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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
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From Update
23rd October

2 x HD Videos
Kitty in Red & Blue
9 mins 55 secs - 373 mb
Elle in Pink Love
7 mins 45 secs - 290 mb
142 images
The bondage loving Kitty is back for more and starts with many bright colours. In a 1960's coloured flowered 'pop art' mac and yellow wellies she was tied with her wrist bound to the beam behind her and her ankles were crossed and tied together. A yellow ball gag follows and more rope around her body and knees. Her hands her bound just far enough apart so she could not reach her ball gag and just to make sure rope was tied around her upturned collar and to the beam so she could not move her head at all. Tied onto the dining room table with her hands bound into her lap but the mac pulled back to show off her bare legs and red wellies. Rubber ball gagged and then hooded left her drooling from her gag, which she always does so well, and finally the hood was tightened down over her eyes as tight as it would go. Then it was a semi transparent blue striped mac and very high heeled shoes for her. Roped and head harness gagged before she was laid down onto the floor and hog tied, something she enjoys more than anything else and she does always look so good as she struggles and moans.
Its a pink haired lady in pink and a dark haired lady in black and very lovely they look too. A topless pink haired Elle is dressed in a short see thru pink rain jacket and pink wellies. Her arms have been roped to her sides with her wrists tied to her thighs. Hooded and pink ball gagged with a rope around her neck to the knob on the wall provides a lovely view of her and her bondage. After her legs have been tightly roped as well along comes Helena to drape and button a pink edged clear mac over her shoulders. After this has been secured, pink rope is tied around her body and she laid down onto the floor where she has to remain. Sassie is in a black trench coat and tied into a revolving chair. Her body is tightly roped and her knees also bound but with the mac open you get a lovely view of her legs and high heels. Then with her hair tucked into the macs collar she is ball gagged and her heeled ankles are bound together, this just means the sight of her gets better and better.

From Update
16th October

2 x HD Videos
Luci in Lovely Layers
9 mins 30 secs - 354 mb
Kitty & Fay in Very Accepting
10 mins 45 secs - 401 mb
163 images
Ladies in lots of layers of macs as well as their bondage is when the scene becomes even more delightful to see. Here first is Luci in a yellow rain suit, wellies and two long clear macs over her suit. The clear macs are already wet so they steam up after she has been taped into her macs. Her arms taped behind her by Helena who then double hoods her and tape gags her as well as taping her legs and ankles. Then comes the third hood and more tape around her head and gag. The water hose is then draped around her and turned on so Luci's macs get another soaking before being laid down onto the floor and left to roll around under Helena's boots. Both Kitty and Fay are always very accepting with their bondage and their rainwear so dressing them in many layers is easy as they will never object to something like this. Kitty is wearing a red work suit and heavy red toed wellies and a wet see thru black mac and then a wet clear one put on her backwards and buttoned up by Helena. Kitty is ball gagged while she is dressed like this and with the addition of a thin plastic cagoule pulled down over her head. She is then sat into the chair and cellotaped to it with lots of layers of tight cellotape. The hood of the clear mac is then pulled up over her face leaving her in her own rainwear covered world. Fay has been tied to a tree with her arms and ankles pulled and bound around the tree. She is wearing a long red mac, a white spotted mac, a see thru purple one, backwards and another purple one for good measure. Double hooded and ball gagged which has a breathing tube attached before all the macs are done up around her and one purple hood is pulled up over her face while the hood of the top mac is then tightly tied off around her head. This leaves just her breathing tube poking though this rainwear sealed lovely, all so very beautiful to see.
Two more ladies tied up and gagged in their rainwear. Rosa is in a blue mac and blue wellies and her lovely bare legs on show after she had been bound. First she had her arms tied behind her and then after being ball gagged over the macs hood she was anchored to the gate by rope around her neck. It was then that the mac was pulled up and hitched into the ropes to put her bare booted legs on display. The beautiful blonde Siren is a gas mask lover as well as a pvc lover so it is always good when the two come together. Tied up in a red se thru long mac and high heels she was first hooded and rubber ball gagged and then her heels changed out for red wellies. Rope around her knees to prevent her getting away and then a red edged gas mask after her gag had been changed to under under her hood. With the hood tied tightly around her gas mask she really was quite happy and content in her bondage.

