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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

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From Update


25th August

2 x HD Videos
Imogen & Violet
For You
8 mins 40 secs - 333 mb
Celeste & Helena
Black & Blue
9 mins 50 secs - 379 mb


171 images

This is a first as Ghew has asked to see a blonde in a white mac, but with white trainers and not wellies. This actually is just perfect for the beautiful blonde Imogen who was tied up and then sat onto the floor to make sure her trainers were in front of the pics. Then with her ankles tied together she ended up on her side and then on her stomach as she rolled around on the floor giving perfect views of what Ghew wants to see. This really does look very good. Gary H is right when he says it is a while since seeing two ladies up together, but that is being corrected in the next few weeks. In the mean time here is Helena and Siren tied up together in similar long blue hooded macs and red and white wellies. After both are hooded and ball gagged they are tied together with rope around their chests which does leave them in the position for a little ball gag kissing. Peter S along with many others love to see the ladies in rain trousers and rain suits so here is Violet in a bright green suit with her trousers tucked into her black Hunter wellies just as Peter has asked to see. With her arms tied behind her and a rope crotch rope, Helena hoods and then ball gags this beauty with a large green ball on a strap. Violet is then laid onto the floor and one leg tied up in the air, before the other is tied to the first so both her feet are off the floor and she is totally helpless.
It's a black rubber coat for Celeste and a blue plastic coat for Helena, plus the necessary bondage which is also needed. Celeste is wearing a black rubber coat with heavy duty red tipped wellies and red rubber gloves, a black rubber sou'wester is tied onto her head and a red and black rubber ball gag has been strapped into her mouth. Her arms have been bound behind her and her body is roped down to her knees enabling her to walk slowly across the lawn. After being laid down on the lawn one booted foot is tied back to her wrists and then the other leaving her in a cross ankle hogtie from which there will never be any escape. Helena is wearing a light blue plastic trench coat, red wellies and red gloves, she has been taped into a chair with her hands taped into her lap, she is also red ball gagged. The mac is then buttoned up around her and a rain bonnet tied around her head over the upturned mac collar. The mac which had been open around her legs to show off her boots is then wrapped and taped around her legs which are then tightly secured to the chair.

From Update


18th August

2 x HD Videos
Her Second Coming
11 mins 50 secs - 457 mb
Drew & Mallory
Stood Up
6 mins 05 secs - 232 mb


158 images

This is Jet's second time around for a solo gallery and as you see here, she is the most stunning of bondage loving ladies. In a short nylon jacket and black Hunter wellies she had had her arms roped behind her and her knees tied together, she is also gagged with a rubber gag strapped very tight across her mouth. She is then hooded and the gag retied over the hood, she is then laid onto her side and ropes are attached form her bondage to the overhead beam. Now with her legs tied up in the air the only thing that happens as she struggles is that she slides across the metal tank on which she is laying. Sat onto the floor in a white mac and pink wellies she is surrounded by lots of the boot and mac collection. She is ball gagged and then hooded and her knees are tied up very close to her chest. After her gag has been taped over with wide tape she ends up falling on her side and she struggles with her ropes. Up in the fields there are now many straw bales and with jet in a wet clear mac over a brown striped mac she has had her arms tied out horizontally to the bales. Double hooded and heavily taped gagged her knees are bound together ensuring she is very helpless. Then with her arms tied behind her she is allowed to wander across the field in her bondage looking very lovely as she hobbles away.
Drew, Mallory and Helena all trying their best to release themselves from their bonds but all having to put up with what has happened to them as escape is not going to be possible. Drew is wearing a heavy duty yellow riding mac, tightly belted and her red gloves arms have been tied out to her sides. Her red booted feet have been strapped into a spreader bar and the only thing she can do is swing back and forth in her bondage. The mac is then fully buttoned up around her chest and neck and she is ball gagged with a red ball gag. Finally a rope around her neck is tied down to her spreader bar making her stay bent forward. With Mallory in a turquoise and blue nylon jacket and short purple wellies. Her arms have been taped up inside the jacket sleeves and her arms have been very securely taped down her sides. Her legs are taped together and she is tape gagged. After being hooded more very tight tape is wound around her taped mouth and hood. Helena is outdoors in a very wet red cotton coat, red wellies and sou'wester. With her arms tied behind her and red bit gagged she is able to wander but is not going far like this. The wet mac showing up quite beautifully in the bright light.

