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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

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From Update

21st March

2 x HD Videos
Vixxen, Buffy, Fay
Repeat Performance
9 mins 05 secs - 408 mb
Jet & Ruby
Retro Wonders
9 mins 20 secs - 420 mb
Ruby, Violet, Kiti
Loving to Drool
8 mins 20 secs - 372 mb
176 Images
For Arne and Sten here is more of Arne's outfits on the ladies in bondage. Vixxen is wearing the navy bib pants and jacket with the navy down coat, all coming from Arne. With the coat open Vixxen has had her arms roped behind her ands is hooded and ball gagged. The coat is then fully done up around her, she is bound with more rope and gagged with a rubber bit gag. The down hood is then pulled up over her head and she is rope sitting onto a table. Here is more with swim caps on a tied up lady. For Alastair, Laurent and all swim cap fans and this time it is a red cap for Louis who saw some pics of Violet in a red swim cap with the same coat and boots you see Buffy wearing on our www.fetish-memoirs site a while ago. Since then he has been asking to see one of the ladies in bondage dressed like this. Here is a tied up and red ball gagged Buffy who ends up having her gag red taped over for good measure as well. For Sam S it is ladies in bondage wearing glasses and especially if their gag is a head harness one holding the glasses in place. Here is a glasses wearing Fay tied up on the floor in a pink mac and boots and her wrists are tied down to her ankles. A black leather ball gag head harness has been strapped in place over her glasses and the gag is tied off overhead so there is nothing she can do about her situation.
Many of the macs in the collection are genuine retro ones from the 1950's upwards which makes the collection so much more wonderful as these can never be replaced. Jet is wearing a black and white 1980'a mac with shoulder pads and an upright collar and wearing this with black rubber boots with white laces and then with her arms tightly bound behind her only makes her look even better. The tight ropes around her body emphasise her huge breasts beautifully and when her big black rubber ball gag has been added she looks even better. She is then tied down onto a small swivel chair and Helena adds the macs matching wide brimmed hat. A plain beige hooded retro mac for Ruby and she had had her wrists and elbows tied behind her, her elbows being tightened as close together as possible. Silver boots and gloves and a ball gag are also part of her outfit, the gag strapped tightly in place over the hood to keep it in place. The long loose fitting mac swirls about her as she struggles in her ropes, but the only thing she ends up doing is drooling from her tight gag.
Many people ask to see the ladies drool from their gags and we are lucky enough to have several ladies who love to do just this even if they could remove their gags, they choose not to. Ruby absolutely delights in it and is always keen to show off how much she can do and does like to drool into her own gloves. Violet is just the same, she takes pride in doing it and is always very happy to keep her gag in for as long as possible. Kiti took so much pleasure in the mess she made down the front of her mac and Vixxen is trying hard to compete with these other ladies.

From Update

14th March

2 x HD Videos
Violet, Fay, Malika
Lovely Rubber
13 mins 30 secs - 608 mb
Bella, Meg, Elyssia, Kiti
8 mins 45 secs - 645 mb
156 Images
What could be better than having the ladies bound and gagged in heavy rubber? the heavy rubber becoming an integral part of the bondage. Violet is wearing heavy duty rubber chest waders over a rubber jacket and is with long rubber gloves, a wide rubber collar and a full head rubber hood. Her arms have been roped to her sides and her ankles have been bound apart and she is gagged with a very tight red rubber bandage. A long rubber coat is the buttoned up around her and a sou'wester is tied onto her head. She was the soaked with water as wet rubber always looks better and she ends up helpless sitting on the grass. Fay liked the look of the full rubber outfit covered in dry mud as having her wear it for bondage purposes had to be the right thing to do. With her arms bound tightly to her sides she was sat onto the table and her dry muddy waders were spread and tied to the table legs, She was rubber gagged and a rope collar made sure she held her head up. A long hooded rubber coat and waders for Malika and she was tied to a tree and hooded and tightly rubber ball gagged. One wader covered leg was then tied up to a branch spreading her leg out for all to see. Her waders were put on view again when with her ankles tied together her coat was pulled up and tucked into her ropes
Four brief bondage sessions giving snapshots of these lovely bound beauties. Bella was sat onto a desk with her wader covered bare legs spread and tied out and in a clear rain jacket over her bra and knickers she had her arms roped together in front of her. She finished with the hood zipped up to her nose covering her ball gagged mouth and her hands tied down to the desk. A pink macked and booted Meg had her arms cellotaped to her body in front of her and her body taped down to her ankles. She was also pink cleave gagged and loved by Helena. Elyssia was tied to a table in the garden in a very bright tight fitting hippy mac and gold Hunter wellies. Scarf gagged then hooded and gagged again made sure she was staying put. Kiti was bound to a chair with her arms at her sides while wearing blue nylon jacket and trousers with black rubber boots and gloves. Tightly bound with clear tape . She was then gagged with a long pink scarf wrapped around her mouth several times. This was then redone over the hood and her gagged mouth was then clear taped to the back of the chair.