From Update
9th October

2 x HD Videos
Kitty in Clear Two See
5 mins 55 secs - 222 mb
Ammalia in Double the Fun
6 mins 20 secs - 235 mb
159 images
Clear macs worn over the top of other macs is always to see as both layers can be seen and always seem to mean that the ladies are tied even tighter. Ammalia loves the mac collection so having her in bondage in a blue mac with a clear one over the top in front of the macs and boots was very welcome to her. Also in blue wellies and blue rubber gloves she was tightly wrapped in silver gaffer tape with her arms taped down to the front of her body. Her mouth was filled with a huge blue sponge gag which was strapped into position and both hoods tied around her head. With more tape around her hands so she could not reach her gag the clear macs hood was tied down over her eyes after she had been laid down on the floor where she continued to struggle and make lots of lovely loud noises from behind her gag. Elyssia is wearing a see thru yellow trouser suit with a clear spotted mac over the top. On her arms are long heavy duty black rubber gloves which have been tied down the sides of her body. Ball gagged over the yellow hood and the spotted one tied over the tope she was further secured with lots of tape around her already bound body and her finally her ball gag. Kitty is wearing only a pair of see thru trousers and two cleat macs over her topless body. Her feet have been taped up inside the trouser legs and she has been bound sitting on a table with her arms and legs spread apart and bound. Double hooded and ball gagged left her stuck in her bondage but providing a lovely sight to look at. Then with her hands and legs bound together she had to have her plug gag taped over to prevent her from pushing the plug out with her tongue.
Two helpless beauties in their rainwear, tied up and gagged as part of this weeks entertainment. Ivory is in a long blue mac and blue Hunter wellies and seated on a stool. Her arms have been roped behind her and her legs and ankles tied together. A big rubber ball gag follows as does the hood on the mac and finally her legs tied back against the stool and lots of gaffer tape over her rubber gag. The final touch was a rope from her ankles to around her neck forcing her to stay bent forward as you can never have too much to limit her movements. Mysteria is tightly roped into her shiny black pvc mac with her hands tied in front of her but out of sight in the macs very long sleeves. Rope running under her shoulders to a hook above her stops her from falling over as she struggles and then addition of more rope the macs hood and a scarf gag tied off around the ropes going above her leaves her totally helpless and a very delightful sight at the same time.

From Update
2nd October

2 x HD Videos
Drew & Ammalia in Green is Good
9 mins 0 secs - 335 mb
Betty in Love in Pink
7 mins 10 secs - 269 mb
167 images
A ripped nylon jacket torn up into strips to secure Drew to the chair did seem like a good idea as giving the jacket a second life by recycling has to be good practice. I know Roger F will think so as well as Peter S. Drew is wearing a green nylon suit and after being tied into the chair she is gagged with a red leather gag which is the covered with a pink nylon strip and then her eyes receive the same treatment, which then does give a very delightful bondage scene for nylon lovers. Ammalia is wearing a long green mac, black waders and a green rubber swim hat, tightly strapped under her chin. She has been bound to the desk on which she is sitting with her ankles tied to the legs of the desk so when her mac is pulled back it gives a lovely view of her waders. Gagged with a very large green sponge ball gag she can do little else than look gorgeous and make lots of noise from behind her gag. With her gag being swapped a black rubber one, the green one was retied around her neck which was tied to the beam behind her neck so she had to keep her head up. Finally a black swim cap was strapped over her mouth and nose so her breathing kept it inflated. All of this will please Alastair and our new swim hat lover Louis. We have lots and lots of rubber rainwear fans so this is for all of you. Blossom is tied up in a short black rubber mac, black rubber riding boots, long black rubber gloves and a black rubber sou'wester. She has been bound with her hands in front of her and gagged with a large black rubber ball gag. In her hands is a water hose which she uses while in her bondage to spray herself with water. Water on black rubber always looks very exciting and having Blossom do this to herself while tied up and gagged has to be a wonderful sight.
Betty in pink and Anita in blue, both of them laying around in their bonds. Betty and Helena are both dressed in pink macs and boots with Betty tied up, hooded and ball gagged. The very tight ropes are holding her arms behind her back before she was sat onto the floor and one leg tied back to make sure she was not going to be able to get up again. She was then rolled over onto her tummy and Helena tied her other booted foot up behind her as well leaving her in a lovely hogtie. She was then rolled from on her stomach to on her side where she ends up with her head cradled in Helena's lap. With her rolled back into her hogtie Helena holds her still with her boot on Betty's head. Anita is tied up on the sofa in her blue mac and wellies. Her hands are tied in front of her and her bound ankles tied up her wrists. After being ball gagged a long scarf was tied around her balled up hands to make sure she not interfere with her ball gag as that is not allowed.

