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All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

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From Update


20th October

2 x HD Videos
Violet, Helena, Siren, Kiti, Jade
All For Love
10 mins 55secs - 422 mb
Imogen & Kiti
Resting Up
8 mins 10 secs - 314 mb


160 images

All the ladies seem to love being tied up with each other as they are all so close it is not really surprising and two is always better than one. Helena and Violet are both in long clear macs and red with white wellies. They both have had their arms roped behind them and are soon ball gagged. Then with their ball gags retied over their hoods their ankles have also been tied together which now means they are close enough for a little gag kissing. When Siren bought Kiti around for the first time this is how they ended up soon after. They have been friends for a while and now house share as well as rainwear bondage share. With them both tied up with each other on the sofa in pink mac and wellies, their mouths were filled up and taped over which then resulted in these two gag kissing as well. Outdoors in yellow Rukka macs and heavy black and yellow wellies, Helena and Jade had their wrists tied behind them and were cleave gagged. Then hooded and tied back to back with their wellies also tied together meant they were not going to be going anywhere for a while.
It is always good to see the ladies tied up while while sitting or laying, that way they get to rest up as they struggle with their bonds. Imogen had not seen the rainwear and rubber fetish magazines before so after having her arms tied behind her and her booted ankles tied out to the corner of the coffee table the magazines were arranged around her. Then hooded and ball gagged one of the mags was opened to the three pages when Rainbound featured years ago when we had just started. She had to wait to get a better look at them until she had been released. Kiti is in a long white hooded mac and white Dunlop wellies and her arms have been roped across her gag and a large white rubber gag has been strapped between her teeth and over her hood. Then laid onto the table and then put into a very tight hogtie, it stopped this lady who struggles very hard and makes lots of noise while doing so. The only thing she could do was drool copiously from her rubber gag which always looks very delightful.

From Update


13th October

2 x HD Videos
Bound Beauty
13 mins 50 secs - 535 mb
Nylon is Good
6 mins 50 secs - 263 mb


159 images

Lavinia is just what the title says, a very beautiful lady in tight rainwear bondage and well gagged at the same time. Spread out and tied on the bed in a long green hooded mac and Hunter Century waders, she is soon hooded and gagged with a large green ball gag and this simple bondage leaves her totally helpless no matter how much she struggles. Then sat up onto the bed her wrists are roped and taped between her knees forcing her waders up close to her chest and she is gagged with an even larger green ball gag. Lavinia is cuffed, strapped and spread out against the wall wearing just the tiniest pair of white knickers with white Hunter wellies, white rubber gloves and a long glass clear mac. After being gagged with more white rubber she is then hooded with the hood tightened down over her eyes. Her beautiful breasts are now crushed into the clear plastic and to make her even more helpless her knees are strapped together. Sat into a chair in a long silver mac she has her arms taped to the side of the chair with lots of very tight thin black tape. Then cleave gagged and hooded with the hood tied down over her face so only the tip of her nose id showing her head is wrapped in tape as well as lots more tape being used to secure her body.
Nylon bondage has to be a good thing when you are lucky enough to have so much nylon rainwear (thanks so much Roger) and using it on Lily and Helena proves the point. Lily is wearing green trousers and a pale blue jacket and it starts with her arms tied behind her. She is the hooded and ball gagged and sat onto the floor which has been covered in more nylon rainwear. Her gag is then heavily taped over and another blue jacket is zipped up around her with the sleeves tied across her chest and the hooded tightened so only her taped mouth is on view. More rope is added so her knees are tied up close to her chest and she is left to roll around in her little nylon world. Helena is wearing a new yellow nylon jacket and silver Hunter wellies over her clear stockings. She has had her arms tied behind her with nylon strips and more yellow nylon has been taped into her mouth with clear tape. Then sat onto the floor with her arms tied down to her wellies, this beautiful hooded lady has a huge wad of pink nylon stuffed into her mouth and held in place with another nylon strip.