From Update

7th March

2 x HD Videos
Lovely Lady
12 mins 25 secs - 560 mb
Violet & Jet
With Love
11 mins 50 secs - 535 mb
146 Images
This lovely lady is back again for another episode of rainwear and bondage and very delightful she looks too. Sat on the floor in a light green mac with red rubber boots and red gloves she had her arms roped behind her and her booted ankles tied together with red rope. Very soon she was red ball gagged and hooded and then her knees were tied up close to her chest and after she had toppled over onto her side her ankles were back behind her, leaving her as helpless as anybody could be. In a black rubber coat, waders, sou'wester and gloves she was tied with her arms and legs stretched out sitting on the grass to the wooden pallet behind her. In her mouth is a black rubber gag and after her knees had been tied together a black rubber gas mask was added, which has to be a wonderful extra to any rubber bondage scenario. In a very short red tartan skirt and black stockings and a short glass clear mac with red Hunter wellies she was tied up standing against the wall with her legs and arms apart. After having her knees tied close together and being hooded and cleave gagged with a red scarf her mac was pulled back to show off her lovely outfit.
Helena loves to have the girls in bondage and it is always done with so much love. In this first case we have Violet dressed in a very long shiny black pvc mac and hood and she has had her arms roped behind her. A similar dressed Helena has this woman rubber gagged as well and swings her around to show her off. With her body then roped a face mask is then strapped onto the hood covering her gagged mouth and leaving just her wide eyes exposed. This is soon remedied by a blindfold attached to the hood as well leaving the beautiful Violet totally encased in black pvc. Then both Helena and Jet are in long yellow Rukka ,macs and Jet has had her arms tied to her sides and is then hooded and yellow ball gagged by Helena. Jet is the laid down onto the floor on her stomach and her booted feet are tied up behind her leaving her in a very tight face down hogtie while Helena plays with her willing victim.

From Update

28th February

2 x HD Videos
Helpless Beauty
10 mins 35 secs - 475 mb
More is Better
7 mins 40 secs - 344 mb
Jade & Mallory
On the Bench
8 mins 20 secs - 372 mb
156 Images
The more helpless this rainwear clad beauty is the more she revels in it. She is such a willing victim that she is an absolute joy to have around. Having recently started at the gym she wanted to show off her gym wear so a bondage workout had to follow. With a knee length clear mac and shiny black boots her gym outfit has never looked better and even better after she had her arms tied above her head and was gagged with a wide rubber bit gag. Then with the mac zipped up her arms were bound behind her and she was put into the strappado position and her gag was taped over with black tape. Then with her arms bound behind her back and wearing a matching rain bonnet one knee was tied up close to her chest so she had to hobble and swing in her ropes on one booted foot. Wearing a short black and white rain jacket, black wellies with white laces and her new glasses she had her arms tied behind her and was cleave gagged with a black and white scarf. Then sat onto the floor, she was laid down and her abound ankles tied up behind her so she had to remain on her side. For good measure another scarf was tied over her already gagged mouth. Fay is very happy to be mummified so it was red, black, purple and clear mac over the top of each other for her. Her hands were taped up inside the mac sleeves and she was hooded and red ball gagged. The purple and clear macs were then done up around her and very tight tape secured her arms to her body and after being hooded four times more tape was wrapped around her ball gag leaving just her yes and nose exposed. Then left laying on the floor Fay was quite happy as she squirmed and rolled around.
Two ladies left on the bench after they had been dressed up and then tied up and gagged, if someone has to stay on the bench this must be the best way to do it. Both Jade and Helena are in red Rukka macs and red wellies and jade has had her arms taped to her sides as tight as possible. She is also hooded and cleave gagged and then admired by Helena before she helps Jade sit onto the bench and her gag is changed to a large b;lack rubber inflatable gag with red leather strapping. This gag is then fully inflated filling Jade's mouth and she is laid down across the bench as Helena teases her with the inflatable gag. Mallory is in an all blue outfit with mac, wellies and gloves and with her sitting on the middle of the bench her arms are tied out to the back of the bench. Her ankles and legs are bound together. She is also hooded and gagged with a blue scarf. A blue umbrella is then tied to her knees with the umbrella point tied under her chin so she has to keep her head up and still as she moans and struggles.