From Update


11th August

2 x HD Videos
Violet & Lily-Ana
Well Wrapped 1
9 mins 35 secs - 370 mb
Well Wrapped 2
7 mins 05 secs - 274 mb
Jet & Siren
The Pink Ladies
11 mins 15 secs - 435 mb


192 images

The title says it all. Three ladies wrapped in layers of rainwear and very securely tied up, gagged and very helpless at the same time. Violet has been stood up against the wall in a long red mac and red wellies with a long clear mac over the red one. Her hands have been balled up and taped inside the mac sleeves, her legs have been taped together and she is double hooded and red ball gagged over these hoods. Even with her hands free she is totally helpless with her hands bound as they are. She is then fitted with a see thru purple mac backwards which is buttoned up on her and then her arms are roped across her body. A clear plastic trench coat is then tied around her and the purple hood pulled and tied over her face so she is wrapped as well as can be. Lily is out in the garden in two wet macs, one black and one clear. She has been tied with purple rope and she is double hooded and gagged with a wide leather bit gag. A long yellow se thru mac is then over her body backwards and after the other two hoods have been tightened down over eyes and she has been laid onto the grass the yellow hood is pulled up and tied over her face so it sucks in and blows out as she slowly breathes. For Phil here is Celeste sitting on a stool in a white suit with a clear mac over the top, Her legs have been heavily taped together and her hands fully covered and taped tight into her lap, then with tape above and below her breasts more secure gagging begins. Helena then double hoods her after she has had her mouth taped shut and then more and more tape is wound around her head fully covering her gag. More tape goes over her head and then over her eyes making she she is properly covered. Another long clear mac is then buttoned up around her and this hood tightened down over her head until just her nose is showing. Helena is most pleased with the result.
It is time for ladies in pink, the ladies being being Jet and Siren and the pink being lingerie and rainwear. Jet is wearing pink bra and knickers over which is a long glass clear trench coat and she has pink wellies on her feet and in her mouth is a pink ball gag. She had had her arms tightly taped behind with red tape and before long she has had more tape securing her body and taped wrapped around her head and over her ball gag forcing the ball into the back of her mouth. Once laying down on the bed she is taped into a tight hogtie from which there will be no escape. Siren has on a glass clear hooded mac over her shorts and bra along with heeled bright pink rubber boots. Her wrists have been bound behind her and then pulled and tied up in the air making her bend forward. Pink ball gagged and hooded a rope is attached from her neck down to her ankles just is case she had any ideas about standing up.

From Update


4th August

2 x HD Videos
Welcome Back
16 mins 0 secs - 620 mb
Celeste & Lavinia
So Delightful
9 mins 20 secs - 362 mb


152 images

It's great to have Buffy back again after she appeared here for a while but then moved aboard. She is now back again and to stop her leaving again it must be a good idea to keep her tied up and gagged as much as possible. In a pink mac and pink Hunter wellies, to match her now pink hair, she had her arms roped behind her and her ankles tied together. Then hooded and pink ball gagged she was bought down onto the floor and her knees tied up close to her chest and her ankles tied back to her wrists. Now tightly ball tied she was indeed very helpless. A warm day so in the garden in a see thru blue rain jacket and blue Hunter wellies (she likes Hunter wellies) she has had her arms roped tight down her sides with her wrists tied to her thighs. Then hooded and rubber ball gagged she is left to wander around the garden knowing she will not be going anywhere dressed and tied like this. Perched onto a high stool while wearing a red heavy duty riding coat, red and white wellies and white rubber gloves she had her arms taped in front of front of her, her legs taped together and her body taped, all being done with thin white tape. A large wad of white lined was then stuffed into her mouth by Helena who then taped over her mouth, again with white tape. Helena then forces a white rubber swim cap onto her head and fastens the strap under her chin and then wraps more tape around her gagged mouth making sure her gag is as tight as possible, just as all of the tape securing her body is.
It's Celeste in a clear mac and Lavinia in yellow with both the ladies in boots and bondage as well. Celeste is wearing a long hooded clear mac with a tightly tied tie belt and purple wellies. She has had her arms taped behind her with thin tape and a knotted scarf is tied between her teeth. Helena is there in a pink mac and pink boots and she hoods Celeste and then binds more tape around her mouth and hood as tight as possible to seal her mouth shut. Then making sure she is very secure she knots a rope around Celeste's neck and then passes it though her bound ankles and then pulls on the rope. This forces Celeste to bend further and further forward until she is almost bent double which is always a sight worth seeing. Lavinia has been sat on the table in her yellow Rukka mac and yellow wellies and has had her arms tied outwards and her ankles are spread and bound. In her mouth is a yellow ball gag. To stop her being able to reach her gag her hands were ball up with cellotape and she was hooded and gagged with yellow rubber gloves, which filled her mouth to capacity. One ankle was then tied across her and up close to her wrist just to make her that little more helpless.