From Update


6th October

2 x HD Videos
Her First Time
11 mins 25 secs - 443 mb
Celeste & Imogen
In & Out
7 mins 0 secs - 270 mb


144 images

Say hello to Malika, this beautiful exotic looking beauty has just arrived and these are her first bondage pics ever. A good friend of Imogen, she became more and more interested in joining as the more she saw of Imogen on this site. As you can see she is very stunning and doesn't she look so good when dressed and tied up for this site. Her very first bondage experience was wearing a silver pvc trench coat and white spotted black heeled rubber boots. Tightly roped into a chair with her arms behind her the mac was pulled back to show off her fishnet stockings and her lovely body. More rope to hold her body to the chair and her first ball gag followed as well as a rope around her neck to hold her head back against the chair. She was then very helpless as well as beautiful. Taken outdoors with Helena, they were both dressed in long shiny black pvc belted macs and Malika had been double cuffed on her wrists and ankles and her body chained. Led over to a tree by Helena she was chained to the tree and her metal ball gag was changed to a large mouth filling leather gag on a very wide strap. Wearing a clear mac and black rubber riding boots over her black lingerie she has her arms roped behind her and was rubber gagged after being hooded. After being laid onto the floor she was put into a loose hog tie so she could roll around the floor and even with all of her struggling she managed to achieve nothing. Happy to say she is very keen to come back again.
Bondage indoors and outdoors, either being very suitable as long as the ladies are dressed in macs and boots and tied up and gagged as tight as possible. Imogen is wearing only a pair of shorts and a see thru red mac and red wellies and she has been tie to a tree with her arms and legs tied around the tree, she is also hooded and very tightly red ball gagged. One leg is then up in the air to a neighbouring tree adding a very delightful touch to her bondage. Celeste has been very tightly taped into a chair in her beige heavy duty trench coat. With more tape added to seal her body to the chair, her hair tucked into the mac, the collar turned up and her ball gag is also heavily taped over as this has to be a good thing to do at any time.

From Update


29th September

2 x HD Videos
Jade & Elyssia
Loving Rubber
11 mins 25 secs - 442 mb
Wet Layers
5 mins 20 secs - 206 mb
Buffy & Jade
Adding a Bonnet
7 mins 35 secs - 292 mb


154 images

Rubber rainwear is loved by so many and we are always happy to have the ladies dressed like this. For Adrian, Alan S and all rubber lovers here is Jade in a very heavy dirty rubber coat, boots, gloves and sou'wester and what better way to clean it than have Jade up in the rubber and have Helena spray water all over her. With her rubber ball gag tied over her sou'wester she is laid on the floor to complete the job. Waders are certainly a very popular item and for John C and Markus they are an absolute delight. To show them off in a new and different way Elyssia was tied up in a long hooded striped mac with her arms tied down to her thighs and the mac pulled back to show off her waders. She was hooded and rubber gagged before being laid on her back and her wader covered legs were tied apart by her ankles to the beam above her. A lovely way to view a rubber wader clad lady in bondage Helena in trousers and boots and a long red mac with a wet long clear mac over that and then a shorter wet clear one over that. Her arms were taped into her sleeves and her body tightly taped with clear tape. Her riding booted ankles were crossed and bound with the same. Scarf gagged with clear tape to hold in place over her two hoods and she is then very tightly bound and helpless. The macs being wet is going to please Marion and Phil M who love to see the ladies like this.
Adding a rain bonnet to the tied up ladies has to be a good idea as head covering are always a good and necessary thing when it comes to situations like this. Buffy was dressed in a black spotted white mac and white goldfish wellies and she was then tied into a chair with her arms tied behind her and the mac pulled back to expose her bare legs. Her legs were bound together and after being cleave gagged Helena tucks Buffy's hair into her mac and adds a white spotted rain bonnet and then a rope collar to hold her head back to the chair. She is now as secure as she should be. Jade is wearing a retro navy trench coat which has been very tightly belted and shiny blue wellies. First her arms were tied up behind her and she was cleave gagged. After her arms had been let down and they were tied down to her ankles and a rope around her neck made sure she could not move. A blue rain bonnet is now tied onto her head over the macs collar to keep her as covered as possible.

From Update


22nd September

2 x HD Videos
All for Love
11 mins 35 secs - 448 mb
Drew & Elyssia
Looking Good
10 mins 25 secs - 403 mb