From Update
25th September

2 x HD Videos
Luci in Keeping Calm
6 mins 50 secs - 255 mb
Buffy in In the Pink
4 mins 40 secs - 175 mb
158 images
The dark haired beauty Luci is back for a little more bondage time, and very nice she looks too. Wearing a short red work jacket and red wellies and little else she had her wrists tied behind her, was hooded and ball gagged and then had her arms pulled up and tied behind her forcing her forward. She always keeps very calm while being tied up and readily accepts all that happens to her. Now showing off her bare legs and bottom it is easy to see why she was tied like this. With her arms lowered and ankles tied together, a crotch rope and rope around her neck, she was gagged with a much larger red ball gag by Helena which now meant she was unable to move around again. In a patterned summer dress, patterned wellies had to be the preferred accessory as well as the clear hooded mac, with her bound to the end of the bed with her legs tied apart, hooded and rubber gagged there was little she could do apart from plead from behind her gag and even that then became a lot more difficult after gaffer tape had been wound over her gagged mouth. A long shiny red mac and red wellies and rope around her torso holding her arms behind her and a black rubber gag to silence her did mean she could pose around a little and show off her legs beneath her mac. This was stopped with lots more rope around her body and legs after the mac had been wrapped around her but left open so her boots could be seen. The final touch being a red spotted rain bonnet which complimented her red leather gag perfectly.
Well dressed ladies all looking very cute, helpless and silent, just as they should be when they appear here. Shannon is bound to a chair in her riding coat and black and white star wellies. Her arms are tied behind the back of the chair and her legs and ankles tightly bound together. A big rubber ball gag came next and then the hood of her riding coat after the addition of a lot more rope to keep her as tight to the chair as possible. Buffy had her body roped over her long pink shiny mac and her arms tied out along the beam. Her ankles are also crossed and tied and she is gagged with a pink cleave gag. The hood was then pulled up over her head and then all the way down over her eyes with a long pink scarf tied over the lower half of her face leaving only her nose showing through her bondage. With Blossom in a yellow retro high collared and tightly belted retro mac her wrists were tied down to the rings on her big heavy boots which were also tied off to the wall. Scarf gagged and a rope around her neck to hold her head up does leave her looking quite delightful.

From Update
18th September

2 x HD Videos
Celeste in Black is Good
6 mins 20 secs - 236 mb
Ammalia in Bondage Peril
6 mins 05 secs - 228 mb
137 images
More of Celeste has to be a good thing so here she is dressed to please and tightly bound and gagged. In a white pvc jacket and black Century waders she had her arms bound behind her and was hooded and gas masked. One of her booted legs was then tied up to the beam as high as her head shows just how delightful she looks in bondage and how good waders are when part of it. Then in a long shiny red mac and red Hunter wellies she was laced into a black leather single arm glove and was gagged with a red leather head harness gag with a rubber inflatable ball, which was inflated to fill her whole mouth. She was then bent over and her bound arms tied up above her head forcing her to stay bent over. To make sure she stayed like this a rope was attached from her neck to one ankle so the only way she could pull herself a little was to bring that foot off the floor and hobble on the other. Then outdoors she is wearing a long semi transparent black mac and black Hunter wellies, her arms have been bound behind her and she is rubber ball gagged. Her arms are then tied to the tree to keep her there. With her rubber gag retied over her hood she first has one foot tied up behind her and later the other leg tied out along the metal fence. She is finally forced to bend over again with a rope from her neck to her ankles just because she can handle this so well and looks so good in this position of course.
With the lovely Ammalia do not be surprised that you will be seeing lots more of her for very obvious reasons. She loves the the rainwear collection and has loved bondage for a very long time so the two together on such a beauty is lovely to see. Here is s shiny long yellow Rukka mac and spotted wellies she first had her upper body bound with her arms behind her and was then hooded and yellow ball gagged. She was then forced down across the stool and tied into a stringent hogtie with her ankles crossed. Her gag was then swapped for an even larger yellow ball gag and her head was pulled back by a rope from her gag strap. Helena then had the chance to pull up on the ropes forcing her to stretch backwards even more. With Sassie in a short red mac and red wellies she was tied down onto the bed with her arms and legs spread out. Her mouth was taped shut with more tape being added by Helena who then brings up the large hood over her head and tapes it down over her eyes. Now totally helpless, silent and sightless she willingly accepts her bondage.

