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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
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From Update
24th July

2 x HD Videos
Missie in Practice Makes Perfect
7 mins 35 secs - 283 mb
Elyssia in In the Navy
5 mins 30 secs - 205 mb
143 images
The lovely Missie has appeared briefly a little while ago and here she is now showing everybody just how lovely she really is. She has the looks and body to die for and looks fabulous when dressed and tied up as well. Just to prove that she was dressed in a transparent knee length hooded mac over her corset and very high heels with her hands and ankles cuffed and roped in front of her. Then ball gagged with a large clear ball she was hooded and the zip running down the front of the jacket was zipped up tight under her chin before being pulled up even further to cover her ball gag and leaving only her wide pleading eyes exposed. If practice makes perfect, then with Missie practicing bondage it will make sure she will remain perfect. So in a long blue mac, blue wellies and gloves and a blue umbrella tied under her arms, she was tightly hooded before a blue ball gag was added to her outfit. Then she was sat onto the floor and her arms retied under her legs and a much larger blue ball gag was strapped into her mouth. Lots of energetic struggling did loosen her ropes a little but it was never going to be enough for her to escape from. Then as a finale she had her arms tied behind her and then to the tree pulling her arms into the air behind her and a black rubber ball gag filled her mouth this time. Before being allowed back indoors she was sat in front of a tree and then very tightly cellotaped to it so she could not move at all. Her red riding mac and red wellies matched her red ball gag but had to go with a black rubber sou'wester because we do not have a red one. It looks like she is perfect already.
Two beautiful blondes dressed in rainwear and bound and gagged just because they look even better like this. Siren is dressed in a semi transparent long black mac and black rubber boots and tied up down at the fishing pond. After having her body bound she was sat down on the steps her mac wrapped around her and her legs and ankles were roped together. Then a thick red red scarf cleave gag was tied between her lips and the hood strings were tied down to the rope around her knees to keep her bending forward. The hood was then pulled up over her head and now the more she struggled the tighter the hood became and the more her head became covered. Big breasted Elyssia was tied into a chair while wearing a heavy long navy mac and navy striped wellies. Her ankles were tied to the chair legs and her arms roped along the arms of the chair. A rubber ball gag strapped into her mouth and then the tight fitting hood before more rope around her body and neck bound her even tighter to the chair. Having a navy coloured gas mask did mean she had to wear that as well as being in all navy does look very good on her.

From Update
17th July

2 x HD Videos
Helena in Hot Date
6 mins 10 secs - 232 mb
Drew in Nylon & Tape
5 mins 20 secs - 199 mb
160 images
Bound and gagged surrounded by some of her Hunter wellie collection. In a purple metallic mac and purple Hunters she was tied up sitting on a water tank with red rope and a red ball gag in her mouth. Her arms were tied outwards and her knees bought up close to her chest making sure her bound boots stayed on the edge of the tank in full view. Bound like this next to her Hunters was very pleasing for her as she always loves to be close to things she loves. For the same reason she was tied up here with Deception with both of them in very long macs and yellow wellies. Their hands had been bound into our laps and our mouths covered with yellow gaffer tape. They were both then hooded and Their hands balled up and taped up to stop them reaching our gags and then the hood strings were tied together to bring them as close to each other as possible. With a few new glass clear macs, the bondage with them was never going to be very far away, so in lingerie and a pink edged clear mac and pink high heels she had her wrists bound behind and she was gagged with a pink ball gag. Rope around her neck kept her close to the wall as she tried to rotate herself. Then bound with her wrists tied down her her knees and her ankles bound a ball gag was bound over the hood to keep it in place. This had the delightful effect of making sure her botty stayed sticking out towards the camera. Then in the red edged mac and shiny red wellies she was bound on the floor with her wrists tied down against her rubber boots and gagged with a red leather gag. After this she was hooded and then gagged with tape before being laid down onto the floor just to make sure she stayed there.
Tightly tied and tightly taped is what is happening here. Deception has been tied to the upturned bed frame in a tightly belted shiny red mac, red wellies and red gloves. Her mouth was first held open with a large red ball gag which was then changed for a mouth filling red leather one with a face plate which was tightly buckled around her head and over her hood. With more rope holding her to the bed frame Deception does look deliciously glorious. Drew was dressed in a nylon trouser suit and had her arms crossed and cellotaped behind her back. The tape covering her arms completely sealing then against her body. Then her legs were taped and she was scarf gagged after which came the nylon jacket hood and then cellotape sealing her mouth closed after being wound around her head and gag. She ends up with tight tape down the length of her body and then her head is taped back to the fence bars to make sure she cannot move, a lovely final touch.

