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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

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From Update


23rd June

2 x HD Videos
Keeping it Tight
12 mins 40 secs - 489 mb
Jet & Lavinia
Standing Room Only
8 mins 10 secs - 314 mb


139 images

It's always nice to see Mallory tied as tight as possible as you can see. The tighter the better and the more helpless she is the better. In a long clear mac she has been secured to the wall with handcuffs and ankle cuffs. There is a tight chain around her waist and she is gagged with a large metal ring gag. She is then hooded with the hood pulled down over her eyes and a metal choke collar added to stop her reaching her gag. Tape is then wound around her eyes over the hood as an effective blindfold. A light blue plastic trench coat and light blue Hunter wellies and Mallory has had her arms bound behind her and a blue spiky ball gag strapped deep in her mouth. Her ankles are crossed and tied and her feet are bought up onto the trunk. The mac is then buttoned around her, the collar turned up and a blue spotted rain bonnet added. Finally a rope from her knees to her neck meant she had to keep her knees up close to her chest. Sat on the grass in a shiny red hooded Rukka style mac she has had her arms tied behind the back of the post and is ball gagged. Kicking her red rubber booted feet in the air as she struggles does not get her anywhere. Her gag is then re buckled up over her hood and her knees and ankles are bound together and then tied up close to her chest so she now cannot move at all. Success once again.
It's standing room only for these two rainwear clad beauties with their ropes making sure they stayed as required. Jet has been bound to a tree while wearing a bright red, shiny short retro rain jacket and red wellies, her arms have been tightly bound behind her, her knees tied together and she is ball gagged with a bright red ball. To keep her still a rope around her neck holds her head to the tree and one foot tied in the completes her helplessness very nicely. Lavinia is wearing a long clear hooded mac over her lingerie and having to totter on her high heels after her arms have been tied up in the air behind her and been ball gagged. Then stood upright and with her arms tied tight to her body her gag was retied over her tight fitting hood. She is then held in the upright position by rope around her neck and tied to an overhead hook.

From Update


16th June

2 x HD Videos
A Good Girl
9 mins 40 secs - 373 mb
Violet & Mallory
A Second Use
10 mins 10 secs - 392 mb


135 images

Siren is always a very good girl when she comes around. She never objects to anything that happens to her in fact she does nothing but encourage it. Dressed in a long white mac and white wellies she was hog tied across the metal tank with her boots tied up to the overhead beam. A white ball gag and her arms also tied up to the beam left her in suitable duress. With her arms lowered and tied back to her ankles her gag became a scarf cleave gag with was also tied back to her boots to make sure she kept her head up and back. In very pretty lingerie and high heeled shoes she had her arms bound down by her sides and her mouth taped shut. Neat rope covers her body and down her legs to her knees and she is then hooded and more tape applied to her mouth. Extra tape is then wrapped aground her head and gag just because the more tape that is used the better things are. Outdoors in a short blue nylon jacket and blue Hunter wellies she had her arms tied together in front of her and her hands up inside the jacket sleeves and the rope holding her extends down to her ankles. Then blue ball gagged and hooded she is left to see what she can do about escaping her bonds, the answer being nothing.
It is always good if you have an alternative or second use for certain items and in this case it is white swim caps and wellies. Violet, who is dressed in a clear trench coat over her lilac hooded mac has been taped into a chair with her hands enclosed in white swim caps as mittens. Helena is there to hood her and then use another rolled up swim cap as a gag which is tied between her teeth. This gag is then taped over with the same red tape that is holding her in her bondage. Mallory is wearing a green checked hooded mac and high heeled shoes. She has been roped into a chair with her arms tightly bound behind her, she is also gagged with a rubber ball gag. Her heels are then changed for green Hunter wellies and she is tightly hooded as well. A change of bondage then happens as her arms are tied down by her sides inside red wellies. Her arms are roped into these boots and her ball gag is now over the top of her hood. Another red wellie is then tied over her gagged mouth and around her head and no matter how hard she tried to shake it loose it did not happen.

