going to saty close to each other. Then it is Helena again with Elle this time and they are outdoors in long blue macs and taped together by their blue booted ankles. Their bodies are also heavily and tightly taped as are their mouths and with matching leather collars tied close together it is a case of staying close again.
One lady all in white by the name of Anita cellotaped onto a swing in her white mac and spotted rubber boots. After being gagged with a white scarf Helena is there to first hood her and then swivel her around on the swing to show off the lovely view from behind as well. Then with a white swim hat Helena releases her hood and fits the swim cap over Anita's head and fastens the chin strap. Anita's already gagged mouth is then sealed shut with lots of white tape wrapped around her head. Again she is then swiveled around to show her off from all sides. Another lady is Drew who is dressed in a single texture riding mac and riding boots. The mac is buttoned and belted and Drew is tied with her arms behind her back to a chair in front of the mirror. Then ball gagged the final button at the top of the mac is fastened and then her hair is pushed inside the collar and the collar turned up after her ball gag has been covered with a scarf. Now with tight rope all down her body she is very delightfully helpless.

From Update


19th February

2 x HD Videos
Drew in Booted to Suit
11 mins 0 secs - 411 mb
Ammalia in Rukk'd & Tied
5 mins 20 secs - 199 mb
140 images
Drew is a real beauty and lucky for us here she loves bondage and now particularly rainwear bondage which has been a huge attraction for her (just like she has been a huge attraction to us) ever since she first arrived. So in a yellow rain suit and yellow Hunter wellies her arms were tied behind her with her elbows together and then yellow ball gagged. Then with rope around her legs and ball gagged over the hood she was first sat onto the bed and then laid down on it and a rope tied from around her knees to around her neck to make sure she could not stand up again. Sat onto the chaise lounge in panties, long waders and a clear mac Drew's hands were bound in front of her and to one of her wader covered legs. After being hooded and ball gagged Helena moved her bound arms to above her head and undone the mac to reveal her naked breasts. Out in the garden in a long hooded black semi transparent hooded mac and black wellies with red laces she was tied with her hands in to the mac pockets with red rope. Hooded and ball gagged she was left to wander around the garden as dressed and tied like this she was never going to be going too far away.
The beautiful Ammalia has returned to her native Italy but we do hope she is going to return later this year as it would be lovely to have a lot more of her like this. In a green Rukka belted mac and black rubber boots she was bound with her arms behind her and with ropes around her chest which was tied off to the tree above her head. Then rubber ball gagged and hooded one foot was tied up behind her forcing her to hobble on one foot for a while. This leg was then bought out in front of her and tied high up in the tree at her cheat height. She was now able to swing around on her ropes which she did very willingly and even with both feet up off the ground. Anastasia is always going to look very good in tight fitting clothes and a nylon jacket and trousers are no exception. With her arms tightly taped behind her her huge breasts become very prominent. Then ball gagged and hooded and laid down onto the bed the tight nylon and tight tape only enhance her appearance even further.

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