From Update
10th July

2 x HD Videos
Ammalia & Mallory in Rubber Garden
9 mins 40 secs - 361 mb
Rosa in Seeing it Through
5 mins 20 secs - 199 mb
158 images
So many people think the girls look so good in rubber bondage and they really are not wrong. Out in the garden with Ammalia and Mallory fully dressed in rubber and in tight bondage can never be a bad thing. Ammalia has her arms cellotaped in front of her while she is wearing a short black rubber coat, black Hunter wellies and rubber loves. Her ankles are also taped and soon there is a rubber bit gag in her mouth and a big rubber collar around her neck. Then comes the sou'wester before her ankles are crossed and retaped and she is sat on the grass. Her hands have also been balled and taped to immobilise her even further and her gag changed to a much larger rubber ball gag which has been tightly strapped into her mouth. Even then this lady tried very hard to escape but to no avail. Mallory is in waders and a long heavy black rubber coat and has been tied sitting on the grass against a post to which her wrists have been bound behind her. Her legs are spread and tied to show off the waders and then comes the sou'wester and rubber gag as well as more rope around her body and neck. She has to finish off with a gas mask as they always look good on ladies in rubber bondage. Helena is bound to a chair in the bedroom in a long rubber coat, gloves and new Hunter wellies, the coat open enough to show off her new boots. Her little rubber ball gag was changed for a larger spiky black rubber gag after she had been hooded with the macs hood and more rope tied around her body. Finally the mac was pulled over her knees and rope applied to hold it in place covering her in black rubber from head to toe.
This was the first time that Rosa had been enclosed in plastic rainwear and over her beautiful lingerie and very high heels the very long clear plastic trench coat was just the right outfit. With her wrists tied to the beam at shoulder height it did her the chance to reach her gag so to solve that problem her hands were balled and taped up and her scarf gag heavily taped over. Her heels were then swapped for purple wellies, one foot tied up off the floor to the beam behind her and her head was covered with a tight fitting clear plastic hood as increasing her bondage and helplessness had to be the way to go. Mysteria was cellotaped into a long green plastic mac with her arms taped across her body and the bottom of the mac taped together sealing her legs and feet inside the mac. She was ball gagged while this was happening to her and she was then tightly hooded by Helena, who then laid her down on the floor so she could admire her handiwork, something everybody else gets to do as well as she rolls around in her tight green plastic and cellotape cocoon.

From Update
3rd July

2 x HD Videos
Drew in Bound & Capped
8 mins 30 secs - 317 mb
Blossom in The Metal Head
8 mins 35 secs - 319 mb
158 images
'Please can we have cellotape, lots of cellotape with a heavy mac and boots' that was the request from Oliver O and the answer is, of course you can. Here is Violet encased in a heavy brown mac and heavy black wellies. She has her arms cellotaped across her body before being sat onto a desk after the rest of her body has been sealed as well. Hooded and rubber ball gagged with her taped up boots on display, she does make a very pretty sight and it is easy to see why Oliver likes this. Anthony G loves to see the ladies in silver rainwear and even more so if they happened to be tied up and gagged so hopefully you will loves Betty who has been roped, hooded and scarf gagged in a long silver mac and silver wellies With very tight securing her body and with her ankles crossed and bound she really is as helpless as possible just as Anthony hoped to see. A leather head harness gag over her scarf is the completion of her bondage which was the final part of the request. Alastair, Simon T, Atreus, Alan B and Tryon all love to see Swim hats incorporated into the ladies bondage so here is Drew having to cope with being roped in a red mac, wellies, white rubber gloves and a white swim hat. Initially ball gagged as well before being secured into a chair with more tight red rope and red tape her gag was then changed for a red swim hat tied between her teeth and then there is Helena with another folded white one to use as a blindfold. Her head is then very tightly taped with red tape to secure the swim hat into her mouth and around her head to make sure nothing will come loose. Now her bondage is complete she was left to her own devices to release herself but got absolutely nowhere.
A continuation of our Request Gallery this week brings you a couple more favourites for certain people. Elle in a red riding mac and chains is for Rob who kindly sent us this and other riding macs and loves to see the ladies in bondage while wearing them. Elle is cuffed to an upturned bed frame in her tightly belted mac and then has more chains wrapped around her body and is gagged with a metal ball gag to match her bondage. The bondage was kept simple so as not to hide her mac too much which looked even better on her after it had been fully buttoned. Blossom is a metal head in more ways than one as she loves heavy metal music and she has a lot of metal piercings including her ears, node and tongue and all of this makes Felix very happy as she loves to see girls with lots of piercings and tattoos. Blossom is cuffed and stretched out in a sitting position on the table and chains added around her body to prevent her being able to move and reach her metal gag which comprised of s large metal ring spider arrangement which held her mouth wide open and it gave her a chance to stick her tongue out at Helena, which showed off her tongue piercing delightfully, as she tickled Blossoms bare feet. The other lovely effect with this metal gag is to watch Blossom drool as she finds it very difficult not to. This ring gag was then taped into her mouth and finally changed for a rubber ball gag just to keep her a lot quieter.

