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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
The galleries move through the site at various speeds, but will be available for a minimum of five weeks after they first appear.

10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update

23rd February

2 x HD Videos
Drew, Violet, Celeste
King Cotton
12 mins 30 secs - 486 mb
Ivory & Violet
A Touch of Navy
8 mins 30 secs - 329 mb


139 images

The title 'King Cotton' is how Ian describes his preference for traditional cotton based macs and that title is perfect for this gallery of these three beautiful ladies. Drew is in a heavy red cotton riding mac and she has had her wrists and ankles cuffed together. With her arms in front of her leather straps and rope hold her arms tight against her body and on her head is a red rubber bathing cap, in her mouth is a red ball gag and around her neck is a very high tight fitting leather collar. This assemble holding her in very effective bondage. For Violet it is a long green coat with black rubber boots and she has been bound into the strappado position with a very large green sponge ball gag. When released from this position the coat was roped tightly around her and her gag was switched to a rubber bit gag. A rain bonnet was then added and she was left to swing around in her ropes. Celeste loved this taupe double breasted rain coat and with high heeled boots she does look very glamorous. With her arms roped in front of her she was tied to the wall and then rubber ball gagged. After being sat onto the chair she was tightly roped to it before a rain bonnet was tied around her head with the ropes and gag only making look even more glamorous.
Ivory and Violet both dressed with a touch of Navy rainwear involved along with their bonds and gags. Ivory is wearing navy bib pants over a pink nylon jacket and navy wellies and she has been taped onto a stool with her hands balled up inside the pink jacket sleeves and her legs taped to the stool legs. Then rubber ball gagged before Helena buttons up around her a navy jacket matching her bib pants. This jacket is then taped around her and she is hooded and her ball gag taped over with gaffer tape. Violet is in a long heavy navy coat with black and white wellies and her bound wrists have been tied to the beam behind her forcing her to lean forward. Along comes Helena to hood and cleave gag this beautiful lady and then tied one knee up the beam as well. Now Violet has to hobble with one foot on the floor and the other on the metal tank and just to add to her discomfort a long scarf is wound around her gagged mouth and also tied off to the beam leaving her delightfully helpless.

From Update

16th February

2 x HD Videos
So Very Keen
13 mins 15 secs - 513 mb
Jade & Celeste
Staying Still
7 mins 15 secs - 280 mb


157 images

Lavinia has always been very keen to be tied up and gagged ever since she first appeared here and the fact it involves dressing up just makes it so much more fun for her. In an orange work jacket and big heavy orange work boots on her bare legs. She first had her arms tied behind her and then her legs tied apart, was hooded, crotch roped and ball gagged with a very large red ball gag. The rope around her neck was then tied off to the hook at the side of her, forcing her to stay leant over. Then with her gag changed to a wooded ball gag she was tied into the strappado position which was a good way to show off her legs and bottom. In her blue lingerie and fishnet stockings she had a see thru blue mac and light blue wellies added before she was roped, hooded and ball gagged with her mac left open. Then with Helena's help she was laid onto the bed on top of another striped mac which Helena done up around her sealing her inside and she was then left to roll around on the bed. A silver trench coat, black and white wellies, rope and a rubber ball gag were used to dress and secure her before one foot was tied up to the beam, level with her neck. A crotch rope also being used making it more difficult for her to struggle.
Sometimes it is good to see the ladies moving around in their bondage as they struggle with their ties. Other times it is just as wonderful when they cannot move at all and they have to remain quite still, this is one of those times. Jade is wearing a red see thru mac over her black lingerie and short red wellies and she has been bound sitting with her arms tied behind the post behind her. Knees together and ankles apart with very tight rope around her body securing her to the post and first with a red leather gag strapped tight in her mouth. Then hooded with her gag now a huge red sponge ball gag, more rope around her body and neck she is now incapable of moving at all, a success story. Celeste is wearing blue plastic see thru trousers and jacket over nylon of the same and she has been tied up in the garden with her legs tied into the splits position and her arms spread out and tied to the pallet behind her. For Celeste it was a huge blue sponge ball gag and the top hood pulled down over her eyes leaving just her ball gagged mouth showing.

