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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
The galleries move through the site at various speeds, but will be available for a minimum of five weeks after they first appear.

10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

From Update


30th July

2 x HD Videos
Well Treated
10 mins 05 secs - 390 mb
Ammalia & Ivory
A Leg Up
11 mins 45 secs - 485 mb
144 images
Unfortunately Ammalia has now returned to her native Italy and we are nearly at the end of what we have of this stunning loving lady. At least we have these lovely images to show off of her in all of her rainwear bondage glory. In a long pink mac and striped wellies, her arms have been tied behind her and the ropes tied off to the fence. Then hooded and ball gagged on foot is tied up in the air to the top of the fence. This was good for a while, but then the foot was tied even higher and a rope attached from her neck to her booted foot made sure she stayed leaning over and reduced the amount she could struggle without falling over. Tied into a chair in a see thru red mac on the very day that the new Sporting Hares shiny red wellies arrived, which meant that after she had been rubber ball gagged her red boots were swapped for the new ones. Then to get a better view of these lovely shiny new wellies her chair was tipped back onto the floor so her booted feet stayed up in the air. A cold winters day so it was a long purple mac over a black padded coat with gloves and boots as the necessary accessories. Her arms were bound down close to her knees and the ropes binding her body tied to the tree branch. Double hooded and scarf gagged made sure she stayed warm, but she looked even better when the hood strings were pulled very tight and the hood tightened down over eyes. This lady is already being missed, hopefully she will come back one day.
Tape, chains, rope, swim caps, gas masks and respirators all on lovely tied up rainwear clad ladies. Elle is first in a blue and black nylon jacket and blue wellies. Her arms have been taped behind her and she has been bit gagged over her very tight fitting blue swim cap which is strapped onto her under her chin. The hood on the jacket is pulled up over her head after a while just to cover her that little bit more. A chained Ammalia is hooded and gas masked as every opportunity to gas mask such a lovely lady should be taken. Ivory is wearing a long semi transparent black mac, black wellies with white laces and a white ball gag. Also she has been bound with black and white rope to keep her colour coordinated and Helena is there to first show off her bare legs and then tied one leg up to the high beam. She now has to struggle and hobble on one foot and is then forced into an even more uncomfortable position by having a rope around her neck tied down to her ankle to make sure she stays bending over. Then we have a double clear macked Violet in chains with a respirator covering her gagged mouth. The respirator adding an extra beautiful dimension to her bondage.

From Update


23rd July

2 x HD Videos
Violet, Lavinia, Imogen
Good Choice
10 mins 35 secs - 410 mb
Kitty & Fay
Ladies in Red
8 mins 25 secs - 324 mb
165 images
It is always great to fulfill requests when they are such good choices. For Arne, who sent us this lovely down coat and Alex J who thinks these are beautiful here is Violet tied up in it with a long clear mac over the top. Her arms have been tied down by her sides with string and she is heavily hooded and ball gagged. Her ankles are free but she has been tied off to the tree so she cannot wander off. She loves this coat and was very grateful for just how warm it is as it was such a cold day. There are always rubber requests to go into this gallery so more rubber it is. So for Atreus, Alan and all rubber lovers here is Lavinia is in a long heavy rubber mac, gloves and boots and she has been tied with her arms behind her and her legs spread as wide as possible. Rubber ball gagged and hooded she ends up swinging in her ropes after one leg has been tied up in the air to a high hook in the wall. A nylon clad Imogen is tied up in the nylon corner for Roger F and Roger S. Roger F for sending us a lot of this nylon rainwear and Roger S for loving it as well. Imogen has been bound sitting on a desk in a suit and silver wellies with tight cellotape binding her body and legs. Ball gagged and then hooded of course and then another jacket zipped up around her and her ball gag is cellotaped over as well. Her arms are now locked into this second jacket and the hood is tightened s o tight that she is now blindfolded as well.
Two ladies in red and one loving her rubber boots. Kitty is wearing a long red heavy riding mac and riding hat, the mac fully buttoned and belted and with the collar turned up. Her wrists have been tied in front of her and there is a rope around her waist tied up to an overhead hook. A tight rubber bit gag and her wrists are tied down to one ankle forcing her stay bent over, which means she does drool heavily from her bit gag. The mac is then peeled back over her bottom to reveal her own jodhpurs and riding boots. A red dressed Fay has been very well secured into a chair, her arms tied along the chair arms and her red rubber booted legs tied together. Then ball gagged and hooded she finally ends up with her gagged mouth taped over and around the back of the chair to hold her head still. Lavinia loves her wellies so having her tied up while laying among them was a delight for her. Her wrists are tied down to her booted ankles and a metal ball gag is strapped in her mouth and as she rolls around among the boots she is quite content and makes no effort to escape from her bonds.

