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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
The galleries move through the site at various speeds, but will be available for a minimum of five weeks after they first appear.

10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update


19th November

2 x HD Videos
Always Good
11 mins 35 secs - 448 mb
Ropes & Bonnets
6 mins 55 sces - 267 mb
144 images
It is always good to see Shannon tied up and when she was told that she made a wonderful bondage model, her rely was 'I am always good' cannot argue with that. Tied up outdoors in a red riding coat and chest waders as it was raining a little, more would have been better, her arms were taped behind her and she was rubber gagged and a sou'wester added. Her ankles were then taped to the poles spreading her legs and the coat was opened to show off her chest high rubber waders. Her gag was also changed to a much larger rubber dildo gag which adds a delightful touch to her predicament. Sat and tied into a chair while wearing a glass clear rain suit, red wellies, red rubber gloves, knickers and nothing else. Tied in place with red rope and then with a red ball gag in her mouth strapped over her hood Helena then secures her head to the back of the chair with lots more red tape. In a blue nylon rain suit, navy wellies and long black rubber gloves Shannon had her arms taped and roped down by her sides while she was sitting on a high stool. Then hooded and heavily tape gagged she had no option but to put up with her bound limbs and taped up mouth.
This time we have Violet in a red knee length mac and red wellies. Her arms have been tightly taped in front of her and her ankles taped together. She is standing in the corner and is soon tape gagged and the big hood is pulled up and draped over her head. More black tape is then tied around her head, hood and eyes making a very secure blindfold for her. Lily in heavy rubber has her arms roped behind her and is gagged with a large spiky bit gag making her drool down her chin. Helena is there to then fit a rubber hooded gas mask over her head and gag which silences her moaning and adds a delightful touch at the same time. Ammalia has been tied into a chair with her arms behind her. She is wearing a green retro trench coat and is then gagged with a ball gag. A rain bonnet is then tied onto her head and then another over her gag. A second one on her head and finally another over her gag leaving her in a combination of ropes and bonnets bondage.

From Update


12th November

2 x HD Videos
Siren, Lavinia, Lily
Your Requests
12 mins 05 secs - 469 mb
Kitty & Celeste
Inside Out
8 mins 50 secs - 341 mb
131 images
Having the ladies hanging around is something that we have a done a few times before and Harald found them so appealing that he has asked to see more. Here is Siren hanging from her strapped arms while wearing a wet pink and a wet clear mac and a red ball gag. She ends up double hooded with the top hood tied down over her face as she kicks and swings her legs in the air Both Mark and Simon T love clear macs and rainwear best of all and both prefer the ladies to be topless in which case Lavinia is always a very good choice. Tied sitting on a table with her arms and body very tightly roped to the post behind her, her booted legs are tied out to the corners of the table. She is ball gagged and Helena slowly zips up her hood until her head is sealed behind a layer of clear plastic, something which Simon has also asked to see. Helena tapes her hood in position and then steps back to admire this beauty as she continues her futile struggles. We are never short of rubber requests so here is Lily-Ana tied up in heavy rubber on a high stool for all rubber fans and for Adrian who has suggested we use a full head rubber hood, so that is just what we have done. The hood has been tightly laced onto Lily and a large rubber bit gag has been strapped in her mouth. She loved the heavy coat and hood so it looks like she may end up like this again in the very near future.
Another week has gone by already and here is Kitty taped up in nylon and a double macked Celeste trying to pull the tree down. Kitty is wearing a green nylon suit and has had her arms cellotaped behind her. She is surrounded by much of the nylon collection and before long her legs have been taped together and she is hooded and rubber ball gagged. Now as she struggles, drool from her runs down her, something which is always delightful to see as she cannot stop it happening, even after she has been laid down onto the nylon jackets. Celeste is out in the garden in a long navy mac with a long clear one over the top. She has had her wrists tied behind her and to the tree and she is rubber gagged over the navy hood. She tries to get away by pulling on the tree in the hope it might pull over, which is doesn't. With the clear mac done up and and now double hooded with her ankles tied together she is bent forward and the rope around her neck is tied to her ankles so she has to stay bent forward and hanging from her tied wrists.