From Update

9th February

2 x HD Videos
Very Traditional
11 mins 45 secs - 453 mb
Jade & Imogen
Nylon on Top
8 mins 40 secs - 333 mb


168 images

Traditional outfits like heavy rubber, yellow bib pants and shiny Rukka macs always seem to be very popular so a little more must be very welcome by many. Helena is dressed in a long very heavy black rubber coat, boots, gloves and sou'wester. All of these items being covered in lots of partly dried mud after being used outdoors and next to her on the muddy floor are several more pairs of muddy wellies. Her arms are roped down by her sides and after being tape gagged and her ankles and thighs are tightly bound as well. Then laid onto the floor among the dried mud she does look quite wonderful rolling around on the mud. In a yellow bib pant outfit she had had her arms tied behind her and her knees roped out to the wall making her keep her legs apart. Then cleave gagged her top jacket is done up around her and more rope is applied to her body before the second hood is fastened around her head leaving her very helpless now she is also tied to the wall. Tightly taped into a chair in a red Rukka mac and red Dunlop wellies with her arms behind her and her legs together she has no chance of escape as the tape is much too tight. Hooded and heavily tape gagged over her scarf gag and her taped legs now taped to the chair leg leaves her as helpless as possible.
Ladies dressed in nylon jackets on their top halves and only rubber boots on their bottom halves and then tied up and gagged to make sure they dressed this way. Jade is in a pink K-Way nylon rain jacket and pink striped wellies and first had her arms tied behind her. Then pink ball gagged she was sat onto the shelf behind her and had one ankle tied back to her wrists to make sure she could not climb off the shelf. Helena then hooded this beauty and helped to lay her down on the shelf and tied both ankles back to her wrists leaving her looking very lovely as a wall decoration. A blue nylon jacket for Imogen and short blue wellies leaving her lovely legs and bottom on display. She had her arms taped in front of her with clear tape and Helena ball gagged her with a large black rubber ball gag. Now with her ankles taped together and with her roped to an overhead hook Helena gas masked her and then hooded her so she was quite helpless and quiet because of the gas mask but her wide eyes looking beautiful through the gas mask.

From Update

2nd February

2 x HD Videos
Bound Blonde
10 mins 45 secs - 414 mb
Kiti & Malika
Green Shoots
9 mins 05 secs - 349 mb


171 images

The blonde and beautiful Imogen has always been a willing bondage victim even though in every other aspect of her life she loves to be in charge, when it comes to bondage she loves to surrender to the macs and ropes. Looking very glamorous in black lingerie and high heeled thigh length boots she is also wearing a glass clear black spotted mac and she has been tied into a chair with her arms down by her sides and her legs apart. Then ball gagged and with the mac peeled back from her legs a rain bonnet was added and then she was forced to stay leaning forward by the rope from her neck to the bottom of the chair. Out in the garden in the rain in a red mac with a long clear one over the top her arms were taped to her body in front of her. Then hooded and ball gagged the clear mac was done up around her with lots more tape securing her body and legs. The made to hop along the grass until she was finally onto it and left to roll around in the wet. In a ankle length pink mac and pink striped wellies she was hogtied along the desk after having her body strapped tight and her with her arms behind her. Helena hooded and pink ball gagged her and the tied a scarf around her mouth and back to the rope holding her into her hogtie so she had to strain backwards as Helena forced her too.
Green outfits for the ladies in rainwear bondage indoors and out. Kiti is in a long green mac and has had her arms roped behind her and Helena is there to hood and rubber gag her. Then laid onto the table she has one leg tied back to make sure she stays on the table. Another way of ensuring that was to have her wrists tied into her lap, her body roped and her navy booted legs tied apart. With a rope around her neck to stop her leaning forward and a scarf tied over her gagged mouth she could do nothing but accept her helpless situation. Malika is wearing a metallic green mac with pink Hunter wellies and pink gloves and has been tied standing against the wooden pallet behind her. With her arms tied by her sides and her feet tied apart she was first also rubber gagged and then tightly hooded which had to be a nice way to complete her bondage.