From Update


28th July

2 x HD Videos
Lavinia & Jet
Heavy & Dirty
9 mins 10 secs - 356 mb
Lily & Imogen
Just Right
10 mins 55 secs - 421 mb


148 images

What could be better than having these ladies covered in rubber and then tied up and gagged. The rubber may be heavy or dirty with dried mud, or both but it is something so wonderful to see at any time. The more helpless they are the better things are. Lavinia has been sat onto a metal tank and her heavy wader covered legs have been tied out in the splits position, showing off her patterned tights. Also wearing a long black rubber coat and gloves, her arms have been tied in front of her tight, against her waist. She is then ball gagged and starts to drool as she struggles, the more she struggles, the more she drools all down her chin and coat. The coats hood is tied up over head and then down over her eyes but leaving her wet ball showing of course. Having a very dirty dried mud covered very heavy rubber coat, boots, gloves and sou'wester it had to be a good idea to have Jet up wearing it all before it was cleaned. So with her tied into a chair and her arms roped down by her sides and her legs together she was rubber ball gagged and then sou'wester tied onto her head. Her struggling got her nowhere and the final touch was having the sou'wester brim turned down to make it more difficult for her to see what was happening around her. Celeste was tied up in a rubber coat and escorted into the garden, her arms were bound behind her and she was gagged with a red rubber ball gag to match the red toes on her black heavy rubber boots and red rubber gloves. A black rubber sou'wester was also tied over her head and around her neck. Her ankles were bound together and she was made to knee down on the grass to keep her where she was required.
Lily in red and Imogen in silver and both are tied up and tightly gagged in their macs and boots. Lily is wearing a long shiny red mac, red rubber boots, red gloves and a red rubber swim cap strapped over her head. Her arms have been bound behind her and she is gagged with a large red bit gag forcing her mouth wide open. Then with her gag swapped for a wooden ball gag the rope holding her arms is tied off overhead and one booted leg is tied up in the air behind her by Helena. This leg is pulled up higher and higher until it is a lot higher than her had as she is forced to bend forward and then left swinging from her ropes on one booted foot. Imogen is wearing a silver Rukka mac and has been taped into a chair with thin red tape. She is cleave gagged with a knotted scarf and along comes Helena to hood her and tape over her gagged mouth with red tape and she then proceeds to wrap more tape all around this helpless lady including more around her head and gagged and taped mouth. Surrounded by lots of coloured balloons only makes the look of this helpless beauty even more appealing.

From Update


21st July

2 x HD Videos
All Ways
11 mins 55 secs - 462 mb
Siren & Kitty
Nicely Done
9 mins 0 secs - 347 mb


153 images

Elle has been with us for a very long while and she is always willing to be dressed and tied in all ways possible, which can only be a good thing. In a red rain suit she was tied out across our new rubber inflatable dinghy. Her red rubber gloves hands were tied above her head to the top of the boat which her red rubber booted feet were tied out to the oar sockets. With her hooded and rubber ball gagged it made this a good test for the first time this boat has been inflated. Wearing white lingerie with black stockings meant a clear mac with white rubber gloves and black and white spotted high heels was the perfect way to go. With her body roped to the post to emphasise her huge breasts and her arms tied out horizontally she was gagged with a white rubber ball gag with a breathing tube attached. The tube being there to poke through the hole in the clear hood that Helena then fitted over her head. The hood fitting very tightly which kept expanding and being sucked tight against her face as she moaned and breathed. A short nylon jacket and striped wellies and lots of cellotape to bind her into a chair. With her arms taped into her lap and after being hooded and ball gagged by Helena she proceeded to wrap more tape around her body and finally around her gagged mouth to ensure the ball gag stayed deep inside her mouth.
Siren, Kitty and Mallory for your approval. Siren is wearing a short black riding coat and black spotted rubber boots. Tied up sitting on the table with her arms tightly roped behind her and her legs roped with her ankles crossed and tightly bound she is then rubber gagged as well. A scarf is the tied over her gag before a rain bonnet is tied around her head as well. Kitty is wearing a bright red long hooded mac and heavy red tipped black wellies and she is tied face down onto the board and resting on her arms. Her wrists have been tied together and her booted ankles crossed, tied and bound to the overhead beam. Being tightly rubber gagged starts to make her drool so the gag is re tied over the macs hood and then her head is tied up and back forcing her rubber gag deeper into her mouth which only makes her drool even more. Mallory had been tied and mummified in tights and a body stocking so it only made sense to add a mac to her bondage before she was let go. A long clear mac was done up around her body and tied in place sealing her into plastic as well as the tights.