From Update


16th July

2 x HD Videos
Well Behaved
9 mins 55 secs - 384 mb
Violet, Isabelle & Drew
Ready for More
10 mins 95 secs - 387 mb
167 images
Many times Helena is there in charge of the ladies with rope and gags to hand. Sometimes she ends up here all tied up and gagged in her rainwear just to show how well behaved she is. In a long green mac and laced Hunter wellies she has been tied up against the wall with her arms down by her sides and her ankles tied apart. With her body roped as well she is then hooded and cleave gagged before her arms are then bound tightly to her body. Another big long scarf is wrapped over her gagged mouth several times and tied to the bracket behind her to keep her as silent as possible and because big gags like this do look so very good on tied up ladies. Out in the garden in purple nylon jacket and trousers, rubber boots and gloves she has had her arms roped in front of her and her ankles tied to pegs in the ground. Hooded and a purple leather head harness gag fills her mouth and is strapped tight over her head and under her chin. In the bedroom and in a long clear mac over her lingerie and fishnet stockings she has been bound with string. Also wearing red Hunter wellies, red gloves and a red ball gag she struggles with her bonds to no avail. Sat onto the edge of the bed, her ankles are tied out to the bed posts to show of her Hunters and her gag is now a red scarf gag with the ball gag hanging around her neck as a lovely decoration. Back outdoors in a beige riding mac and long waders she has been bound to the fence with her arms and legs apart. After being rubber ball gagged, a sou'wester is added and the mac is pulled back to show off her waders, which I am sure many will find to be a good idea.
More tied up and gagged ladies to be enjoyed by all. Violet is wearing a very shiny brown long hooded mac and Hunter wellies. She had had her arms taped behind her and she is rubber bit gagged. Helena helps her to lay on the table where more tape is wound around her body and the table to secure her into a tight hogtied with her head hanging over the end of the table. Isabelle has also been taped into bondage and ball gagged and then sat onto the sink draining board. Her red wellies have been tightly taped together and her mouth gagged with red tape. With her hair tucked into the mac and the collar turned up she is laid down onto her side to stop her falling off the wooden top. Drew is wearing just a short purple nylon jacket, purple Hunter wellies and purple gloves. Her body and arms have been roped to the garden raked standing in front of her. The drawstrings of the hood have also been tied to the rake after she had been ball gagged. Now she has to stand motionless in case she falls over which was the intention anyway.