From Update

21st February

2 x HD Videos
Shining Bright
14 mins 35 secs - 657 mb
Emily & Ruby
In the Dark
11 mins 30 secs - 516 mb
178 Images
Shannon is a bondage star whose star is shining very bright at the moment, a lady who loves being tied while being dressed up and enjoys whatever we do to her. One thing she loves is rubber boots and wellies so it seemed a good idea to make sure she was always surrounded by them. Sat onto the floor among a pile of wellies her wrists were taped close to her knees and her ankles were tape together. Then tape gagged and hooded more tape was wound around her gagged and hooded mouth and her hands were balled up and heavily taped over to make sure she could not touch her gag. Then left to roll around among the boots one boot was tied around her head and taped to her knees forcing her to keep her gagged mouth inside the boot. In a short red see thru mac with red rubber gloves and red rubber boots on her bare legs she had her arms tied in front of her and her body was roped down to her ankles. After being red leather gagged her long hair was tucked into the mac and Helena fitted a matching rain hat onto her head. A lovely final touch being the pair of sun glasses that was fitted onto her head. In a yellow open nylon jacket she was taped onto a small chair with her yellow booted ankles taped wide apart. This ball gagged lady then had her breasts exposed by Helena before the jacket was fully done up around her and her body was taped. Helena then tapes the ball gag into Shannon's mouth and tightens the hood down over her eyes, enjoying her helpless captive as she always does.
Ladies in the dark or in this case ladies in black rainwear are filling this bill. A long black semi see thru mac for Emily with black rubber boots and gloves and she has her wrists tied behind her and is leather bit gagged. With her gag re tied over her hood and with a rope collar her wrists are pulled up and tied behind her forcing her into the strappado position. After this she was tied to the post behind her and her gag was taped over sealing her head against the post and finally her mac was pulled up showing off her bare booted legs. With Ruby dressed in a short black patterned mac and shiny black rubber boots she was hog tied with her arms and legs pulled up behind her and tied to the overhead beam. Hooded and ball gagged with a rope from her gag holding her head up and back left her very helpless indeed, her struggling and moaning being an absolute delight.

From Update

14th February

2 x HD Videos
Messy Times
8 mins 0 secs - 360 mb
Helena & Mallory
Layered Love
12 mins 40 secs - 572 mb
Elle & Kat
Keeping it Short
11 mins 05 secs - 499 mb
162 Images
Sometimes the more macs the ladies are wearing the merrier things become and the more wonderful they appear. Ruby is wearing a black plastic rain suit with red mac over that and a clear one over that. Black rubber boos and long black rubber gloves accompany her. Her wrists have been tied in front of her, her body roped to the post behind her and she is ball gagged over the inner black hood. She is soon triple hooded with all three macs tied around her and more tight rope to hold her against the post. A bucket full of purple gunge is then tipped over her head and left to run down her face and face and body as she struggles and moans. Helena is in black and white, a black rain suit with a long black hooded mac over that, a black and white shorter patterned coat over that which matches her wellies and then a clear black edged mac over that. Tied with her arms behind her she is scarf gagged and left to swing in her ropes for a while. Then sat onto chair with her arms roped to her sides and the coats done up around her, she is roped to the chair with her legs apart. She ends up hooded four times with cellotape around her gagged mouth and over the hoods holding them down over her eyes. Mallory is taped into three hooded macs and heavily tape gagged. Her arms have been taped into the yellow coat sleeves and red trench coat is then fitted onto her backwards. Her body is then taped gain and she is laid onto floor, providing a very delightful scene as she rolls around and looks lovely as she does so.
Short rain jackets with boots is always a delightful sight and even more so when it is beauties like Elle and Kat wearing them as well as being tied up and gagged. Elle is wearing a see through short jacket over her white lingerie and she is with white rubber boots and gloves and in her mouth is a white rubber ball gag. Her arms have been tightly roped to her sides, her wrists to her bare legs and her mouth is stretched wide open because of her ball gag. After being sat into a chair her gag is switched to a white ball gag strapped in place over the white hood that has now been pulled onto her head. A white collar with rope attached makes sure she has to keep her head still. For Kat is was an orange Helly Hanson rain jacket and orange Hunter wellies on her fishnet covered legs. Her arms were very tightly roped behind her and her ankles crossed and bound. Up went the jacket on her hood and in her mouth went a very large red rubber ball gag strapped tightly in place over the hood. After being sat onto the floor her hag was changed to another rubber ball gag and one leg was tied up behind her. To ensure she was entirely helpless a rope around her other knee was tied off around her neck forcing her knee up close to her chin as she struggled on the floor.