From Update

26th January

2 x HD Videos
Blossom, Jade, Lavinia
Lovely Requests
14 mins 10 secs - 546 mb
Jet & Emily
Ready to Go
9 mins 30 secs - 366 mb


153 images

Ian would like to see more of the ladies up in the more traditional cotton raincoats rather than plastic or rubber ones, not that he does like the latter but does love the former as well. As it happens the next Theme Gallery will be just that, but in the meantime here is Blossom tied up standing straight (as asked for) against a ladder with her arms tied at her sides and her booted legs tied together. First scarf gagged and then with tape over that securing her head to the ladder should be just about right. Scott has asked if we have any tartan macs as being Scottish it is something that he has a liking for. We do not but do have a tartan cape and wellies so hopefully you will like to see Jade tied up into the chair wearing these items. She is first bit gagged with a very large red bit gag and then when her arms had been retied by her sides she was gagged with a large mouth filling ball gag on a lovely red face plate. She does look lovely and Helena thinks so too. With nylon for Roger and suspension for Laurent Lavinia is keeping two people happy at the same time. Wearing a nylon jacket with purple Hunter wellies she has had her arms taped inside the sleeves of her jacket with clear cellotape. Her arms were then taped to her sides, her legs were taped together and she was ball gagged. Then suspended on her back with rope to the overhead beam followed. She was then hooded and the hood drawstrings tied off to her ropes and she was left to dangle and struggle in her loving bonds.
Two ladies ready to go nowhere at all, just the way it should be. Jet is dressed in a short red pvc jacket and red wellies and has been tied up sitting on the floor on a mattress. Securely roped with her arms behind her, her legs bound together and red ball gagged she struggles and ends up on her side on the mattress. Her knees are then tied up close to her chest and her bound ankles tied back to her wrists leaving her entirely helpless and as said not going anywhere at all. A red Rukka mac and red wellies for Emily and she has been tightly bound to a post with her arms tied at her sides. Then with her ankles tied apart she is hooded and ball gagged and then her ball gag is taped over with layers of silver gaffer tape going around the post as well. With her knees the tied together she is now very delightfully helpless as well.

From Update

19th January

2 x HD Videos
Always Good
13 mins 15 secs - 512 mb
Kiti & Blossom
A Little Extra
7 mins 40 secs - 296 mb


144 images

Violet is always a good girl as she never complains about her bondage, she revels in it and the addition of the rainwear only makes it more fun for her. In a shiny red Rukka mac she had her arms roped behind her and was then cleave gagged after she had been sat on the floor and her booted ankles roped together. Then hooded her ankles were tied back to her wrists and she was then rolled onto her stomach and put into as tight hogtie which looks most delightful as she struggles and rolls about on the floor. Very tightly taped into a chair in a long clear mac and silver wellies Violet had her arms taped down her sides and her knees taped together. Then hooded and more tape over her mouth and her ankles were taped out to the chair legs. Finally with the hood pulled down over her eyes tape was tied around her gagged mouth and hood leaving just her nose exposed. In a duck egg blue nylon jacket and grey wellies she had her arms roped into the jacket pockets and tight rope around her body from her chest to her knees. In her mouth went a very large red ball gag and then up came the hood and was finally tightened down over her eyes as well. Violet is a long serving member being such a well behaved lady you will be seeing lots more of her.
Two ladies in tight bondage, Kiti in blue and Blossom in red with both of them having a little extra to deal with. Kiti has had her strapped strapped behind her with leather straps with more of the same around her body and legs, all being strapped as tight as possible. Helena is there to gag Kiti with a large red ball gag which is attached to a lovely strap laden big face plate which suits her very nicely. Then when hooded it is a wide leather bit gag that is strapped into her mouth over the hood and then for a little extra a leather head harness gag is tightened over her head and gag and then a rope attached to an overhead hook so Helena can tease her. Blossom is out in her garden, in bondage while wearing a long red hooded mac and red flowered wellies. Her arms have been taped behind her and her mouth tape shut. With more tape around her body and mouth she has to hobble around the garden before having more tape wrapped around her legs once she reached the wall. A rubber hood with a rubber penis attached was then pulled down over her head just because we had it there to use.