163 images

Rainwear bondage has always been for love and it always will be so, with so many delightful outfits to be worn along with the bondage this will have to go on fro a long time yet. I have ended up with a huge collection of winter coats in the last few years as well as the rainwear and one of the main reasons is that in the cold weather I do end up wearing the rainwear over these coats when outdoors. I guess my husband loves me like this. The cream coat is fully buttoned up around me and the purple mac is buttoned around me before purple rope is used to further bind me. Then hooded and with a rope around my waist to lead me back to the house came next. In a red nylon Peter Storm jacket and wellies I had my arms bound to my sides with nylon strips, then hooded, ball gagged and a rope around my neck tethering me overhead did mean I was staying put. A long clear mac was then buttoned up around me just because it happened to be handy. In a long green hooded mac and lovely lace up Hunter wellies I had my hands taped inside the coat sleeves and was taped to a high stool with my ankles apart. A green ball gag filled my mouth and when I did manage to break the tape on my ankles I had then taped together so very tight I was not going to be able to do that again. The hood was then tightened down over my face until just the ball gag was on show. Now sat onto the floor my arms were tape along side my legs and after a pair of knickers had been stuffed into my mouth they were held in position by several layers of tape around the hood. Lots more to come, and thank you to you all. Helena
It's Drew in the light and Elyssia in the dark and they both look so very very good. Drew is in a purple see thru trench coat over her almost naked body and this is with red rubber boots and red gloves. Her arms have been taped behind her with red thin tape but pulled around her body as much as possible and she is gagged with a knotted scarf. Helena is there to tape her legs together, then do up the top buttons on her mac before helping her down onto the stool and securing her body and legs with more tape. Helena then wraps lots more tape around her mouth until she is covered from just below her nose to the bottom of her neck. Now secure and looking good, how much better can this get? Elyssia is in a long very shiny black plastic hooded mac and very shiny knee high black rubber riding boots, she first has her arms bound behind her and her ankles tied together. After this prelude she is sat onto the metal tank and her booted ankles are tied far apart with the mac pulled back to show off her booted legs. She is gagged with a black rubber gag to match her outfit. Then hooded and with a rope collar tied off to the beam behind her she, like Drew looks so very good.

From Update


15th September

2 x HD Videos
Mallory & Jade
Dressed & Bound
8 mins 40 secs - 334 mb
Celeste & Buffy
From the Past
8 mins 35 secs - 330 mb


159 images

It is always a pleasure to be able to give back to those that have given to you. In this case Mallory is wearing a red riding mac from Rob and a red swim cap from Alastair, the two going together so very well. Mallory has been tied sitting on a table with her arms bound behind her and her booted legs crossed and tied. Gagged with a very tight red gag which she has taped over just before a red swim cap is forced onto her head and the chin strap secured. Now with her hair tucked into the mac and cap red tape is wound around her gag, cap and neck to provide a very delightful effect. The absolutely wonderful nylon jackets you see here have come from Roger F and thank you so much for sending them to us and the waders are from John C, the waders being one of the most popular items. Jade has been tied up against the wall with her arms spread and legs spread. She is wearing a yellow K-Way hooded jacket and the others hung up behind her. Her hood is tied and she is ball gagged with the largest ball gag we have. The hood of the green jacket is then over her head and eyes to make a very effective blindfold. John D sent us the gas mask that Helena is wearing with her red hooded mac and Lavinia is wearing with her rubber outfit and he loves to see it on rainwear clad bondage ladies and it is even better if the gas masks are wet. Please enjoy these along with Celeste in the red gas mask and Jet in the green one. Gas mask may not be liked by everybody but they are very well like here, that is for sure.
Dressed in macs from the past comes Celeste and Buffy, both suitably restrained and looking beautiful in their bondage. Celeste is wearing a retro blue mac with a lovely rounded collar and traditional short blue wellies, her arms were tied behind her and she was gagged with a delightful big blue bit gag forcing her mouth wide open. First kneeling and then sitting on the floor where she has one foot tied back behind her which prevents her from standing up again. A blue spotted rain bonnet is then tied onto her head and over her up turned collar and her now scarf gag is tied over the bonnet to help secure it in place. A rope from her neck to her knee now leaves her very helpless and in a position from which she will never be able to escape. Buffy is wearing an original red Rukka hooded mac and she has been put into her bondage with lots of cellotape covering her body. Her legs are then taped together and her mouth filling very tight red sponge gag is swapped for a ball gag which is then taped over as well. She ends up sitting on the grass and just like Celeste is very helpless and in a hopeless position.