From Update


9th June

2 x HD Videos
Looking Good
12 mins 30 secs - 483 mb
Ivory & Celeste
Double Trouble
8 mins 55 secs - 346 mb


145 images

Imogen always look good when she comes here, she does not need ropes and gags to keep her looking that way but has to be preferable when she is dressed in rainwear. In only knickers and stockings she added a clear pink edged mac and pink wellies after which she had her arms bound behind her and a pink ball gag strapped in her mouth. Then forced down onto the bed she was put into a stringent hogtie with her ropes tied off overhead to stop her wriggling off the bed. In a long shiny blue mac and her bare legs in a pair of light blue Hunter wellies, she again had her arms tied behind her and was hooded and rubber gagged by Helena. Then having her laying down on the metal tank one booted leg was tied up to the overhead beam forcing her legs apart. Helena then ties her other leg up close to her chest with a rope from her knee to around her neck. This left her very helpless indeed. In a long black mac with a clear one over the top she was tied with her rubber gloved arms tied back behind the tree and tight rope down the length of her body. Her black rubber booted ankles were pulled apart and tied into that position and she was double hooded and black rubber ball gagged. The final touch was rope to tied her knees in closer together.
Two ladies who have doubled up with their coats and have found themselves in a little bit of bondage trouble. It was a cold day and Ivory wanted something warm to wear, so a short silver padded coat with a fur collar and a long clear hooded mac over the top was just ideal. With silver glitter boots and silver rubber gloves she had her arms bound behind her and rope bound her body down to her knees and her ankles were tied together. In her mouth went a rubber ball gag after which she tried to escape her bonds but that meant she ended up on the floor in a hogtie with a rubber gag tied again into her mouth forcing her to keep her mouth open, but this time over the macs hood. Celeste is in a yellow rain suit with a yellow long mud stained mac over the top. Her hands have been taped into the sleeves of the rain suit jacket and rope secures the length of her body. Yellow ball gagged, double hooded and a rope collar securing her to the wall completed her bondage very nicely.

From Update


2nd June

2 x HD Videos
Lily & Celeste
All Over
10 mins 30 secs - 406 mb
Violet & Ivory
Lovely Ladies
10 mins 10 secs - 391 mb


174 images

So many seem to love the ladies in layers and it something that is always a delight to do. Helena has been taped onto a high stool while wearing a green hooded rain suit a black rain suit over that and then a clear jacket on top. Her hands have been taped into the sleeves of the inner green jacket, she has been gagged with a thick linen gag and double hooded. Her feet are then covered with shoe covers and a long clear mac is tied by the sleeves over her shoulders. This hood is then tightened down over her head so only her gagged mouth is on show. In nylon trousers and two nylon jackets lily has had her arms cellotaped down by her sides and it is not long before she is ball gagged and double hooded. After more tape around her body another light coloured nylon jacket is zipped up around her sealing her arms inside. This is then taped over as well and is now triple hooded. A thing blue se thru mac is then buttoned on her backwards more tape is wrapped around her body and the hood of this jacket is pulled up and taped over her face. She is now fully sealed in her layers as she rolls around on the grass. Celeste is in a clear rain suit with two clear macs over the top and she has had her arms tied behind her and she is hooded and ball gagged. Once both of these macs have been buttoned up around her more red rope is used to further bind her body. A full head covering clear hood is then zipped onto her head to seal her into her clear tight fitting layers.
Two lovely ladies dressed and tied up and gagged very securely. Violet is dressed in a long black shiny pvc mac and she has been tied into a chair with her arms and black gloved hands roped along the chair arms. Her legs have been tied together and she has been ball gagged with a large black ball. Then with the mac pulled up around her neck and held there with a rope collar. Her legs are tied off to a chair legs top stop her kicking her feet around and her ball gag is heavily taped over. Now she looks even better as she is so much more helpless. Ivory is wearing a long clear mac over her yellow dress, so yellow Hunter wellies had to be the natural choice to add to her outfit. She then had her arms tied up behind her forcing her to bend forward, her ankles were also tied together an she was yellow ball gagged. This simple bondage made her extremely helpless in a very short time. After being hooded by Helena she had her arms lowered and her body roped and was this ball gagged with a coloured ball over her hood. Feeling very happy with her predicament she willingly allowed Helena to tied a scarf over her gag and mouth and around the rope behind her holding her up.