From Update

12th January

2 x HD Videos
Better & Better
11 mins 10 secs 431 mb
Violet & Sassie
Secure in Tape
8 mins 30 secs - 326 mb


158 images

Jade is looking better and better in her bondage and wanting to come here more and more so am sure we can always accommodate her. Roped into a chair while wearing a pink hooded mac and pink wellies. Her arms have been roped down by her sides and her body is tightly roped to the chair and her legs are roped together. She is then ball gagged with a huge red ball which fits tightly into her mouth. Then hooded and with more rope binding her body she does seem very happy with her situation and in no hurry to be released. In a smart white pvc trench coat with black spots Jade had her arms tied behind her and was rubber gagged before being laid across the table and hog tied. With her feet tied high in the air Helena tied a long white scarf over her gagged mouth to silence this noisy lady. This scarf was then tied back to her boots so she had to keep her head up and back while she struggled. In a shiny black mac and boots Jade had her arms taped at her back, was hooded and scarf gagged. One foot was then taped back to her thigh so she had to stay seated on the tank and her gag was taped over and around the beam behind her. Lots more tape around her body, legs and gag left her totally helpless with no possible escape.
Two ladies tightly secured in tape and one tied up and gas masked for good measure. Violet is wearing a beige shiny Rukka mac, white wellies and white rubber gloves and has had her arms taped together in front of her and her arms taped tightly against her body. With tape down to her knees her mouth has been filled with a large knotted lined gag. She is then hooded and lots more tape is wrapped over her gagged mouth until it covers from her nose down to her neck. Her gloved fingers, knees and ankles are then also taped together to make sure she is entirely helpless. Sassie is dressed in a heavy duty navy mac and navy Hunter wellies and she has been cellotaped into a chair with her arms behind her, she is also tightly ball gagged. More tape is used on her body and her ankles are taped to the chair leg and the big hood is then tightened up around her head framing her face beautifully. Ivory has had her wader covered legs tied apart, her arms tied behind her and a black rubber gas mask fitted onto her head instead of a gag, just because it looks good like this.

From Update

5th January

2 x HD Videos
Jet & Lily
In The Trenches 1
9 mins 20 secs - 361 mb
In the Trenches 2
5 mins 40 secs - 218 mb
Lavinia & Malika
Floored Beauties
7 mins 30 secs - 290 mb


167 images

Ladies tied up and gagged in trench coats and boots, how much better than this can it get? Jet is wearing a belted heavy duty green trench coat which is fully buttoned and the belt tied as tight as possible. She has been tied out against the wall with her arms and wader covered legs spread and tied apart. In her mouth is a wide rubber bit gag which is soon swapped for a larger rubber ball gag and a sou'wester is added to her head as well as the coat collar is turned up. The mac is then peeled back to reveal her very high waders and finally her knees are tied close together enhancing her predicament a little more. Lily is in a clear plastic trench coat and light wellies over her lingerie and she had had her arms tied behind her with red rope. After the mac has been fully done up around her she is ball gagged with a red rubber ball and a full head clear hood is zipped about her to seal her head in clear plastic as well. From here she is hog tied across a stool before finally being left tied up sitting and struggling on the floor. Then a glamorous looking Helen, first in a gold trench coat she is bound with her hands in her pockets and it ending up tightly tied around and with a taped mouth. Then in a red one and bound to a chair with her arms bound to her sides and her legs tightly tied together and with a red cleave gag to keep her company.
Two ladies tied up on the floor and very nice they look too. Lavinia is dressed in a bright red hooded plastic coat and has had her arms tied out to the hooks in the wall while sitting on the floor. Her knees have been tied up close to her chest with her red Hunter booted ankles tied apart. Then she is hooded and a very large red sponge ball gag is strapped into her mouth. Now left to kick around in her bondage it does provide some very lovely views. Malika is wearing a long clear mac over her white clothes and has had her arms tightly roped behind her and with the rope coming down to her knees. She is then rubber ball gagged before being laid onto the floor and hogtied with her white trainers sticking up in the air. A big scarf is tied around her ball gagged mouth and back to her ankles to secure the hogtie very effectively. This scarf does end up up very wet at the front as she was unable to prevent herself drooling into it from her rubber gag as she rolls around on the floor.