From Update


9th July

2 x HD Videos
Spicing It Up
12 mins 10 secs - 471 mb
Elle & Shannon
Just Right
6 mins 50 secs - 265 mb
155 images
It is always good to have lots of variety to spice things up and Mallory is always ready for anything when it comes to be dressed up and tied up. In a long green mac she was taken out in the car and then tied up sitting in the back of it. With her riding boots tied to the tow bar, hooded and bit gagged she was not going to be going anywhere else. To make sure she was laid down in the back of the car and her ankles tied back to her wrists, so the car was where she had to stay. Mallory is quite partial to the rubber rainwear so a long heavy mac, very heavy Hood waders and long rubber gloves had to be worn before she was bound and gagged into the chair. Her arms were bound by her sides, her legs were tied together and she was rubber ball gagged. Then hooded for a while before the hood was tied down even tighter to blindfold her. A thick rubber scarf was then tied over her rubber ball gag leaving her cocooned in heavy rubber, how very lovely to see. In an orange work suit and a wet clear trench coat and rubber gloves Mallory had her wrists tied out to the door frame, her ankles were bound together and she was spiky bit gagged over her orange hood. Her rubber gloved hands were then tied in front of her and a rope wound around her neck so she could not reach her gag and her gag was changed for a tighter rubber bit gag.
Elle, Helena and Shannon all looking particularly lovely in their outfits, bondage and gags. Elle is in a long belted shiny red Rukka style mac and red rose wellies. She has been bound to the picnic table with wire, her arms bound out along the length of the table and her legs are bound together. She has been gagged with a long red scarf and Helena was there wearing a purple mac and pink Hunter wellies to gag her more tightly, hood her and then wrap tape tightly around her gagged mouth. All of this can be seen on the video. A hot day for Helena so what could be better than a shiny black plastic mac shiny rubber riding boots, gloves and a shiny sou'wester and then to have your arms bound behind you and be taken outdoors for a walk in the hot sunshine? Shannon was topless in a clear spotted mac and fitted with a leather single arm glove, straps around her waist and ankles and a leather mouth filling head harness gag. Her arms were then pulled up behind her making sure she stayed bent over. The gag looking particularly lovely on her hooded head. Then collared and her arms tied down to one ankle she had an even larger leather gag strapped into her mouth and finally had to wear a leather blindfold as well.

From Update


2nd July

2 x HD Videos
Anita, Shannon & Lily-Ana
Bright & Beautiful
11 mins 55 secs - 459 mb
Kitty & Elyssia
Bound Beauties
7 mins 35 secs - 292 mb
154 images
So many people seem to love yellow rainwear which is why we love to feature it so often and is a great way to brighten up anybody's day when they see the ladies like this. Shannon is wearing a yellow Rukka mac and yellow wellies and gloves. She has been tied sitting on a table with her legs tied to the corners of the table and her arms extended and tied to the fence behind her. She is then gagged with another pair of yellow rubber gloves stuffed into her mouth and then hooded as well. Her legs were then retied with her booted feet tied together and the rope tied off around her neck making sure she could not kick her feet out which was more uncomfortable for her, but more delightful to look at. Then comes Lily-Ana another lady who is totally new to rainwear and bondage and for her very time in both she is an absolute delight. Wearing a knee length yellow plastic mac and tight fitting short yellow wellies leaving her bare legs on display she had her arms bound behind her and was ball gagged. Then sat onto the floor, her knees were tied together and then gag reapplied over her hood. To finish her first bondage experience the rope from her knees was tied around her neck forcing her knees close to her chest and a rope was tied from her wrists to her ankles behind her to make her realise that the more helpless she was the better things were. Luckily the more helpless she found herself the more she liked it so will be definitely be back for more. Anita was tied up outdoors in a very shiny quite glamorous hooded yellow mac and again yellow wellies, of course. With her body and arms bound, she was gagged with a yellow cloth. Then sat onto the straw bales her ankles were tied together, she was hooded and another yellow cloth wrapped around her gagged mouth and hood and she found herself in a hogtie onto top of the straw bales. All of this going to show just how delightful the ladies look in yellow rainwear and bondage.
Three ladies presented in their rainwear and bondage. Kitty is dressed in full heavy rubber, The waders and gloves are covered in dried mud and the heavy rubber mac is a little dirty as well. She has had her ankles cuffed and her gloved wrists tied out to her sides. She is then rubber ball gagged and a sou'wester is tied around her head. A rope is added around her neck to hold her head up and then the mac is pulled back to show her lovely but muddy waders. The whole scene being added to by her copious drooling from her tight rubber gag. Imogen is in a long blue hooded mac and black rubber riding boots. She has been bound into the strappado position with her arms pulled up behind her and her ankles tied together. A large blue bit gag and a rope from her neck to her ankles ensures she is going to stay exactly where she is. Elyssia is wearing a nylon jacket and trousers with a pair of clear trousers over the top as well as blue wellies and gloves. Her body and arms have then been tightly bound with lots of cellotape and with one leg tied back to her thigh to make sure she stays hobbling on one foot. Hooded and gagged with a very large knotted scarf which is then secured with lots more cellotape around her head and gag.

