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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
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10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update


4th February

2 x HD Videos
Five Ladies in
Gas Mask Delights
7 mins 55 secs - 304 mb
Eve & Imogen
In Loving Hands
8 mins 45 secs - 338 mb


141 images

Gas masks are something which some people love and some hate, but it must be obvious which side of the fence we fall on. They can be a delightful addition to any rainwear outfit if the ladies are in bondage or not, in being being even better. Violet had been bound in full rubber and sat onto the bed before her gas mask was added under her sou'wester, this Israeli style being the perfect addition to rubber bondage. Shannon had been tied with rope and tape against the wall when hers was added. Anita's mask is red to match the rope she has been bound with. Celeste wears a navy mask with her red riding coat and has had a rain bonnet tied over the top of the mask. Siren has been fitted with the newest of masks, they grey mask suiting the metallic mac she has been tied in. Lily has had the tubing of her gas mask draped around her very tightly bound body. Then comes Louise in rubber and mask in the garden. A topless chair tied Shannon in a clear mac is red gas masked over her hood. Finally, Helena is tied out to a fence and again the gas mask with tubing is used and a rain bonnet added to fully cover her head.
A lovely new lady by the name of Eve has now joined us. This beautiful buxom brunette has been undergoing her almost first time in bondage and for this occasion she was dressed in a see thru red long mac and high heeled leather boots. Her arms were bound behind her and Helena gags her with a red ball gag strapped deep into her mouth after her knees and ankles had been tied together. She is then hooded and left in her bondage and being very happy to be where she was actually made little attempt to find any release. Then there is Imogen and Helena in purple macs and bright coloured wellies and Imogen is topless under her see thru purple mac. With her arms tied behind her she is bit gagged and hooded and then helped down onto the floor by Helena. Bending her left leg behind her Helena this ankle to her wrists and then then tightens her hood down over her eyes, leaving her looking very beautiful and helpless.

From Update


28th January

2 x HD Videos
Helena,Ivory, Drew, Imogen
Love in Bonds
7 mins 05 secs - 272 mb
Celeste & Alexia
Always Good
7 mins 25 secs - 287 mb


139 images

What could be better than having two ladies tied up together, very little really. In these cases Helena finds herself dressed and tied with Ivory, Drew and Imogen which does show that love in bonds is a wonderful thing. Helena and Ivory were both tied with her arms behind them while wearing very long pink macs and black and white wellies. Then tied together with rope at their knees and ankles the hoods were pulled up over their heads. After the hoods had been tightened both were cleave gagged with thick red scarves. With Helena and Drew in knee length shiny red macs and shiny red wellies they both had their arms taped behind them. Both were then gagged with mouth filling red leather ball gags with face plates, each then had their knees taped together which only encouraged them to stay very close together. They were then sat back to back on a chair and their ankles taped. The gas were then reapplied over the macs hoods. It was long blue macs for Helena and Imogen and after they had been sat on the floor next to each other, their ankles were tied together and they were gagged with blue ball gags. The hoods were then tied over the ladies heads and the drawstrings tied together so they had to stay close which only encouraged a little ball gag kissing, which has to be a very good thing.
We are lucky enough to have been sent items for the ladies to wear while they are in their bondage, something that is always good to see, so with thanks to Rob fro the red riding coat and thanks to Jon for sending the waders we have Celeste and Alexia nicely tied and gagged. Celeste has had her wrists tied in front of her and one arms tied to the wall. Her opposite booted leg has been tied out so her leg is tied and is horizontal to her body. A red ball gag is strapped into her mouth and then a rain bonnet tied around her head after the coat has been fully buttoned. Alexia has been tied up against the wall in waders and a nylon jacket. Her ankles have been spread and her hands tied down to her thighs with the tops of the waders folded down. She is then rubber gagged and her hands forced down inside the wader tops, the tops being turned downwards trapping her hands inside the waders. Clear tape wrapped around her things ensures her hands stay trapped as she struggles in her roped body.