From Update

29th December

2 x HD Videos
Keeping it Tight
14 mins 40 secs - 565 mb
Malika & Blossom
A Little Blue
8 mins 25 secs - 326 mb


166 images

It is always lovely to keep it as tight as possible on Celeste, she is very used to bondage as she has been here since day one and has probably been dressed and tied more than any other lady. First in a long blue mac and pink wellies she had her arms taped behind her and then mac pulled up and taped around her waist to show off her legs and boots. Her knees were then tied together and rope attached her to an overhead hook and she was fitted with a very large cleave gag. This gag was then taped over after she had been hooded with several layers of silver gaffer tape to match her bonds and covering all of her lower face and neck. Then with the mac pulled down legs legs were tightly taped together with her ankles crossed and she was left to dangle from her ropes. In a see thru red mac with black rubber boots and gloves her arms were tied out along the beam and her legs spread and tied with them first crossed. Then rubber ball gagged and a matching rain hat added she ended up with one foot also tied up to the beam, just to make her life that little bit more difficult. Outdoors in a long black pvc hooded mac with black leather high heeled boots and gloves Celeste had her arms bound behind her and her body roped and with a wide leather bit gag in her mouth she was left to hobble down the path. Her knees were then bound together and she was tightly hooded with her gag changed to a leather head harness ball gag. Now anchored to a post she was not going to be going any further. A long clear hooded mac was then bound around her and she was left laying and rolling around on the grass unable to get up again.
Here are two ladies who are a little blue. Not because they have been dressed in rainwear and put into bondage but because the colour is blue, the only reason for them to be feeling blue. The stunning Malika had to wear a blue mac with striped wellies and had her arms roped behind her with her booted ankles crossed and bound. Helena was there to ball gag her with a blue spiky ball gag and then to retie it over her hood and she then remained close to this beauty as you would expect. For Blossom it was a blue Rukka mac and white striped wellies and a white rubber swim cap which goes well with her large white rubber gag. With her arms roped behind her one foot was tied high in the air and she was left to hobble on one foot as she tried to escape her bonds. To help prevent her doing this a rope was attached from her knee to around her neck before she was turned over and her now white cleave gag tied back so she she had to keep her head up and back, making it a very pleasant view.

From Update

22nd December

2 x HD Videos
Buffy, Jade, Elyssia
All Clear
14 mins 15 secs - 550 mb
Celeste & Lily
Dark Times
7 mins 40 secs - 290 mb


163 images

Ladies all tied up in clear rainwear, a good way to see as much as possible of these three rainwear clad beauties. Buffy is dressed in a glass clear knee length mac over her very exotic lingerie and high heels. Her arms have been tied in front of her, her body is roped and the rope around her neck and tied to the beam makes sure she keeps her head up and cannot reach her rubber gagged mouth. With her heels swapped for wellies and Helena having heavily taped over her gagged mouth this lady just looks better and better. Jade is in bra, kickers, white wellies and a knee length clear hooded mac which zips up all the way up the front, her arms are bound behind her and she is soon gagged with the largest ball gag we could find. Her hood is then gradually zipped up until her head is fully enclosed in her clear plastic mac. Elyssia has been bound with tape while sitting on the carpet and wearing a clear rain suit with silver Hunter wellies and silver rubber gloves. With her arms taped down to her legs Helena tape gags her and then after hooding her wraps more tape around her mouth and hood. With more tape around her body and hands she is left rolling around on the carpet from which there is no escape for her.
Dark times for Celeste and Lily with both of them dressed in black rainwear and very tightly bound and gagged. Celeste is dressed in very heavy rubber with the inevitable gloves and boots and has been bound into a garden chair with her arms bound along the chair arms and with her legs tied together. Next comes a large rubber ball gag and she is left for a while just like this. Then a different rubber ball gag and a sou'wester and the water hose above her head is turned on soaking this lovely rubber clad lady as the wetter her rubber rainwear is the better it looks. Lily is in a long semi transparent black hooded mac and black wellies and her arms are roped very tightly behind her with thin cord and she is then hooded and rubber ball gagged. With more tight cord securing her body and legs she is sat onto a chair and her gag is taped over with several layers of gaffer tape as are her eyes after she has been blindfolded. Her whole head ends up being covered in tape which can only be a good thing as the more helpless she is I am sure the more popular she becomes.

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