From Update


5th November

2 x HD Videos
Such a Struggle
8 mins 20 secs - 323 mb
Drew & Shannon
Red Tape Problems
9 mins 30 secs - 368 mb
142 images
There are many beautiful words that can describe such a beautiful lady which I am sure you need no help in finding. When she is dressed as you see here and she is tied up and gagged her beauty leaps into orbit. Wearing only the tiniest panties, a long clear mac and black rubber boots and gloves, she has had her arms secured behind her and a rubber gag tied into her mouth. She is the hooded and the gag retied over the hood and around the rope behind her head. Then laid onto the floor one leg is tied up in the air as high as possible leaving her legs wide open as she struggles and rolls around on the floor providing a very delightful sight. The dressed in a blue plastic trench coat and blue wellies she is tied up outdoors and with a rain bonnet and blue ball added to her ensemble. Hiding her behind the tree out of view of the passing cars was best done by sitting her on the ground and crossing and tying her ankles so she could not stand up. A very wet red Rukka mac with a very wet glass clear one over the top and there she is left to wander around the garden with her arms tied behind her, double hooded and ball gagged.
An almost naked Drew has been taped into a red see thru mac, her arms taped behind her and the tape is down as far as her knees. A similar dressed Helena sits her down on the sofa and then changes her red ball gag for a larger one with a wide face plate. She then tapes Drew's ankles together and hoods her before tying the hood drawstrings of her hood to the tape around her knees and laying her down on the sofa. Shannon is wearing a red Rukka mac and had her arms cellotaped in front of her as tight as possible. Hooded and with a red leather gag in her mouth, more tape is applied to secure her to the tree including around her gag and hood which also secures her head to the tree leaving her with no movement possible except for her fingers. Ivory is sitting on a chest while wearing a green disposable mac and white wellies. Her body and arms have been gaffer taped and she is hooded and ball gagged for good measure. With her booted feet very tightly taped she has no chance of removing herself from the chest.

From Update


29th October

2 x HD Videos
Violet & Ivory
Better Wet
8 mins 05 secs - 313 mb
Imogen & Lily
Trying to Cope
6 mins 10 secs - 236 mb
155 images
All rainwear looks so much better when it is soaking wet or when water is dripping or running off it, doesn't it? One good way of doing this is to have the ladies wear a wet clear mac over a wet coloured one and as they steam up as well they look even better. Violet is wearing a wet clear one over a wet blue mac and has had her arms strapped out along the board and her legs spread and tied to the corners of the table on which she is sitting. Her rain trousers have been tucked into her purple wellies. After being hooded she is gagged with a large metal spider ring gag and then the clear hood is pulled up and tied tight leaving her to struggle and moan in a very lovely way. Ivory is wearing a soaking wet single texture riding mac, which is fully buttoned and tightly belted. Her arms have been tied tightly behind her with ropes above and below her chest. Helena is there to ball gag and then lead her over to the tree to which she is soon tied. A scarf to cover her ball gag to stop her attracting the neighbours attention is quickly applied. Celeste is in wet black rainwear with a long clear wet mac over the top. With her arms bound behind her and tied into a kneeling position with a rubber ball gag in her mouth, she ends up laying on the floor double wet hooded and then into a hogtie where she looks even better.
Two ladies trying to cope with their bondage in their own way and both doing a lovely job as they struggle and squirm in their ropes, but all to no avail, of course. Imogen is wearing a blue semi see thru mac and blue wellies, her arms have been tied behind her and a huge blue sponge ball has been strapped into her mouth over the macs hood forcing her mouth as wide open as possible. Then laid down across the table she is bound into a lovely hogtie and Helena is there to make sure this beauty stays just like this. Lily-Ana is wearing a short shiny leopard print rain jacket and blue Hunter wellies. Her wrists and ankles are tied together and she is cleave gagged with a blue scarf. Her bound wrists are then pulled up behind her and tied to the beam forcing her to stay bent right over. Then hooded and a long pink scarf is tied over her gag before a rope is tied from around her neck to her ankles so now all she can do is hang off her bound wrists. Then it is a red gas masked Helena and pink gas masked Siren, added in each case to their bondage as this little extra is always worth doing.