From Update
11th September

2 x HD Videos
Elyssia in Bright & Beautiful
5 mins 25 secs - 201 mb
Jodie & Ammalia in Hogtie Delight
5 mins 45 secs - 215 mb
164 images
Waders are always welcome by many including John B, John K and Soeren who who love to see the ladies bound and gagged in rainwear and waders. To go with the yellow tipped waders it had to be a yellow rain jacket for Elyssia who was sat onto a desk and had her arms tied out along the beam. Her booted legs were also spread and bound leaving her very tightly spread out so everything could be seen. Hooded and ball gagged before her gag was heavily taped over with black gaffer tape leaving her very brightly coloured and looking very beautiful. 'The best thing by far is a female in rainwear and hogtied' so says Christian so something even better than that has to be two ladies hogtied in rainwear. Jodie was tied into her long clear mac over her topless body before being hogtied across the desk. First her booted feet were tied up to the beam and her head was tightly hooded and she was gagged with a large black rubber ball gag, strapped as tight as possible. More rope from her shoulders to her ankles forced her to bend backwards making the image even more beautiful. Ammalia was hogtied into her red riding mac across the table. Again rope from her ankles to the ropes around her body kept her in a very strict hogtie enhanced by the large red ball gag in her mouth. For JoJo it is seeing the ladies in white rainwear bondage that he likes best of all. So here is Syrah Lee in a long white jacket, white rubber gloves and white wellies tied with her hands in front of her. She is gagged with white tape which is covered over with more white tape after her hood has been done up over her head To stop her reaching down to her gag the hood draw strings were tied off to an overhead hook so the more she struggled the tighter the hood became.
Celeste is wearing a retro black mac which closes with a white zip. Her arms have been taped out along a pole and her ankles crossed and taped together. Then gagged with white tape, a rain bonnet was tied over her head which was finally pulled down over her eyes and taped into position. Then the large collar on the mac was turned up leaving just her wide pleading eyes showing through her bondage. Drew is wearing a new long red see thru trench coat and her her arms tied out along the beam and one foot tied up onto the lower beam leaving her hobbling on one foot. The gagged with a large red ball gag with a black buckled face plate before her mac was undone to show off her lovely body, all of which she could do nothing about. Then a few pics of a very tightly roped Bella in a black hooded mac and gas mask with a few more of Mallory tied up in her red riding coat and black rubber hooded gas mask, the gas masks adding to the lovely sight of these ladies in bondage.

From Update
4th September

2 x HD Videos
Blossom in No Stopping Her
7 mins 30 secs - 281 mb
Mysteria in Nylon Trouble
8 mins 0 secs - 298 mb
154 images
There is no stopping Blossom when it comes to being tied up and gagged and who would want to stop her? In a red plastic mac and shiny red wellies she was tied as tight as possible with her elbows and wrists together behind her. The rope from her bound elbows tied off to an over head beam. A large bit gag in her mouth and rope down to her knees and she was left to try and wriggle her way out of her bonds. Then hooded with a lots of rope around her neck left her doing something else that she cannot stop, and that is drooling from her gags. Re tied with her arms bound in front of her and her gag re applied over her hood, she was blindfolded as she continued to struggle and drool. In a long pink mac her hands were balled up and taped inside the mac sleeves with thin white tape. Even though she could reach her gagged mouth there was nothing she could do about the first layer of tape sealing her mouth shut. Then came lots more white tape holding her tight against the post before particular attention was paid to her head, which after being hooded had tape wrapped around her head in several directions making the most delightful pattern. Of course her gag was covered with more tape leaving just her nose showing through. Then it was back into the red wellies which she loves so much with a red Rukka mac and being tied up on the floor with her wrist tied down to her ankles. A mouth filling red leather gag applied by Helena silenced her very nicely after which she laid herself down obviously because she wanted a rest!
Taped and sealed up ladies being very well looked after while they are tied up and gagged in their rainwear. Mysteria was dressed in a nylon jacket and spotted wellies before being tape bound with her arms behind her. Then very securely tape gagged and hooded by Helena she was sat onto a small chair and then taped to it with more silver gaffer tape and a lot more around her hooded and gagged head. Helena then removes her nylon jacket and drapes it around Mysteria before applying more tape to secure that jacket to her as well. For Violet it was a yellow rain work jacket and yellow wellies, she had her arms cellotaped in front of her and her ankles crossed and also taped. Tape gagged and hooded came next before more cellotape over her gag and fixed around the metal fence supports while achieved two things, it made a much more secure gag fro her and it helped to stop her toppling over.