From Update

7th February

2 x HD Videos
Alexia, Elyssia, Violet, Vixxen, Mallory
Gas Masked Beauties
12 mins 45 secs - 575 mb
Jade & Lily
Yellow Bound
9 mins 50 secs - 444 mb
154 Images
Ladies in bondage and gas masks provides a wonderful sight for many and these five ladies have been selected because they are very happy to wear them. Alexia has been tightly bound onto a rocking chair in a clear mac and silver boots and after being silver tape gagged a gas mask was fitted onto her head and the hood tightened around her head. Elyssia was in a nay mac and tied standing up against the wall and a black rubber gas mask was strapped onto her head after she had been tape gagged as well. A nylon covered Violet was bound with her arms tied down to her ankles and she was masked over her cleave gag with a red gas mask to match her boots and rope. A blue jacketed Vixxen was gas masked with a full head blue mask after being roped very tightly onto a high stool. The blue hood being then fitted over the mask and down over her eyes. Mallory was in a long clear mac and had been roped standing with her pink rubber gloved hands tied in front of her. Her pink full head mask looks absolutely delightful and even better when, like Vixxen, the clear hood is tightened down over the mask and eyes leaving just the filter exposed.
Tied up ladies in yellow jackets and coats, it's bright charming and very attractive and a great colour for any type of rainwear. Jade is wearing a yellow nylon jacket and long yellow tipped black rubber waders and yellow rubber gloves and she has been spread eagled up against the wall along with a tight crotch rope. In her mouth goes a very large sponge yellow ball gag and after her arms had been stretched further apart her gag was changed to another yellow ball gag strapped in place over her hood. Then with her knees tied together and her hood tightened, her knees rope was tied off around her neck she was forced to stay bent forward. With Lily in a yellow coat she was taped up against the fence with her legs taped together and her mouth was taped shut and a sou'wester was tied onto her head. With more tape to secure her body her gagged mouth was taped over and then the sou'wester was bent down over her eyes and she was blindfolded with more layers of tape around her head.

From Update

31st January

2 x HD Videos
Kimmy (New)
Loving Friends
11 mins 50 secs - 534 mb
Flame & Ruby
Missing Nothing
7 mins 35 secs - 340 b
160 Images
It is one of the lovely things about our site and that is the ladies are always introducing friends of theirs to come and join us, and in this case it is Vixxen bringing along a blonde Kimmy who is a very good loving friend of hers. Kimmy's introduction started with red macs and hunter boots for them both and with Kimmy's arms being roped behind her. From here Vixen scarf gagged Kimmy over the macs hood and then tied her off to the wall. With her ankles roped as well Vixxen taped the gag in place with several pieces of gaffer tape. Then with both ladies in big puffa coats Kimmy was again tied up and ended up on the floor in a tight hogtie and then teased by her friend. The combination of coat and bondage left her very helpless indeed. Then out in the garden in the first snow this winter Kimmy was taped into her red Rukka mac and taped gagged and then laid down and rolled around in the snow and Vixxen even had to get down onto the snow with her and give her a cuddle.
To make sure you can see everything and miss nothing is to have the ladies tied up in see thru or clear macs over their lingerie. First comes Flame in fishnet tights and high heels and has been bound in an open clear mac with her arms above her head. Her ankles are tied apart and her knees are tied together and she is gagged with a knotted cleave gag. With her arms lowered and hooded a white scarf was wrapped around her gagged mouth. A beautiful Ruby is dressed in a long clear trench coat over her exotic lingerie and with black Hunter wellies and black rubber gloves she is tied sitting on a swing. With her arms roped in her lap and rubber ball gagged her feet were tied up off the floor and a matching rain hat was forced onto her head. A very pregnant Bella in her first photo seeion had her arms tied behind her while wearing a red see thru mac over her black lingerie and with her legs bound as well she was gagged with a red leather gag. With her arms bought round in front of her she was hooded and had to hold a clear ball gag in her mouth.