From Update


8th September

2 x HD Videos
Loving This
11 mins 10 secs - 473 mb
Imogen & Elyssia
Pink & Blue
7 mins 25 secs - 287 mb


140 images

Jade is not new to fetishes but she is fairly new to bondage and if you love a lady who loves her bondage then the beautiful Jade that is now here is for you. This dark haired beauty just loves to be tied up and gagged and now she has found that she can be dressed and tied up in pvc, plastic and rubber macs and boots, she is happier still. Her first mac is a yellow Rukka as yellow is her favourite colour (after purple) and with yellow Hunter wellies she does look gorgeous. With her arms bound behind her she is yellow ball gagged to keep her colour co-ordinated, and after she had been hooded her ball gag was changed fore a larger yellow one with the other yellow ball gags hung around her neck. Sat onto the edge of a chair she was roped to it and left so she could enjoy herself. In a glass clear mac over her stunning lingerie her wrists were roped to her thighs and then purple tape would around her body and arms as tight as possible. After being ball gagged Helena wraps clear tape around her head to secure the tight ball gag in place. She is then laid onto her back on the coffee table and her pink booted lags are tied up in the air, showing her off in a very beautiful way. In a long heavy duty navy Grundens mac and waders she is tied to the post with a very tight rope around her waist and her arms are tied out to the hooks in the wall. Being hooded and ball gagged does not stop her enjoying herself as she kicks her wader covered legs around. She finishes off by having her knees tied tied together and the hood tightened down over her face making her struggle a lot harder. Get ready for lots more of this bondage loving beauty.
Pink for Imogen and blue for Elyssia with the usual ropes and gags added for good measure. Imogen's mac is belted and hooded and she has pink wellies to match, her arms have been roped in front of her and the ropes around her chest are tied off overhead. After she is hooded and ball gagged her bound wrists are tied down to one booted ankle and the only way she can raise her hands is to come onto one foot. Then with both ankles tied together and a rope collar she is entirely helpless with no chance for any relief. Elyssia has been roped on the floor in her blue mac, she has her wrists tied to her yellow Hunter wellies and her mouth is taped shut. Hooded and more tape over her mouth, more rope is used to bind her arms to her body and the hood draw strings are tied close to her knees. After falling onto one side one of the black and yellow very heavy duty fireman's wellies is tied over her gagged mouth by its straps. This being done just because we could.

From Update


1st September

2 x HD Videos
Imogen, Celeste, Buffy
Jack Booted
13 mins 50 secs - 536 mb
Lily & Elyssia
Very Nice
7 mins 40 secs - 294 mb


145 images

The title should really read jackets and boots as that is what these three ladies are wearing. In each case the jackets are short and their rubber boots are fitted on bare legs which does make very appropriate summer wear. Imogen is wearing a see thru yellow jacket over her topless body and with yellow wellies and her arms have been tied around the post behind her and her ankles are tied apart with a spreader bar. A large yellow ball gag is strapped into her mouth before it is tied over her hood and a tight crotch rope is added. Then with a rope around one knee tied up to a hook in the wall she has to remain on one foot while she struggles and moans. Celeste is in a glass clear red edged mac over her lovely lingerie and shiny red wellies, her arms have been roped behind her and she has had a huge red hard sponge ball gag forced and tied into her mouth. Then hooded she has a rope around her neck tied down very close to one ankle so she has to keep her head down to her knee. Now as she struggles and rotates she looks even more incredible. She finishes up sitting on the floor looking very helpless with one knee tied up close to her neck so she is unable to stand up again. Buffy has been taped into a chair in her nylon jacket and boots. Her arms are taped down her sides, her knees are taped together and her ankles taped to the chair legs. Rubber gagged and then hooded the same grey tape is used to tightly cover her gag and lower face tightly sealing the gag into place. Lots more tape is then used to cover her eyes and head until just her nose is showing from under her very tight bondage.
Two very nice scenes with Lily and Elyssia, both are beautiful ladies whose appearance is only added to when wearing rainwear and are put into bondage. Lily has been bound sitting on a stool with her legs tied to the stool legs. Wearing a silver mac and purple wellies, her arms have been bound behind her and a rubber inflatable gag is strapped around her Head. After the gag has been fully buckled and inflated a purple see thru cape is draped around her and the hood tightened down over her face so just the tube and bulb of this huge mouth filling gag is left on show. She is now very delightfully helpless and just about as quiet as possible. Elyssia is outdoors on a hot day but wearing a knee length glass clear mac and very shiny black rubber riding boots and gloves. Her arms have been bound in front of her and her scarf cleave gag is tied back to the tree branch behind her to prevent her from moving away. Her wrists were then tied down to one knee to prevent her hands from reaching her gag.