From Update
26th June

2 x HD Videos
Elyssia in Rubber Torment
5 mins 05 secs - 190 mb
Ivory in Lots of Love
6 mins 30 secs - 244 mb
169 images
The beautiful buxom Elyssia is here again and she looks as gorgeous as she always does. In a fully buttoned and tightly belted beige riding coat she has her arms taped behind her and more tape around her body to make sure her breasts stick out as much as possible. She is tightly scarf gagged and has a rope attached around her body to an overhead hook and more tape lower down her body and legs. Her gag is then heavily taped over she is left to rotate herself but nothing else. In a short shiny pink pvc jacket and pink spotted wellies she has her body roped and ankles crossed and bound, again making sure her breasts are as prominent as possible. With tight rope around her body she is then bound into a chair with a lot more tight rope and a long white scarf wrapped over her gag and around her mouth and then tied off to the overhead beam to make sure she keeps her head up. Then in a very heavy black rubber coat, black rubber swim hat, riding boots and long gloves she was tied to the wall with her arms stretched out. Then came the rubber gag as well as tight rope around her waist and this gave her time to struggle before she was retied with her arms behind her, her ankles bound and a sou'wester place on her head. Now fully dressed, bound and gagged all she could do was put up with what had been done to her. As she loves heavy rubber she actually had a very pleasant time.
Mallory in black plastic, Ivory in a yellow Rukka and Saria in nylon, what more could you ask for when ladies dressed like this are bound and gagged as well. Mallory is out in the sun in a shiny black mac with her black gloved hands bound in front of her and with rope holding her arms tight to her body. Gagged with a mouth filling shiny black gag and matching collar she is blindfolded with similar before coming down on her knees and then onto the grass where she is left to roll around in the bright hot sun. Ivory loves being around all of the macs and loves her bondage so is very happy when her bondage means she is in a yellow Rukka mac and bright coloured wellies. She only stops smiling when a large yellow ball gag is strapped in her mouth but then amuses herself swinging from her ropes with one booted foot tied up in the air. Bought down onto the floor and with her legs bound she is then left laying among the wellies, which left her very contented. Saria in a short nylon jacket, fishnet stockings and Hunter wellies had her wrists bound in front of her and then they were bought above her head by Helena after being hooded and tightly rubber gagged and tied there. To make her life a little more difficult one foot was also tied up behind her forcing her to hobble on one foot as she struggled with her ropes.

From Update
19th June

2 x HD Videos
Violet in Bedtime Dressing
6 mins 05 secs - 228 mb
Celeste in Better Like This
4 mins 40 secs - 174 mb
174 images
Violet has now moved abroad to be with some of the American side of her family and everybody misses her already, but we did make sure she was a very busy girl before she left. Out in the woods in a very long shiny black trench coat she was bound to a tree with her hands inside the macs pockets. More rope around her body and legs to secure her to the tree that little bit more and then came the addition of a wide shiny black collar and shiny black mouth filling gag. It was then time for the matching rain hat and then a shiny black blindfold to match the rest of her outfit, then she looked just perfect. In a clear mac over her lingerie her wrists and arms were roped behind her and she was then hooded and gagged with a blue spiked ball gag to match the colour of her lingerie. She was then lowered onto the floor by Helena who put her into a tight hogtie leaving her bare feet exposed in the air. With the hogtie pulled as tight as possible she was left to roll around the floor for her own amusement as well as ours. Dressed for bondage bedtime in a yellow rain suit, black Hunter wellies and long black rubber gloves she was tied onto the springs of the bed in a sitting position with her legs apart. Rope around her ankles, above her knees and around her torso and down her arms kept her in inescapable bondage. Then rubber gagged and hooded with more rope to secure her body her bondage was only complete after her hood had been pulled and tied tight over her eyes leaving just her rubber gagged mouth showing.
Celeste, Siren and Kitty dressed and bound as part of the weeks entertainment fro you. Celeste is in a long heavy navy mac and navy striped rubber boots, her ankles have been spread and tied by a metal bar and her arms and gloved hands have been tied out along the fence. Another tight rope around her waist and a wooden ball gag strapped in her mouth came next and then the hood of the mac followed. After the hood had been tied a rope was added around her neck to prevent any movement and one foot tied up off the floor for that extra final touch. Siren was taped to the metal gate while wearing a long pink mac and pink spotted wellies along with a rubber ball gag and the macs hood which provided her with a little bondage interlude and everybody else a sight to be admired. Kitty had already been mummified in silver tape from below her knees and right up to her neck before a long clear mac was wrapped and tied around her. First, with the hood loose leaving her tape gagged mouth on display and then with the pulled down and tied over her eyes sealing her completely in tape and plastic.