From Update


21st January

2 x HD Videos
Celeste & Drew
See it Through
9 mins 50 secs - 379 mb
Siren & Shannon
Total Helplessness
8 mins 05 secs - 310 mb
171 images
One of the most lovely things about clear macs is that everything is on view so you get to see the ladies, bodies, lingerie as well as their macs and boots, a great way to make sure you do not miss anything. Celeste has been bound into a chair with a long clear hooded mac over her lingerie. Her high heeled legs have been crossed over each other at her knees and tied to opposite chair legs. A very tight red ball gag is in her mouth and she is then hooded for a little while. Then with a rubber gag tied over the hood to keep it in place and the ball gag around her neck a glass clear cape is draped over her head and tightened so her eyes are the behind the hood and leaving just her nose and gagged lips poking though her rainwear layers. Drew is wearing just the tiniest pair of panties possible under her long clear mac and glitter wellies. She has leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles and her body has been bound with leather straps. The macs hood, a leather collar and leather gag come next with a rope from the collars rind tied to an overhead hook. A gas mask fro her head came later with the hood tightened down as tight as possible over the masks eyes. Helena has on a purple see thru mac over her purple lingerie and purple Hunter wellies. Her arms have been taped behind her with red tape and her legs taped together with the same. A very big red collar and a red ball gag are then fitted on her and the mac which had been pulled up and taped over her hands to show off her lingerie is now lowered and taped around her. The only thing she can do now is flop down onto the bed behind her.
Seeing the ladies when they are totally helpless is what this site is all about and as long as they are dressed in macs and boots it makes things just about perfect. In the first case there is Siren who is dressed in a metallic silver mac and silver wellies and she has had her arms strapped out along a wooden board and her ankles apart with a wooden spreader bar. Rope also binds her to the on which she is sitting and she is gagged with silver gaffer tape. Her struggles are futile and even more so after the macs hood is first pulled up over her head and then bought down and taped over her eyes and with more tape around her mouth she is as helpless as any lady could be. Shannon, in a long green mac and black wellies has had her arms bound behind her while sitting on the floor and she is then hooded and ball gagged. With her knees and ankles tied together, Helena ties her knees up into her chest as much as possible with a rope from her knees to around her neck. More rope from her ankles up to her wrists and a scarf over her gag leaves this lady tied into a very helpless ball.

From Update


14th January

2 x HD Videos
Learning Fast
9 mins 45 secs - 375 mb
Better & Better
8 mins 20 secs - 323 mb
150 images
Lily-Ana has not been here very long but is learning fast and loving every minute of it. Very happy to be in bondage and becoming more and more fascinated with the macs and boots each time she comes around. In a plastic yellow trench coat and very heavy yellow tipped wellies she has been tied up sitting on a small table with her arms tied into another pair of wellies, identical with the ones she is wearing. Her feet have been spread and tied to the table legs and she is gagged with a large yellow sponge ball gag. Then with her gag changed for a smaller yellow ball gag strapped deeper into her mouth the first one is used as a collar and tied to an overhead hook so she has to keep her head up. A yellow rain bonnet is then over her head as a pleasant finishing touch. With the weather now very cold Lily was taken outdoors in a long blue padded coat with a purple cape over the top. She was quickly tied to the pole in the garden, double hooded and rubber gagged. After sliding down the pole she was kept in the sitting position with a rope around her things and legs. Sitting on the edge of the bed in a red mac and red wellies Lily was tied up with her arms behind her, her ankles bound and gagged with a very large red bit gag, A red macked Helena Changes this beauties gag for a red head harness gag with a large ball in it and the gets to lay down onto the bed so she can be tightly hog tied. After this has been done a rope is tied from the top of her head harness to her ankles making sure her head is a far back as possible and there is nothing she can do about it.
Two ladies tied up and gagged in their trench coats and managing to look very lovely as they struggle with their bonds. Siren is in a bright red trench coat and silver rubber boots. Her wrists have been tied behind her and pulled up and she is gagged with a red ball gag. To keep her bent over a rope is attached from her neck to one ankle and the only way she can get any relief is to hobble on one foot. With her arms lowered she is attached to the wall by a rope around her neck and then one foot is tied outwards and up in the air, again forcing her to stay on one foot. Mallory has been taped into bondage while wearing a single texture beige riding mac. Sitting on a stool her arms have been taped behind her and she is scarf gagged. Helena swaps Mallory's boots for a pair of black rubber riding boots and her gag for a rubber ball gag. After her ankles have been taped together a black rubber sou'wester is tied onto Mallory's head and is taped down across her eyes so the sou'wester makes for a very suitable blindfold. She looks better and better as her bondage proceeds.