From Update


25th August

2 x HD Videos
Imogen & Violet
For You
8 mins 40 secs - 333 mb
Celeste & Helena
Black & Blue
9 mins 50 secs - 379 mb


171 images

This is a first as Ghew has asked to see a blonde in a white mac, but with white trainers and not wellies. This actually is just perfect for the beautiful blonde Imogen who was tied up and then sat onto the floor to make sure her trainers were in front of the pics. Then with her ankles tied together she ended up on her side and then on her stomach as she rolled around on the floor giving perfect views of what Ghew wants to see. This really does look very good. Gary H is right when he says it is a while since seeing two ladies up together, but that is being corrected in the next few weeks. In the mean time here is Helena and Siren tied up together in similar long blue hooded macs and red and white wellies. After both are hooded and ball gagged they are tied together with rope around their chests which does leave them in the position for a little ball gag kissing. Peter S along with many others love to see the ladies in rain trousers and rain suits so here is Violet in a bright green suit with her trousers tucked into her black Hunter wellies just as Peter has asked to see. With her arms tied behind her and a rope crotch rope, Helena hoods and then ball gags this beauty with a large green ball on a strap. Violet is then laid onto the floor and one leg tied up in the air, before the other is tied to the first so both her feet are off the floor and she is totally helpless.
It's a black rubber coat for Celeste and a blue plastic coat for Helena, plus the necessary bondage which is also needed. Celeste is wearing a black rubber coat with heavy duty red tipped wellies and red rubber gloves, a black rubber sou'wester is tied onto her head and a red and black rubber ball gag has been strapped into her mouth. Her arms have been bound behind her and her body is roped down to her knees enabling her to walk slowly across the lawn. After being laid down on the lawn one booted foot is tied back to her wrists and then the other leaving her in a cross ankle hogtie from which there will never be any escape. Helena is wearing a light blue plastic trench coat, red wellies and red gloves, she has been taped into a chair with her hands taped into her lap, she is also red ball gagged. The mac is then buttoned up around her and a rain bonnet tied around her head over the upturned mac collar. The mac which had been open around her legs to show off her boots is then wrapped and taped around her legs which are then tightly secured to the chair.

From Update


18th August

2 x HD Videos
Her Second Coming
11 mins 50 secs - 457 mb
Drew & Mallory
Stood Up
6 mins 05 secs - 232 mb


158 images

This is Jet's second time around for a solo gallery and as you see here, she is the most stunning of bondage loving ladies. In a short nylon jacket and black Hunter wellies she had had her arms roped behind her and her knees tied together, she is also gagged with a rubber gag strapped very tight across her mouth. She is then hooded and the gag retied over the hood, she is then laid onto her side and ropes are attached form her bondage to the overhead beam. Now with her legs tied up in the air the only thing that happens as she struggles is that she slides across the metal tank on which she is laying. Sat onto the floor in a white mac and pink wellies she is surrounded by lots of the boot and mac collection. She is ball gagged and then hooded and her knees are tied up very close to her chest. After her gag has been taped over with wide tape she ends up falling on her side and she struggles with her ropes. Up in the fields there are now many straw bales and with jet in a wet clear mac over a brown striped mac she has had her arms tied out horizontally to the bales. Double hooded and heavily taped gagged her knees are bound together ensuring she is very helpless. Then with her arms tied behind her she is allowed to wander across the field in her bondage looking very lovely as she hobbles away.
Drew, Mallory and Helena all trying their best to release themselves from their bonds but all having to put up with what has happened to them as escape is not going to be possible. Drew is wearing a heavy duty yellow riding mac, tightly belted and her red gloves arms have been tied out to her sides. Her red booted feet have been strapped into a spreader bar and the only thing she can do is swing back and forth in her bondage. The mac is then fully buttoned up around her chest and neck and she is ball gagged with a red ball gag. Finally a rope around her neck is tied down to her spreader bar making her stay bent forward. With Mallory in a turquoise and blue nylon jacket and short purple wellies. Her arms have been taped up inside the jacket sleeves and her arms have been very securely taped down her sides. Her legs are taped together and she is tape gagged. After being hooded more very tight tape is wound around her taped mouth and hood. Helena is outdoors in a very wet red cotton coat, red wellies and sou'wester. With her arms tied behind her and red bit gagged she is able to wander but is not going far like this. The wet mac showing up quite beautifully in the bright light.

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