From Update

2 x HD Videos
Elle & Elyssia in Looking Good
10 mins 40 secs - 398 mb
Drew in Put to Bed
6 mins 25 secs - 240 mb
145 images
If you love the ladies to look glamorous in rainwear bondage it must be time to get out the clear and transparent macs, over lingerie or nearly naked bodies the effect can only be described as stunning as they struggle in their ropes. A lingerie clad Elyssia is wearing a glass clear one piece rain suit with a clear trench coat over the top and white wellies. Her arms have been roped out along the beam behind her shoulders and her knees tied together. Hooded and then rubber ball gagged before her ankles were heavily bound, the trench coat fully buttoned and the collar turned up. Elle was tied up sitting on the wooden chest while she was wearing a see thru red short trench coat and big heavy wellies and nothing else apart from a pair of tiny panties. After being tied up and gagged with a huge red sponge gag she did manage to kick off her big heavy boots which resulted in her ankles then being tied and then mac was undone and pulled back to show off her lovely breasts. The boots were then forced onto her arms which were then tied close to the sides of her body and rope was wound around her neck to help keep her still. Anita loves the colour red which is easy to se so to go with that. a red edged clear mac and bright red wellies over her red lingerie looked just perfect. She then looked more perfect after she had been tied to the stepladder behind her and better still when she had been hooded and gagged with a large red bit gag.
Three more bound and gagged beauties for your approval. Tabby is very girly and loves pink so a hooded pink mac and pink striped wellies were hers while she was taped up and left to roll around on the sofa. Thin black tape binding her arms behind her and emphasising her breasts and her ankles crossed and taped done the job very nicely. A taped mouth for her had to be added to complete her bondage. Drew had to be put to bed in rainwear so in a bright shiny red hooded mac she first had her arms roped across her back. She was then ball gagged with a gag to match her mac and hooded by Helena and with lots more rope around her body she was laid back onto the bed. To keep her there rope from her knees to around her neck made sure she would not be getting up anytime soon. Bella was tied up in her green Rukka mac and navy wellies, hooded and gagged as she should be and then sat onto the table with her feet crossed and bound in front of her. The ropes binding her were then tied off to a beam above her and her hood drawstrings tied off around this rope so if she moved the hood tightened around her head.

From Update
21st August

2 x HD Videos
Ammalia in Showing a Leg
5 mins 35 secs - 207 mb
Blossom in Capped & Silenced
9 mins 30 secs - 355 mb
199 images
Tim E says he has fallen in love with Ammalia, he thinks she is the most gorgeous lady we have ever had on the site. Here is a man who has very good taste. He says he prefers heels to wellies and would love to see a stocking and heeled Ammalia in a short jacket very tightly tied and gagged. We have for you Ammalia in said jacket and with one leg tied up to the beam so you can see her legs, stockings and heels more easily. Hooded and ball gagged with rope around her neck and a crotch rope there could not be many better ways to show her off. After having her ankles crossed and tied together her gag was also covered with a scarf as a little extra to the gag is always a good idea when you have a noisy lady. Laurent sent us some John Willie pics of a lady in a swim hat and then having her head being heavily tape gagged as well and has asked us to emulate this so here is Blossom in a long black mac tied into a sitting position on a table and first being scarf gagged with tape tied around her scarf to stop her pushing out the gag. Then comes the white swim hat and lots of white tape wound tight around her gag and over her head silencing her very effectively. It is often the little things that make all the difference to these pics and for William S who has asked to see a lady in nylon rainwear spread out between two trees is that she is bare footed, so that is what Kitty had to put up with.. With arms and ankles spread out and a head harness ball gag in her mouth she only thing she could do was kick her bare feet into the air. Then after having one of her ankles tied up over the other leg she was left to hobble on one foot with the added delight of having her bare foot on display.
Today, first is Violet in a blue Rukka mac tied up on the bed with her booted ankles spread out. Her arms are tied behind her and she is wearing the macs hood and a mouth filling leather gag. A topless Buffy is tied up in the corner, she is wearing a hooded glass clear mac over her shorts and bare legs with her arms down by her sides and her legs apart and of course a large rubber ball gag to help keep her quiet. The tight ropes holding her arms close to her body which made her struggling a lost cause. Siren was tightly taped into her hooded metallic mac and shiny red wellies. Tape down the length of her body with her arms behind her immobilised her body and her rubber gag first had a scarf tied over it and then shiny red wide tape over that so her gag matched her boots and gloves. Co-ordinating the girls bondage with the outfit is always a good idea.
Everything that is done here is done for the love of our particular type of bondage. So with Anita in a very long clear mac with her arms roped behind her or Fay with her arms spread out while in a long navy mac and Kitty in the same mac but with wrists bound and a ball gag being worn over the hood it is easy to see why so many loves these ladies. Then there is Shannon being released from her multi mac bondage, Sassie's till gagged but removing her ropes first, Syrah Lee being untied and a wide eyed Blossom in a very long yellow mac but still heavily tape gagged as all good things must come to an end sometime.

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