From Update


7th January

2 x HD Videos
Violet, Lavinia, Celeste
Just For You
9 mins 50 secs - 382 mb
Fay & Louise
Sitting Pretty
10 mins 15 secs - 395 mb
147 images
Many cannot get enough of rubber rainwear bondage so here is some more for all of you and for Alan S. Violet is wearing the short retro black rubber wellies that you like . She has been bound up against the wall in a short black rubber jacket, gloves and wellies with her ankles and arms spread wide apart. A rubber ball gag is in her mouth and a sou'wester is soon added as is a wide rubber collar and ropes are attached to the rings on it to prevent her from moving her head. Joe wants to see a rainwear clad lady without a mac! By that he means bondage in rubber wellies, rubber gloves and a rubber swim cap and an almost naked Drew is well up for that. Showing off her stunning body she looks absolutely gorgeous and it is easy to see why Helena wants to look after her. This lovely Parksite padded mac with a clear mac over the top is just what Arne, Alex J and Sten W love to see so here is Lavinia tied up with Helena in attendance to complete her bondage by bringing up the clear hood and then taping around her head and gag with clear tape to keep her gag firmly embedded in her mouth. The combination of these beautiful padded coats and rainwear really is one of the real delights to see when the ladies are very securely tied up. Rob loves riding macs as does Jake so here is Celeste tied up in the woods on one of the few cold days we have had so far. This giving Celeste her first outing in this mac with the obligatory boots and gloves of course. The rope and ball gag being the other very necessary extras that have to accompany her on a day like this.
Two ladies looking very pretty in their bondage and their macs. Both have been bound into a sitting position with the ropes and bandages holding them very tightly into position. Fay is wearing a see thru red mac to go with her red high heels and she has been bound into a chair with her hands in her lap with bandages. The bandages hold her tight to the chair and along comes Helena to cleave gag her with another bandage and then hood her. Another bandage is then wrapped around her gagged mouth and tied off to an overhead hook to stop her leaning forward so she can reach her gag. Another bandage tied her arms more firmly into her lap. A final bandage is tied around her head and over her eyes leaving just her nose showing through her bondage. Louise has been tied into a blue mac with a black one over the top. Her hands have been balled up in the mac sleeves and tied together. A lot of tight rope binds her body and she is gagged with a large metal ring gag over the blue hood which does look very good on her. Then with her gag heavily taped over the black hood is tied into position and a clear mac is tied around her bound body and the hood pulled tight to seal her in that little bit more.