From Update


26th May

2 x HD Videos
Alexia, Jet, Helena
Wading In
11 mins 50 secs - 457 mb
Lily & Mallory
A Silver Lining
9 mins 30 secs - 368 mb


167 images

Waders are very popular with so many people so more waders and bondage had to be on the menu. For Alexia it is rubber all the way. With her long heavy duty waders is a heavy black rubber mac and gloves for starters. Her arms have been stretched outwards and tied into that position and her legs spread with a spreader bar. Rubber gagged and rubber hooded before a sou'wester is added as well before her spread legs are tied back to the chair. Jet is in green waders to go with her long light green mac. Her wader covered ankles have been tied out to two metal stakes in the grass and she has her wrists roped at her back and she is hooded and ball gagged. Helena then peels back the mac and tucks it into the ropes around her waist to make sure her waders stay in view. Helena has on a short bright pvc jacket and long black rubber Hunter waders. With her arms roped and the jacket folded back to show off the wader tops she looks absolutely delightful as she moves around the lawn. Then sitting on the palette and tied to the post behind her her waders are tied at the knees so she can kick her legs around. That stopped when her legs were bought together and tightly roped that way.
A silver lining for these two ladies means that Lily-Ana is dressed in silver and mallory is taped up in silver gaffer tape. For Lily it is a long silver hooded mac and pink spotted wellies. Her arms have been roped behind her and she is soon hooded and ball gagged with the largest ball gag on a harness we could find. Her arms are then pulled up behind her forcing her to bend forward while she struggles in her uncomfortable position. Then with her arms lowered the top of her head harness gag is tied to an overhead hook while she can only twist and turn. Mallory is wearing a long yellow cotton raincoat and has been taped onto a high stool with lots of very tight silver gaffer tape. Her arms are taped behind her, her legs are taped together and her cleave gag is heavily taped over as well. More tight tape around her body and over the hood and her gagged mouth once the hood had been tied up over her head. Finally more tape was used across her eyes leaving just her nose exposed as she continued to resist her bonds, all to no avail, of course.

From Update


19th May

2 x HD Videos
Elle & Louise
Beautiful & Glamorous
13 mins 50 secs - 536 mb
Alexia & Jet
Suited to This
6 mins 50 secs - 263 mb


160 images

Ivan has become a big coat bondage fan only recently recently but says it is very difficult to find much like this. He particularly likes the more glamorous trench coat style coat and seeing Elle in this beautiful gold trench coat tied up very tightly on the floor it is easy to understand why he likes it so much. Obviously many like to see the ladies dressed in very little with clear macs and boots and is something that Mark and Simon have both asked to see more of just this. So here is Louise with her arms taped behind her sitting on the desk. After being scarf gagged Helena swaps her shoes for red wellies and tapes her feet out to the desk legs. Her mouth is then taped shut as well leaving her beautiful body on display. Both Alan and Adrian would like more heavy rubber bondage so here is Jet in a very heavy black rubber coat, boots, gloves and swim cap and her arms have been tightly roped down by her sides and a large black rubber ball gag is in her mouth. A sou'wester is also added as is a water spray as rubber looks so much better when wet and finally a breathing bag fitted over her gag for a delightful finishing touch.
Two ladies well suited to their position here in more ways than one. Firstly they are both wearing rain suits and secondly their bondage suits then perfectly. Alexia is wearing a heavy duty red jacket and trousers along with black rubber boots and black rubber gloves. She has been tied with her arms bound down her sides and to the post behind her. The laces on her boots have been tied together securing her ankles close together. Then after being hooded a big wide red bit gag is strapped in her mouth and she is left to do the one thing she can now only do and this drool copiously from her big gag. For Jet it is a bright yellow suit and she is tied sitting on the grass leaning against a post with her arms and legs spread. Also wearing black rubber boots, long black rubber gloves with a yellow ball gag in her mouth she is a very helpless lady. Then along comes Helena to re gag her over the hood and then soon after tied a yellow sou'wester on her head as well which gave her the opportunity to tease her a little

From Update


12th May

2 x HD Videos
Lavinia & Celeste
A Head Start
8 mins 55 secs - 343 mb
Imogen & Violet
Happy Days
10 mins 05 secs - 388 mb