From Update


22nd October

2 x HD Videos
Second Coming
11 mins 40 secs - 451 mb
Violet & Ivory
Difficult Times
8 mins 40 secs - 336 mb
145 images
Louise's second coming and second appearance is an absolute delight to see. This beautiful blonde is so happy in her bondage that her lovely smile seems to show through no matter how she is tied up and gagged. In a long pink mac and high heels she has had her arms tied behind her and with tight ropes above and below her breasts which makes them stand out even more, not that they need any help. After having her ankles crossed and tied Helena then pink ball gags and tightly hoods her before sitting her down on the floor, then laying her down she undoes the bottom of the mac so Louise's legs are on show as she tries to find release from her bonds. Out in the garden she is wearing a short rubber coat, gloves and riding boots. Her arms have been tied in front of her and the ropes are tied back to the tree behind her. Rubber gagged and then a black rubber sou'wester later she is sat onto the floor and one leg tied back behind her so she cannot get up again. Tied up against the wall while wearing a clear but white spotted mac and white Hunter wellies over her lingerie, her ankles have been tied apart and her arms bound in front of her. Then hooded and white bit gagged a crotch rope was added so she could not pull up her hands to reach her gag. Her third and later comings are going to be just as wonderful as this is.
Ivory in a yellow Rukka and Violet in a lined warm long rising mac, both being bound and helpless, a difficult time for them but a delightful time for everybody else. Ivory has been tied with her arms behind her and sitting on a desk. Her yellow tipped wader covered legs have been tied as far apart as possible and she is soon yellow ball gagged and hooded. The yellow mac has been pulled back to show off all the waders and Ivory is then bent to one side with a rope around her neck holding her head down close to her knee. This making her time here a lot more difficult and uncomfortable. Ivory was more than happy to wear this riding mac as it was a cold day and this did help to warm her up. Tightly roped arms and body and scarf gagged with the rope from her tied elbows tied off to an overhead hook meant she was going to stay in the corner and she willingly accepted the long white scarf tied over her gag and hood leaving only her eyes exposed as she rotated in her bonds.

From Update


15th October

2 x HD Videos
In Good Hands
9 mins 05 secs - 348 mb
Bella & Louise
Under Control
7 mins 45 secs - 298 mb
157 images
It has been a while since Fay has been around but happily she is back again for another dose of rainwear and bondage. In a retro beige rubberised flared mac and pink wellies, she had had her arms tightly roped behind her with her elbows tied together as close as possible. A little more rope, her ankles tied together and a scarf gag keeps her in her place and then along comes Helena to hood her and wrap a very long scarf over her gagged mouth. She is then sat onto the floor and then was laid down so she could struggle and roll around on the floor. A red Rukka mac and red Hunter wellies and Fay is tied across a desk on her stomach and her ankles and wrists tied to an overhead beam making a very effective hogtie for this beauty. A red macked Helena turns up with a red ball gag for Fay which she straps into place after hooding her. After trying to escape she finally gives up and flops with her head hanging down over the end of the desk. Outside Fay and Helena have been purple taped into their yellow Rukka macs with her arms taped behind them and tape around their knees. Both are hooded and purple tape gagged. Unsuccessful at trying to release each other they have their hood strings tied together making it so much more difficult for them to do anything at all. Fay is always welcome for another dose whenever she wishes.
Two ladies under very good control. Both of them very securely bound, gagged and helpless in their bonds. Louise is wearing a knee length patent black pvc rain mac and black and white wellies. Her arms have been roped behind her and very soon her ankles are crossed and bound and she is leather gagged. Then laid onto the table her bound ankles are pulled up behind her and tied to her chest ropes and her gag is changed to a rubber ball gag. Now hogtied on the table she is well and truly under control. Bella is wearing three clear macs and long black rubber gloves, she has been tied standing in the corner with her hands down by her sides tightly roped against her body. A very big red sponge gag has been strapped in her mouth forcing her to keep it open and she is double hooded. Another clear mac is then buttoned up around her backwards and the hood pulled up over her large gag, giving another example of a lady under control. Helena has been tied in a nylon suit with her booted legs bound to the stakes in the ground. Her rubber gloved hands have been tied in front of her and she has been gagged with a wide purple scarf. Around her neck is a gas mask which is soon pulled up over her face and then the nylon hood is pulled up over her head leaving her to stare wide from from behind the gas mask glass.