From Update


31st December

2 x HD Videos
Still Going
7 mins 50 secs - 302 mb
Ammalia & Ivory
Light & Dark
8 mins 20 secs - 321 mb
134 images
Here I am still going strong on the rainwear bondage front and the reason is because it is so much fun why would I want to stop? In a long pink mac which was held open by the white cuffs around my thighs and wrists, my booted legs were cuffed and roped together, my body roped and a wide white leather matching collar was strapped around my neck. Then came the hood and a big white rubber ball gag and that completed my lovely pink and white combination. Chained up out in the garden in a wet clear mac over a shiny black one, I had been chained sitting up against the post with my purple booted ankles cuffed and padlocked apart, I was then gagged with a wide purple rubber bit gag. After my gag had been changed to a purple leather head harness over over the black hood and more chains added to my bondage my husband appears to bring and tied up the clear hood over the top as well as buttoning up my mac. I am now fully covered and helpless which I think was the big idea. I love the riding macs I have as I think they are very glamorous when buttoned and tightly belted, Kean likes me in tight bondage as well so this is how I ended up. With silver Hunter wellies and silver rubber gloves my body and arms were roped and I was cleave gagged. Then with very tight rope down to my knees I was left to hobble around on the lawn, Kean knowing that I was never going to be able or want to go too far.
For the last time this year we have two more rainwear clad ladies in bondage to help celebrate the end of this year and with lots more, of course, to come in 2016. As well as the last of the year it is also sadly the last of Ammalia who has returned to Italy and we can only hope she comes back again in the future. She has had her arms cellotaped down the sides of her body while wearing a light blue Rukka mac and blue wellies. Out in the garden she has also been roped to the tree, hooded and cleave gagged. One foot is then taped to the tree trunk making her hobble on one foot and her gagged mouth has been tightly cellotaped over as well. Then with her feet back on the ground and cellotaped together more cellotape around her mouth tapes her head to the tree behind her. Ivory is in a dark blue mac and has been hogtied across the table with her red gloves arms in front of her and her red rubber booted feet tied up to the overhead beam as well as to her hair forcing her to keep her head up and back showing off the very large red ball gag in her mouth. She is then hooded and to prevent her reaching her gag with her hands a long scarf is tied around her mouth and to the overhead beam.

From Update


24th December

2 x HD Videos
Anita, Celeste, Imogen
Keeping it Short
10 mins 55 secs - 422 mb
Anastasia & Violet
Nice & Tight
8 mins 20 secs - 323 mb
138 images
Bondage in short rainwear jackets and rubber boots on bare legs or lingerie is a sight worth seeing, it is a perfect combination of glamour and bondage. Anita has been tied up against the wall wearing a clear short rain jacket over her topless body and pink rubber heeled boots over her stockings. Her hands have been taped inside the jacket arms, her arms roped down her sides and her ankles are tied to a spreader bar. A macked Helena then cleave her, hoods her and then ties a long pink scarf over her gag and hood to seal her gag in place. A very short navy nylon jacket for Celeste with short purple wellies over her back tights and she has been hooded and ball gagged and her arms tied and pulled behind her making her stay bending over. A rope is then attached from her neck to around one knee to make sure she has to stay bent over as she rotates in her bondage showing off her particular predicament. Imogen is wearing a see thru blue jacket showing off her breasts and blue Hunter wellies on her bare legs. Her body and arms have been bound and her ankles spread and tied to the round wooden chest. A large blue bit gag is in her mouth and her hood pulled up and tied around her head. After being sat and tied down onto the cheat her gag is changed to a blue ball gag strapped over the hood and then a roped is tied from her hood drawstrings down to her knees so the more she tried to straighten up the tighter the hood became.
Ladies in rainwear trench coats is always a glamorous and pleasant sight to see and when their bondage has been added the lovely sight of them helpless and gagged is multiplied many times. The very glamorous and very busty Anastasia is wearing a gold long trench coat which has been buttoned belted as tight as possible to emphasise her bust along with the ropes above and below her breasts. Her arms have been bound behind her and her ankles tied apart and a very large bright red ball gag has been strapped into her mouth.. More rope around her body and through her crotch to hold her against the beam she begins to drool from her huge gag as she struggles with pleasure but not really trying to escape. Violet is in a yellow trench coat and has been tied out on the bed in a sitting position with her red rubber booted ankles apart and her arms tied to the sides of the bed. Helena is there to red ball gag her and then wind cellotape around her head and gag with the collar turned up. A rope is then tied around Violets head and to an overhead hook so Helena can pull up on the rope forcing Violet to stretch her head upwards as much as possible.