From Update

24th January

2 x HD Videos
Fay, Jet, Kat
Secure in Tape
17 mins 40 secs - 799 mb
Flame & Mallory
Loving Waders
8 mins 10 secs - 367 mnb
134 Images
Having the ladies secured with tape is an absolute delight and the tighter the tape the more delightful it is to see. Fay is wearing lingerie and rubber boots and has been bound with clear tape over her clear plastic outfit. Her arms have been taped in front of her and in her mouth goes a ball with a breathing tube and that is taped into position along with the clear hood of her plastic outfit. A very busty Jet has been taped into a blue mac and wellies with her arms sealed behind her and she is with a blue spiky ball ball gag strapped tight into her mouth. After being bought onto the floor a blue macked |Helena is there to hood and tape over Jets gag before pulling down the hood over her eyes and fully taping this ladies head until only her nose is exposed. Kat has been taped to a post while sitting on a high stool and wearing a black see thru mac and black boots. With her arms taped tight into her lap a scarf is stuffed into her mouth and then heavily taped over sealing her head back against the post.
Having the ladies wear waders is so very popular and these two ladies love to wear them as well. Neither had worn waders before here but find them a lovely experience and Mallory thinks the heavier the waders the better things are. Flame has been bound sitting on a high stool wearing a long see thru green striped mac and green waders. Her arms and body have been tightly roped to the post behind her and she is ball gagged. She is first allowed to kick her wader covered legs about before her legs are crossed and tied out to the wall and her gag is now tied over the macs tight fitting hood. Mallory is also wearing a green mac and this one is of a solid colour and her heavy duty Hood waders have green edging. Tied sitting on a desk with her legs spread and bound and her hands roped in front of her, she is hooded and leather bit gagged. With her hands tied down to the desk and a rope around her neck the hood is tightened further until just her gagged mouth and nose are showing.

From Update

17th January

2 x HD Videos
Elle, Violet, Ruby
Here to Please
15 mins 35 secs - 704 mb
Jet, Emily, Violet
Less is More
9 mins 25 secs - 423 mb
148 Images
The ladies are here to please and hope they have done so. Leather bondage and rainwear for Den T is the best thing ever. Having always been a leather bondage love he finds it incorporated with rainwear an absolute delight. Here Elle is wearing a single arm leather glove on her arms over a long hooded pink mac and with her body strapped she endures large leather gags with and without a blindfold and with the hood tightened as tight as possible.Sam S loves to see the ladies wearing glasses and gagged with a head harness gag so here is a tightly roped Violet with glasses and a leather head harness ball gag strapped over her head and hood. Here is Ruby doing three pleasing things at the same time. White swim caps for Laurent and Alastair, drooling for Jon and Roger and very tightly taped in a clear mac for John Bull. Starting off standing she ends up very tightly hogtied which is always very pleasing to see.
Sometimes less clothing is a lot more fun when it comes to the ladies tied up and gagged in lingerie, boots, bonnets and gas masks without the macs. In a very short green dress and yellow wellies Jet has had her bound behind her and is gagged with a yellow ball gag. After being sat onto a chair she is gas masked and her head is tied down close to knees and her booted legs are tied together. Emily is in fishnet tights and silver Hunter wellies and has her arms tied high above her head and she is also silver tape gagged. One knee is then tied up in the air making her hobble on one foot as she rotates and shows off her delightful body. Violet has been tightly bound sitting on the floor with her arms between her knees and with her white spotted wellies tightly roped together. Her scarf cleave gag was then covered with a wide white scarf over the white spotted rain bonnet that had been tied onto her head. Violet again, this time spread eagled against the wall wearing waders and long rubber gloves with her swimming costume and very happy she is as she swings in her ropes.

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