166 images

Rubber swim caps always make a wonderful addition to any bondage scene but even better if the lady is dressed in rainwear at the same time. Lavinia is in a clear white spotted mac over her white lingerie and also wearing white Hunter wellies and a white swim cap on her head, Her arms have been bound her and she is white tape gagged. Then Helena wraps more tape around her mouth and cap before more rope secures her body. More swim caps are hooked into her ropes and over her bound wrists before Lavinia is bought down onto the floor and very tightly hogtied. Now with Helena pulling up on her ropes she is looking very beautiful and helpless as she moans her way through this wonderful episode. Celeste has been very tightly taped into a chair while wearing a beige riding mac and patterned wellies along with her white swim cap. Her mouth is filled with a ball which has a breathing tube attached and this has been very tightly cellotaped into her mouth. Another swim cap is then pulled up over her face so limiting her breathing and with this cap inflating and deflating as she slowly breathes with saliva pouring out of her breathing tube. Helena is in many shade of pink with her mac, wellies, swim caps and ball gag. She has been tied up on the floor with her arms behind her and her legs together. Another swim cap is then taped over her ball gag because if you have it, you may as well use it.
Two blonde beauties in their rainwear must mean happy days all around and ropes to make sure they stay just as they are right now. Imogen is wearing a long light blue mac and striped wellies, she has been tied sitting on a high stool with her arms behind her. Then ball gagged and with her legs tied to the stool legs she is hooded and has her gagged mouth cellotaped over along with a rope around her neck. The hood is then cellotaped down over her eyes to keep her in the dark. Beautiful blonde Violet is in a bright yellow long Rukka mac and she has had her arms bound down by her sides with red rope and her white booted ankles are tied together. Helena is there to first hood her and then gag her with red ball gag on a large red leather face plate and then with more rope around her body and legs tied off to the bar behind her this beauty is delightfully helpless and deserves the little kiss on her gag from Helena.

From Update


5th May

2 x HD Videos
Black & Blue
11 mins 05 secs - 425 mb
Kitty & Celeste
In the Pink
6 mins 45 secs - 255 mb


157 images

Again, here is Helena in her rainwear and bondage which can only be a good thing at any time. In full rubber she has been tied into a chair in the garden. A very heavy long black rubber coat fully done up around her body, black rubber riding boots, black rubber gloves and a black rubber sou'wester are also part of her attire. Then comes the rope holding her arms along the chair arms and more around her chest holding her into the chair. Her legs are bound together and a black rubber ball gag has been strapped into her mouth. The other addition to her outfit and bondage is the water covering all of the rubber on her body which creates another delightful effect. In a silver mac and silver high heeled boots she had had her arms bound behind her, her ankles tied together, the chain around her shoulders tied off overhead and a ball gag is in her mouth. With more rope tied around her body down to her knees all she can do is rotate in her bonds. Then it was a case of the bedroom blues with first being cellotaped into a blue nylon mac and ball gagged. Hobbling over to the bed she ends up rolling around trying to no avail to escape her bonds. Then in a loose fitting long blue striped retro mac she had her arms taped into the sleeves and her cleave gag covered with a blue bandage. Then with a matching rain bonnet tied onto her head she again ended up on the bed with her booted legs crossed and heavily cellotaped together to make sure this is where she was going to stay.
It was cold day when last Elle came around so a very warm ankles length navy padded coat had to be a good choice for her. All the girls love these coats and when coupled with black rubber boots and gloves it really is the perfect winter wear and they do look so good when the lady inside the coat is tightly roped and rubber gagged. Elle's arms have been roped down by her asides and her body heavily tied so the coat compresses into her body quite delightfully. The large padded hood is tied in place over her head helped by the gag which has been tied over the hood to keep it in place. Both Kitty and Celeste are in the pink - macs that is. Kitty is wearing a long pink hooded mac with a glass clear mac with pink edging over the top. Her arms are tied into the mac sleeves and then tied to the beam behind her with cable ties. Her body is also covered in the unforgiving cable ties and another is over her cleave gag. There will never be an escape when these little gems are used. Celeste is in a pink rain suit and her hands ands feet have been taped inside the mac. She is sitting on a table and her arms have been strapped out along the board behind her. Also pink ball gagged and hooded her taped together legs are then drawn up and tied alongside her securing her that little bit more to the table.