From Update


25th June

2 x HD Videos
Good Hands
7 mins 50 secs - 303 mb
Siren, Lavinia & Louise
Troubling Times
9 mins 50 secs - 382 mb
164 images
Drew is gorgeous as I am sure you know by now and this again proves we are right about that. Dressed in a pink rain suit and very long waders reaching all the way up her crotch and long black rubber gloves, she has been tied with her legs apart and her arms extended up and outwards. The waders have been tied up around her waist to make sure they do not fall down and she is gagged with a pink ball gag. The tight fitting hood is then pulled up over her head and down over her eyes and then buttoned up to keep it in place. Finally a rope is tied around her neck and around one arm and her gagged mouth is covered with a tight pink scarf wrapped tightly around her face leaving only her nose exposed. In a long brown nylon mac and green nylon trousers Drew is tied with her arms behind her and roped down to her knees. Hooded and ball gagged she has been positioned under the water hose which is then turned on by Helena after her ankles have been taped together. Once the mac is thoroughly soaked she is laid down on the grass to dry off in the sun, the very wet mac looking quite delightful. Wearing just a pair of very tiny knickers, a white see thru mac and white Hunter wellies she had had her arms bound behind her and ropes applied above and below her naked breasts. Then scarf gagged and hooded Helena show off this lovely tied up lady by getting her to twirl around so all of her can be seen. Her gag is then taped over and a roped from her neck is tied to the rope around her ankles keeping her bent over but Helena still makes her twirl as the view of like this is even better.
Three lovelies in the best kind of trouble and that is the rainwear bondage kind. Helpless in their ropes and gags does make them very appealing and wonderful to look at. A dressed in white Siren is tightly roped sitting on a desk with the white laces on her black rubber boots tied together and soon has a thick white scarf tied into her mouth. She is then hooded and her gagged mouth is heavily taped over with white tape to make sure she stays very well gagged. Lavinia has been tied face down to a beam so she is suspended a few feet off the floor. Gagged with a blue bit gag to match her blue mac and then with the gag retied over her hood she does manage to kick off her blue wellies, but this does not help her at all. Now all she do is dangle in her ropes with her legs in the air. The lovely Louise is wearing a silver trench coat and glitter wellies and has been bound sitting on the edge of the bed and she is gagged with a metal ball gag. Then laid down onto the bed she is hog tied for the first time in her life and very nice it is too.

From Update


18th June

2 x HD Videos
Good Times
9 mins 15 secs - 358 mb
Anastasia & Imogen
Working Girls
6 mins 55 secs - 266 mb
137 images
Ivory now lives a long way away but luckily enough she still makes time to come around when ever she can which is very lucky for everybody here. She looks so beautiful in her rainwear and even better when she is tightly bound and gagged which is always a good time for her as well as all of her viewers. Over her very short red dress she is wearing a glass clear short mac with red edging and short red rubber boots on her bare legs and feet. Her body is roped along its length and her ankles crossed and tied together. Hooded and then ball gagged with the largest red ball possible her arms are tied further out she begins to struggle and moan and even more so after her legs have been bound apart. Tied onto a stool in a long shiny black mac and with her arms bound behind her and her legs roped together, she has also been ball gagged with a black ball to match her mac and boots. A similar dressed Helena then forces a matching rain hat onto her head as she again copes with her very tight bondage. Then in a blue plastic trench coat her arms have been taped her with red tape and she is gagged with a rubber ball gag. Lots more tight tape around her body and she is then laid down onto the floor before she finally ends up in a tight hogtie with absolutely no chance of escape.
Lots of yellow and lots of red with Imogen and Anastasia and both of them working very hard trying to escape their bonds. Imogen is wearing a heavy duty yellow riding coat with red Hunter wellies. The mac is fully buttoned and belted and her wrists and elbows have been roped behind her. A yellow matching sou'wester is tied onto her head under her chin and the high collar is also buttoned up. Then yellow ball gagged she is sat onto the well and one booted foot is bound back to her wrists to prevent her from moving from the well. A beautiful sight of this lovely blonde in simple but very effective bondage. The very busty Anastasia is wearing a long shiny red mac, red rain trousers and red capped heavy black rubber boots. She has been bound sitting on a small table with her legs spread and tied to the table legs and her arms tied out to the beam behind her. On her arms are fitted red Hunter wellies which have been tied tightly onto her and she is then gagged with a very large red sponge ball gag. Tight ropes above and below her bust show off how lovely are breasts are. Then hooded with the hood being tied tighter as time passes until it has been tied right down over her head and face leaving just her well gagged mouth on display.