From Update


14th July

2 x HD Videos
Celeste, Drew, Jet
Very Suitable
11 mins 05 secs - 414 mb
Violet, Anita, Helena
Bound to Please
10 mins 40 secs - 411 mb


139 images

Suited up ladies and then put into bondage, the two going together so very well. Celeste is wearing a glass clear jacket and trousers with black rubber riding boots and black rubber gloves. With her arms tied behind her and wearing a crotch rope and black rubber gag she struggles in her ropes that are tied off overhead. Then hooded she is sat onto the floor and one leg is tied back to her wrists Her other booted ankle is then across her bound legs and a rope around her neck is tied down to one knee. Now very helpless she can do nothing about her predicament. To finish with she had one leg tied high in the air leaving her laying on and rolling around on the floor. Drew loves gardening so having her dressed in a blue rain suit, blue Hunter wellies and blue rubber gloves had to be the right outfit. She then had her arms gaffer taped to the rake, her body taped down to her knees and was hooded and blue bit gagged. Now she really did look good as she tried to rake up the hedge trimmings. A heavy green rain suit for Jet along with high heavy duty waders and rubber gloves and then she was tied out spread eagled against the wall. Her body was roped and a crotch rope attached and as she was rubber gagged and then hooded she had no option but to accept her bonds as escape was not going to happen.
A little variety is always a good thing and when the ladies are dressed up in rainwear and tied up and gagged it is bound to please a lot of people. Violet was tied up against the post in a beige single texture riding mac and red boots. Bound with red rope and a red and black rubber ball gag in her mouth left her obviously very helpless. After the mac had been fully buttoned up around her she began to drool from her ball gag as she struggled so a very wide red leather collar was strapped around her neck forcing her to hold her head up and she continued to drool down her chin and all over her mac, which showed up very delightfully. Anita, wearing only stockings, suspenders and tiny knickers as well as her clear plastic jacket and heeled pink rubber boots has been hooded, pink scarf gagged and has had her arms tied up behind her making her bend forward. This having the lovely effect of showing off how lovely her body as well as how helpless she is. Helena is in a red Rukka matt long mac, red Thurlstone Hunter wellies and red rubber gloves. She has had her arms taped behind her with gaffer tape and the same tape binds her body all the way down to her knees. Then also hooded and ball gagged she was allowed to hobble around the garden until her ankles and legs were tightly taped together as well to keep her still.

From Update


7th July

2 x HD Videos
Jet, Lavinia, Elyssia
Just For You
9 mins 55 secs - 385 mb
Imogen & Lily
No Escape
7 mins 40 secs - 296 mb


140 images

It was Arne who sent us this glorious navy heavy duty mac and it does look lovely on the busty Jet. With her arms tied tight behind her to enhance her breasts and then tied into the strappado position with one leg high in the air she is delightfully helpless and hooded with a rubber gag in her mouth,I think many will like what they see. Not many ladies can put their arms into the reverse prayer position and have them tied there, but we do have Lavinia. This lady spends a lot of time working out so for her things like this are not difficult. Ron T will be very happy about this as he has been looking, without success, to find a rainwear clad lady tied like this. Ron, your search now over as Lavinia is the lady you have been looking for. Having her hooded, bit gagged and with her booted legs tied up in the air should please Ron and many others as well. Laurent sent us this lovely coloured apron along with a beautiful red trench coat and has asked to see something that you see here. One of the ladies in the apron over lingerie and also with red wellies, red rubber gloves and a red rubber swim cap. This does look quite beautiful on Elyssia as she is tied to the wall with her arms and legs spread and with a red ball gag in her mouth. Always happy to oblige with requests like this.
Two ladies with no chance of escape which is just how it should be. Imogen has been tied up, first standing and then sitting on the table while wearing a white striped hooded mac and white Hunter wellies and white rubber gloves. Her arms have been tied behind her with black and white rope. A clear ball gag is also tied into her mouth. Then hooded with her gag re tied over her hood is is laid onto the table on her side and then turned onto her stomach so she ends up in a very strict hogtie from which she knows she will never get out of. Lily is in a shiny yellow belted Rukka mac with red wellies and red gloves. Her wrists and ankles have been tied out to the upturned bed frame and after ropes have been tied around her chest and upper arms she is hooded. A red rubber glove is then stuffed into her mouth and this is sealed in place with lots of white tape, which is would around her mouth, head and hood. Her knees are then tied closer together and a rope collar attached so she has to keep her head up and back.