From Update


8th October

2 x HD Videos
A New Love
12 mins 25 secs - 479 mb
Elle & Celeste
Touch of White
8 mins 35 secs - 333 mb
161 images
This is Lily-Ana who has appeared briefly before and has now returned for her first solo gallery. She has taken to bondage and rainwear so willingly and is so happy to be here that she cannot stop smiling each time she is dressed and tied up. What more could be asked for from such a willing lovely lady? Wearing a long clear hooded mac over her lingerie she had her arms tied behind her and then roped down to her knees and a very large red ball gag strapped into her mouth. Then sat onto the edge of the bed she was tightly hooded and after she had rolled over onto the bed one bare leg was tied back to her wrists by her ankle. Then tied again sitting on the end of the bed but this time with the large ball gag strapped in place over her hood and then resting on Helena's lap. Tied into a chair in a bright red mac with her arms at her sides and her ankles spread but her knees tied together showing her bare legs and red rubber boots. A large red bit gag spreading her lips before Helena swaps her gag for a red leather one and then hoods her making it tighter and tighter as time passes. A long light green mac and green Hunter wellies came next with her wrists and elbows tied together behind her with thin cord she was ball gagged and left to stamp around in the mud for a while. Hooded and then rubber gagged by Helena she was led over to the tree and was roped to it by her waist rope. The hood strings were then also tied to the tree so she had to stay very close to it as the hood pulled together the more she struggled.
The weeks starts with the lovely topless Elle sitting on the floor in a clear white spotted mac and glitter wellies. Her arms have been bound behind the post and tight ropes around her body pronounce her huge breasts through the mac. With her legs tied out in front of her and a huge white rubber gag strapped in her mouth, Helena appears to hood her and check on her bonds. Then with the hood fully tightened down over her head and her knees tied up closer to her chest she does look quite amazing in her very tight bondage. Celeste has been sat on a table while wearing a white apron and white spotted mac. Also wearing white Hunter wellies, white rubber gloves and a white rubber swim cap she has been tightly roped with her hands tied into her lap and her booted feet tied together. Then white scarf gagged she has another white swim cap tied over her gagged mouth which is then cellotaped into place. Another swim cap is tied around her neck and the rope from it tied to an overhead hook to make sure she has to keep her head up and unable to reach her gag with her bound wrists. Violet is out at an old abandoned church in a tightly belted cotton trench coat and has been tied to one of the wide pillars with her arms pulled back around it. Rope binding her chest to the pillar and her ankles heavily bound with a tight scarf gag holding her head against the pillar leaves her beautifully helpless and wide eyed.

From Update


1st October

2 x HD Videos
Everything is Good
12 mins 20 secs - 478 mb
Lavinia & Anita
Arms Out
8 nins 35 secs - 332 mb
155 images
Everything is good about Kitty when it comes to rainwear bondage and everything is good with Kitty having a great time with it all, even when it comes to being covered in mud. Kitty was very happy to be playing around in the mud so being tied up in the mud just had to happen as well. Wearing a pink rain suit and clear mac and covered in mud her arms were roped in front of her and she was hooded and ball gagged. Tied down to her knees meant she could still climb back into the mud and then had to lie down in it, which did then mean she could not get up again. In beautiful lingerie, high heels and a long glass clear trench coat she was tied into a chair with her legs spread as wide as possible. Tightly rubber gagged she then had a matching rain hat pushed down onto her head and after a while a full head clear hood was zipped over her head before the hat was repositioned. The hood did steam up as she struggled and tried to keep her breathing to a minimum. In a long silver mac and black and white wellies she was hogtied along the table with her booted ankles tied back to her wrists. A metal ball gag in her mouth very soon made her drool over the carpet which is always ok. Eventually the hood was pulled up over her head making it very difficult for her to see what was happening around her.
Two ladies dressed in macs and tied with their arms stretched out and both of them helpless and tightly gagged of course. Lavinia is wearing a long shiny belted bright red mac and has been bound with her arms tied out to hooks in the wall and her ankles tied apart. Her body is roped and in her mouth is a very large red ball gag forcing her mouth wide open. Then hooded and another red ball gag tied this time over the hood and finally a white scarf tied over her lower face sealing her ball gag in place. Anita is in a clear long mac and silver wellies and her arms and legs have been tied apart but her knees tied together, all done with white bandages. This leaves her very helpless as she tries to escape and reach her thick white scarf gag and then along comes Helena to tie her arms further apart and pull up the macs hood to cover her head and eyes. Then with the mac opened to show off her lingerie the hood is tied even tighter until just her gagged mouth is all you can see. Then comes an almost naked Drew except for the red wellies, red rubber gloves and red rubber swim hat, her arms have been roped in front of her and a red ball gag is strapped in her mouth. Helena is there to look after her and admire her as we am sure many others will as well.