From Update


11th June

2 x HD Videos
Violet & Drew
Ultimate Sunscreen
8 mins 35 secs - 330 mb
Triple the Fun
4 mins 40 secs - 180 mb
159 images
In this case lots of love means lots of macs the two going together very nicely, especially when the macs are wet and steaming up. Mallory is wearing a green mac over a black one and has had her arms bound in front of her. Double hooded and rubber gagged, Helena is there with a short wet clear jacket to force on over Mallory's head which she puts on her victim backwards. A rope around her waist to hold the jacket in place and then the hood is pulled up over her face to seal her into the wet plastic. Drew is out in the sun on a hot day so wet macs are a way to stay cooler when you are wearing three or four layers of plastic rainwear. In a nylon suit with a clear jacket and then a blue hooded mac Drew has had her wrists taped into the sleeves of the rainwear and been hooded and ball gagged. Then with the blue mac fully buttoned and taped onto her, she is now double hooded as well and a long clear mac is draped around her shoulders. She is now triple hooded and the top mac buttoned into place. Then laid onto the lawn she gets a chance to laze around in the sun while her wet macs start to dry. A hot day for Violet as well so more wet macs were in order. This time with her in clear rain trousers and yellow Hunter wellies and a yellow rain jacket she has a long black mac over the top. Her arms have been tied across her chest and she has been yellow hooded and yellow ball gagged. After showing off Violets outfit by peeling back her mac Helena pulls down over her head a clear jacket backwards and with her kneeling on the grass tied the rope from her ankles to around her waist. She is now double hooded and then comes the jacket hood up over her face before she too is laid down to dry off a little in her very wet macs.
Another weeks tied up Weathergirls brings you Bella, Elle and Helena. First there is Bella in a lovely retro red patterned mac and red Hunter wellies. Her arms have been looped over an umbrella and her wrists taped together in front of her. Her mouth has been taped shut with black gaffer tape and then her fingers and thumbs have been taped together and more tape wound around her macked body. Finally a rain hat was tied over her turned up collar and very nice she looks too. Elle is in a long pink mac has her arms pinioned in a black leather single arm glove behind her. Straps around her knee and a leather buckled gag fills her mouth. Then hooded with a changed leather mouth gag and more straps around her body increased her helplessness. Then with the arms glove now tied in front of her a leather head harness gag and collar is strapped onto her head and then after being sat onto the floor her arms are strapped down to her ankles. Helena is wearing a short see thru jacket and Hunter rubber riding boots and she has been tied into a chair in front of the mirror. Hooded and rubber gagged leaves her looking delightfully beautiful sitting in her ropes.