From Update


17th December

2 x HD Videos
Loving to Struggle
12 mins 15 secs - 472 mb
Fay & Elle
More & More
8 mins 05 secs - 314 mb
148 images
Siren loves to struggle and make lots of noise after she has been tied up and gagged in her rainwear, something that is very delightful to watch and to listen to. In these cases it was especially lovely as she was so enthusiastic about being in bondage. In a retro red mac with a matching rain hat and red tartan wellies she was very tightly taped into a chair and then tightly ball gagged with a new silicone red ball gag strapped deep into her mouth, knowing this would make her drool copiously from her gag. Lots more tape a very high red leather collar and then as expected as she noisily struggled she could not help herself drooling large amounts which only adds to the delight of it all. In an ankle length shiny yellow mac she had her hands taped inside the macs sleeves and then to the very heavy sledge hammer standing between her legs. Hooded and yellow ball gagged then made it impossible for her to more because of the sledge hammer. In black lingerie and clear riding boots and a glass clear jacket she had her arms bound behind her and was rubber gagged and she was then left to roll around on the bed as she struggled but achieved nothing. With her ball gag changed to a wooden one she was sat onto the edge of the bed and a rope around her neck kept her there. The zip on the front of the jacket was then zipped up to just below her nose before it was finally zipped up all the way to the top enclose her in a beautiful clear plastic prison.
Again three tied up ladies for your admiration and approval. Fay and Helena are both dressed in different white spotted macs and Fay has had her arms bound behind her, with her elbows very close together. Helena then ball gags her and helps her down onto her knees when she places a matching rain hat on her head. One leg is then tied back behind her before another is tied by Helena from her neck down to her other ankle forcing her to stay bent forward and leaving her very helpless. Elle is in a green rain suit with black rubber waders and long black rubber gloves and she has been tied spread eagled up against the wall. Then rubber gagged and hooded she creates a delightful image as she tries to escape from her bonds. Its winter time and Helena had had her arms taped in front of her with purple tape over her long blue mac, blue mac and wellies. Hooded and purple scarf gagged, the scarf is tied around the tree trunk so she cannot wander off.

From Update


10th December

2 x HD Videos
Touch of Red
9 mins 05 secs - 352 mb
Alexia & Lavinia
Same Tastes
8 mins 30 secs - 329 mb
141 images
It should be fairly obvious that Anita's favourite colopur is red so incorporating a little red into her bondage as well has to be a good thing. Firstly, in her lingerie and long clear mac and spotted wellies she has been sat onto the table and her arms bound behind her with red rope and a red ball gag soon follows. Then hooded and one ankle is tied up to her thigh and then the other so she then has to remain on the table in total helplessness especially after the hood drawstrings have been tied down to her ropes forcing her plastic covered head downwards. Outdoors in a long blue mac and wellies she has been tied with her back to the tree and her arms bound behind it as well as red ropes around her chest. Then hooded and with a wide red bit gag strapped in her mouth she has one foot pulled back and tied to the tree as the more helpless she is the better. Looking very cute with her in pigtails and wearing a bright yellow belted trench coat and yellow rubber boots she has been tightly taped with thin red tape and silenced with a red leather gag. During her struggles she managed to slip off the stool and onto the floor and had to be lifted back again when her ankles were crossed and tape this time and her gag was re strapped over her hood again with the drawstrings tied down to the tape around her knees.
Alexia and Lavinia have been friends for many years and have many similar interests and the same tastes in many things. Luckily enough they both love coming here and being put into bondage in their rainwear and both look very delightful when it has been done to the. Here Alexia is wearing a blue mac and boots with a see thru purple one over the top. The macs are wet and nicely steaming up and she had had her arms tied down by her sides with the ropes around her chest tied off to the fence behind her. She is them metal bit gagged over the blue hood with the purple one then tied over that and finally with lots more rope bound around her body and neck all she is able to do is drool from her bit gag. Lavinia has been tied up sitting on a ,metal tank with the rubber boots legs tied wide apart. |Her pink mac has been peeled back to show off her patterned tights and her arms have been tied in front of her. She is also wearing black rubber gloves and a black rubber swim cap strapped under her chin and to go with this Helena rubber ball gags her. Then like Alexia all she is able to do is drool as she struggles with her ropes. Drooling copiously from there gags is something else they are very both very good at as well, which can only be a good thing. To go with this there are are a few pics of Anastasia and Imogen also drooling and then Celeste appears in a head harness inflatable ball gag.

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