From Update


30th June

2 x HD Videos
So Beautiful
12 mins 15 secs - 474 mb
Isabelle, Drew, Violet
Taping Tightly
10 mins 40 secs - 414 mb


149 images

Elyssia is just as the title says she is. A beautiful, now brunette again with a magnificent body to match and a love for dressing up and bondage and as it has been a while since she has been here we are very glad she is back again. Dressed in a long blue hooded mac, the mac has been stretched around her lovely body and her arms have been roped down by her sides with red rope, her ankles tied together and she is gagged with a large red bit gag. Then hooded and gagged with a red leather gag she continues her noisy struggles and gets absolutely nowhere, definitely a good thing. Sat onto the edge of a chair in a see thru plastic trench coat, her arms have been cellotaped behind her and with her booted legs having the same treatment. Scarf cleave gagged and then lots more cellotape to bind her body after her mac has been wrapped around her and then around her head after a rain hood has been added and tied under her chin. Sat onto a table wearing a short glamorous red jacket and shiny red wellies, her legs have been roped together and her red rubber gloved hands tied out to hooks in the wall. Red ball gagged and the jacket buttoned up around her leaves her again very helpless, just as she should be.
Two taped up ladies and one looking very beautiful in her ropes. Isabelle ha s had her arms taped in front of her my a silver macked and booted Drew. Isabelle is wearing a white spotted mac over a gold trench coat and a metal ring gag is strapped in her mouth. Drew then continues to wrap Isabelle in lots more tape until her whole body is covered from her shoulders down to her knees and until Drew is happy with the result. Celeste is looking very glamorous in her silver mac and silver high heeled boots. Her arms have been roped behind her with red rope and a tight red ball gag is in her mouth. Violet has been taped into a chair in her blue trench coat, black rubber boots and black rubber gloves. A blue ball gag is in her mouth and a matching blue rain bonnet is tied around her head. A second matching hat was then tied over her face and under her chin sealing her head inside blue plastic as having two hats, two hats had to be used.

From Update


23rd June

2 x HD Videos
Keeping it Tight
12 mins 40 secs - 489 mb
Jet & Lavinia
Standing Room Only
8 mins 10 secs - 314 mb


139 images

It's always nice to see Mallory tied as tight as possible as you can see. The tighter the better and the more helpless she is the better. In a long clear mac she has been secured to the wall with handcuffs and ankle cuffs. There is a tight chain around her waist and she is gagged with a large metal ring gag. She is then hooded with the hood pulled down over her eyes and a metal choke collar added to stop her reaching her gag. Tape is then wound around her eyes over the hood as an effective blindfold. A light blue plastic trench coat and light blue Hunter wellies and Mallory has had her arms bound behind her and a blue spiky ball gag strapped deep in her mouth. Her ankles are crossed and tied and her feet are bought up onto the trunk. The mac is then buttoned around her, the collar turned up and a blue spotted rain bonnet added. Finally a rope from her knees to her neck meant she had to keep her knees up close to her chest. Sat on the grass in a shiny red hooded Rukka style mac she has had her arms tied behind the back of the post and is ball gagged. Kicking her red rubber booted feet in the air as she struggles does not get her anywhere. Her gag is then re buckled up over her hood and her knees and ankles are bound together and then tied up close to her chest so she now cannot move at all. Success once again.
It's standing room only for these two rainwear clad beauties with their ropes making sure they stayed as required. Jet has been bound to a tree while wearing a bright red, shiny short retro rain jacket and red wellies, her arms have been tightly bound behind her, her knees tied together and she is ball gagged with a bright red ball. To keep her still a rope around her neck holds her head to the tree and one foot tied in the completes her helplessness very nicely. Lavinia is wearing a long clear hooded mac over her lingerie and having to totter on her high heels after her arms have been tied up in the air behind her and been ball gagged. Then stood upright and with her arms tied tight to her body her gag was retied over her tight fitting hood. She is then held in the upright position by rope around her neck and tied to an overhead hook.

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