From Update


4th June

2 x HD Videos
Best in Red
7 mins 40 secs - 297 mb
Celeste & Shannon
Requests Completed
6 mins 50 secs - 266 mb
152 images
Alect loves Violet, he thinks she is gorgeous and always looks best in bright red rainwear and wonders if he can see more of this with her hooded and a head harness gag. The answer is, of course you can. In a long red mac and high heeled red boots he wrists have been bound behind her and she is hooded, ball gagged and rope collared by Helena. Then sat onto the floor and her legs bound across and behind her her gag is replaced with a large rubber inflatable ball gag attached to a red head harness. This does look lovely and does give Helena the chance to torment her friend by inflating the rubber gag to completely fill her mouth. Full rainwear and bondage out in the bright sun is what Lucy has asked to see more of. Now the weather is getting hooter there will be lots more coming over this summer and here is Shannon to be getting on with in a blue mac and wellies tied to a post in the garden on a very hot day. The hood was tied as tight as possible as was her ball gag and with her wearing her new sunglasses, she may got hot and uncomfortable but it was all well worth it. Simon says it has been a while since swim caps have featured and would love to see some more as he finds them a delicious accessory to rainwear bondage (or any bondage scene, come to that). Here we have Celeste tied out on the bed with her legs spread out to the bed posts. She is wearing a pink mac and pink wellies and has been very tightly tied with her arms tied behind her. Appearing hooded and ball gagged once the hood is pulled back you can see the pink swim cap she had to wear as well. Forcing her forward with the ropes makes sure you can get a much better view of her bondage and the swim cap.
Is always good to have a little variety in the galleries and that is just what we have here. First there is Isabelle barefooted in a long yellow see thru mac over her black lingerie. Tied with her arms behind her and her ankles crossed and tied the red ropes are tied off to an overhead hook, she is gagged with a huge red sponge gag strapped very tightly into her mouth. Then sat onto the floor one leg is tied up behind her and she is hooded and ring gagged. The other leg is then tied across the first to make sure she stays on the floor. Louise is in anew long nylon coat and has been tied with her hands in front of her and balled up in the long coat sleeves. Hooded and tape gagged she is then sat onto the straw bales and her legs ankles tied together. The mac looking especially delightful covered with water droplets out in the sun the hood was tightened down over her head leaving just her gagged mouth showing. Helena is wearing a single texture beige riding mac and has had her arms tape behind her. Gagged with a white scarf she is intent on showing her latest Hunter riding boots complete with spurs.

From Update


28th May

2 x HD Videos
Saying Hello
8 mins 45 secs - 274 mb
Rubber Cover
6 mins 15 secs - 231 mb
150 images
It looks like our new lady by the name of Louise may have a new passion in her life and that is bondage couple with the odd bit of rainwear, of course. These pics show her losing her bondage and her rainwear virginity. Very keen to come her after she found out what Imogen was up to and very keen to come again. First dressed in a long blue mac, she was sat onto the table and her arms and booted legs were tied apart. Ball gagged to match her mac, this lady looks quite stunning with her lingerie and bare legs showing under the mac. Then hooded and the mac pulled back even further it becomes very obvious that this lady is going to be very popular. Out in the garden she is in a red mac with a wet clear one over the top and has been bound with red rope and gagged with a red spotted scarf. Her ankles were the roped to stop her wandering off before she was bought down onto the grass where one leg was tied bent and tied back and her gag changed to a mouth filling ball gag on a bright red face plate. In a green Rukka mac she was sat onto the springs of the bed and taped into that position with her legs out in front of her. Hooded and tape gagged is how she ended up as she bounced about on the springs. Louise is coming back again which has to be a very good thing.
Three lovely ladies dressed and bound in the most appropriate way. Shannon is fully covered in rubber rainwear with a long very heavy mac and heavy black rubber buckled boots. Long rubber gloves pulled up over the sleeves of the rubber coat and her arms have been tied behind her, her ankles tied together and a rubber ball gag has been strapped into her mouth. The mac has been wet to make it shine and after Shannon has been tied into the chair a sou'wester has been tied around her head. Then retied standing with her legs spread and strapped apart and her gloved hands roped in front of her, her gag has been changed to a larger spiky rubber ball gag and the big collar turned up under the sou'wester to make sure she stays fully covered in rubber. It was a cold day earlier in the year and Siren was in a big padded coat to keep her warm with a clear mac over the top, her arms have been taped to her sides and she is double hooded with a big bit gag in her mouth, the colour matching the padded coat. A hot day but Angel has been dressed in a shiny hooded plastic mac and shiny boots. Her wrists and elbows tied behind her and she is ball gagged. Hooded and laid down onto the floor she ends up hogtied on the grass and does end up showing off her lingerie as she rolls around trying to escape from her ropes.

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