From Update


24th September

2 x HD Videos
Violet, Drew, Helena
Lovely Rubber
10 mins 30 secs - 407 mb
Betty & Shannon
Good Results
8 mins 15 secs - 300 mb
150 images
Rubber rainwear always looks lovely and even better when the lady wearing it is tied up and gagged. Violet is in a long rubber belted mac and black Hunter wellies and rubber gloves of course. Her arms have been tied behind her, the mac being a little muddy from her sitting in the mud earlier and very soon she is rubber bit gagged and her ankles are bound together then a sou'wester is tied onto her head. She then lays herself down on the bed and her tied ankles are tied back to her wrists to keep her on the bed as she rolls around and struggles with her ropes. Drew is outdoors in chest high black rubber waders being worn over a rubber jacket. She is also wearing black rubber gloves and sou'wester with a large rubber ball gag. More rope binds her body down to her knees and she ends up laying down on the grass kicking her wader covered legs about. Then comes Helena in heavy rubber coats, the first time is outdoors in black rubber wellies with red laces, red rubber gloves and her arms are bound behind her with red rope. A rope around her neck holds up the big collar on the coat and this is tied to a tree behind her. A rubber ball gag and sou'wester cover her head. The rope around her neck is then tied around her knees leaving her to hobble along the path and this time her ball gag is tied over the sou'wester to keep it in place. Then in another very heavy rubber coat she is chained into the corner with chains and handcuffs, the metal against the back rubber looking very appealing. Rubber ball gagged and then her collar strap is buckled and the big high collar turned up after more chains have been used to secure her body even further.
First this week here is the lovely dark haired Betty who has been dressed in waders and a short orange rain jacket and trousers. She has been bound to a post with very tight cellotape up in the attic surrounded my some of the mac collection. Then scarf gagged and the hood is pulled up over her head and then lots more tape binds her body tighter and closer to the post. Her bondage being completed by tape being being wound around her gagged mouth and head to ensure she stays tightly gagged as well. Then comes Shannon who is in a yellow cotton, lined hooded coat and yellow wellies, she has been tied very tightly sitting on a table with black and white rope binding her arms behind her and her ankles together and in her mouth is a thick yellow cotton cloth tied tight between her teeth. The hood is then tightened and buttoned around her head and she is laid onto her side on the table. Her knees are then tied up close to her chest and her ankles tied back to her wrists, then another yellow cloth tied around and over her already gagged mouth.

From Update


17th September

2 x HD Videos
Alexia & Imogen
As You Like
8 mins 05 secs - 313 mb
Louise, Buffy, Lavinia
Just Right
10 mins 55 secs - 421 mb
155 images
Here are two requests in one. For Rob in one of his riding macs here is Alexia neatly tied up and gagged with the mac fully buttoned and belted. For Sonny she is drooling copiously from her rubber gag with her saliva running down her chin and the front of the mac just as he likes to see. For Mister G it is shiny black plastic rainwear that he loves the best of all so with Imogen in a long shiny black mac her arms were roped in front of her and she was hooded and ball gagged as she hobbled down the path. Her hood was then replaced with a head covering helmet with had a strap on face plate to cover her ball gag and a strap on blindfold so her entire head was covered in shiny black plastic which meant her ankles did not need to be tied as she could not see where she was going. Bill T has asked to see more with the ladies tied in rainwear but with their legs uncovered as he finds the bare legs a very attractive sight. Lavinia struggled very hard in her pink mac and large ball gag and has her legs on show as she rolls around on the bed. She did some of the ropes loose but had to give up when she realised she was never going to escape.
Three ladies looking just right in their rainwear and bondage. Violet has been tied up sitting on the lawn, out in the sun wearing a long green mac with red wellies and gloves. Her hands have been tied under her knees and her mouth has been gagged with a red scarf. Then hooded with a rope around her neck holding her knees up close to her chest she ends up toppling over onto her side as she struggles with her ropes. Louise is wearing a long shiny red hooded mac and red wellies, her arms have been tied behind her and after being ball gagged and hooded she is tied up against the post with ropes, hood and gag all as tight as possible. Buffy, in a shiny beige mac has had her arms very tightly taped behind her and her mouth has been taped shut. Sat onto the table with her legs then taped as well she is hooded and more tape is wrapped around her gagged mouth and head.

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