From Update


28th April

2 x HD Videos
All Good
11 mins 55 secs - 461 mb
Ivory & Drew
keeping Calm
7 mins 50 secs - 303 mb


143 images

Everything is always very good with Alexia as you can see. This long haired beauty loves to come here and we love to have her so long may things continue. In a long clear mac over her dress and high heels she had had her arms bound behind her with these ropes tied off overhead. Then hooded and rubber gagged she twists and turns in her bonds but is not really in a hurry to escape. Then in a bright pvc gold trench coat with red Hunter wellies, red gloves and a red swim cap she has been spread eagled up against the wall. The mac is buttoned and belted and she is the red tape gagged and her struggling may be futile but she does look very good while she is doing it. Then with more red tape wound around her tape gagged mouth and her knees tied in together she is truly helpless with the red swim cap adding a delightful touch to the scene. Out in the sun she first had her arms taped into the deep pockets of her silver jacket and with her mouth shut with silver gaffer tape the large collar was zipped up all the way to her mouth. Then left to hobble into the shade in her back rubber riding boots where Helena was waiting to button up a long yellow Rukka mac around her taped body and then belt and hood her. Helena then leads her out into the sun and brings her down on the grass where she tapes Alexia's ankles together and applies more tape over her gag and around her hooded head. She is the left to roll around in the sun which did actually come out on cue.
Again, three ladies in their macs and boots and suitably helpless and quiet. Ivory is wearing a long white mac and white Dunlop wellies. She is sat upon a desk and her arms have been strapped behind her and her legs strapped together. A white macked Helena is there with a black leather head harness gag for Ivory. The large mouth filling plug is stuffed into her mouth and the wide straps covering her eyes as well as her mouth are buckled around her head. To ensure she is fully blindfolded another leather blindfold is strapped around her head over the harness and her gagged mouth is cellotaped over to make sure she is well gagged as well. Drew is out in the garden and has been tied out onto the wooden pallets while wearing a long silver mac and pink wellies. With her arms and legs spread out she is also pink ball gagged and soon hooded as well. The hood is then tightened down over her eyes leaving just her ball gag showing, but just like Ivory she stays very calm which only adds to her charm. Helena is looking very glamorous in her red trench coat, scarf, gloves red and black boots and umbrella. Her arms have been bound in front of her and the umbrella looped into her bonds. The coats top button then done up and the addition of a red rain hat only enhances her appearance

From Update


21st April

2 x HD Videos
Working Out
12 mins 25 secs - 477 mb
Lily-Ana & Imogen
Going Nowhere
7 mins 35 secs - 292 mb


173 images

Kitty loves to work out and spends as much time as possible in the gym. We are always willing to help her exercise so a bondage workout for her has to be a good thing. In a patterned red mac and gold wellies she was tied down to the table in front of a row of macs leaving her head and legs dangling over the table ends. Her ball gag did mean should not explain how strenuous this was. Then sat up onto the table a rain bonnet was added to her assemble over which the ball was strapped to keep it in place. A green riding mac and long heavy waders comes next and Kitty is tied up against the wall with her arms bound behind her. Her wader covered legs are tied to a spreader bar and after being rubber ball gagged a sou'wester is tied onto her head. It was not long before her mac was covered in drool from her gag, something she does so very well. The mac was then pulled up and tucked into her waist ropes to show off the fact that her long waders were digging into her crotch. Outdoors in a long clear mac, red wellies and gloves she was tied down onto the pallet with her legs in front of her and her wrists tied out to the back of the pallet. Once she was hooded and tightly ball gagged Helena was there to tie another hood onto her head backwards sealing her whole head into her own little plastic world.
More tied up and gagged ladies all dressed as they should be. Lily-Ana is wearing a long black mac with a see thru purple mac over the top. Both macs are very wet so they become steamed up as times passes. Her arms have been tied behind her and she has been hooded with the black hood and then ball gagged. Sat onto a chair her legs were then bound together and more rope was tied around her body and with a rope around her neck tied down to her knees kept her bent forward. The top hood was then tied down over her head and eyes for that little extra security. Imogen has been tied to a tree in her shiny long red belted mac and shiny black riding boots, she is also hooded and ball gagged. More rope is added to secure her body to the tree and one foot is tied up behind her forcing her to stand on one foot as she struggles. Ivory is in a long black padded coat and has had her arms tied behind the pole in the garden. She is hooded and rubber gagged and then slid down the pole until she is seated on the grass and her legs are tied out in front of her. A long white scarf is then tied over her gag and around the pole.

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