From Update
12th June

2 x HD Videos
Drew in Nothing to Hide
6 mins 30 secs - 244 mb
Siren in Helpless in Green
5 mins 10 secs - 191 mb
148 images
It is lovely to have Drew back in the fold again after a three month working holiday and what better way to celebrate that fact than having her as you see here. First in a shiny red mac and red Hunter wellies she was bound with her wrists tied down the side of her boots while she was sitting on the floor. Lots of rope around her feet and arms kept her arms very close to her legs. Gagged with a red scarf gag and hooded she had to cope with the hood being tied down over her eyes leaving her with a plastic blindfold. A gas mask followed as this had a lot of red in it as well. In a long white mac and white Hunter wellies she had her arms taped across her back with red tape pulled as tight as it would go. After being sat down onto stool her ankles and knees were also taped as was her mouth. Then hooded and with more tape holding the hood down over her eyes and around her gag she was left to contemplate the problem she was going to have getting out of this without any help. To show her off in the best way possible she wore a glass clear mac over her white lingerie and a long pair of Hood waders coming just about to her crotch and nothing else. She was roped out against the wall with a tight rope around her waist and a rubber ball gag strapped into her mouth. Hooded with a rope collar to hold her head still, her mac was undone and pulled back to show off her beautiful fit body and her waders which look so good with her ropes and lingerie. So glad to have you back Drew!
Our lovely blonde Siren in a green Rukka mac and green Hunter wellies is securely tied up in a chair with her arms bound along the arms of the chair and her legs spread and bound to the chair legs. Rope around her chest holds her body against the back of the chair. She is the gagged with a rubber spiky bit gag which does little to quieten down this noisy lady but the more noise she makes and the more she struggles the more she drools from her gag. Then hooded and lots of gaffer tape seals her gag and hold her head back against the back of the chair, thus restricting her movement and noise that little bit more. It was a cold wet day when Luci was dressed in a long shiny yellow belted plastic mac and taken outdoors to be tied to a tree. First with her wrists tied around the back of the tree and her knees bound together she felt quite happy with her ropes. Then hooded and ball gagged with more rope holding her against the tree it started to rain and to stop her struggling more tight rope was added around her legs and body with a rope around her neck holding her head up against the tree.

From Update
5th June

2 x HD Videos
Fay in Good Exercise
6 mins 05 secs - 2265 mb
Elle in Looking Good
6 mins 10 secs - 231 mb
167 images
Fay is always ready for rainwear bondage and as we are always ready for her it really is a perfect relationship. With her in long white socks and yellow wellies she was cellotaped into her yellow mac as tightly as possible sealing her arms into her lap. Sat onto the sofa, she was hooded while she tried to release herself from the tight tape with which she totally failed, the hood was pulled up and over her head totally enclosing her head inside the hood with was then tied shut with the drawstrings covering her mouth. This did slow her struggling down, not because the hood made things more restrictive but because she was very content just as she was. Tied into a chair in a single breasted riding mac and long black waders her arms were pinned to her sides and the mac opened at the bottom to show off her boots. A scarf gag covered by a black leather head harness cover kept her a lot quieter and with the mac now covering her waders her appearance of a helpless female was complete. In a very short red retro shiny jacket and red Hunter wellies her arms were tied out along the fence she was given a few minutes before a little more exercise was in order. Scarf gagged and one booted foot tied up off the floor displayed her bare legs very prettily and even more so after the bound foot had been retied across her body as high up as possible. She was finally allowed to stand on both feet, but with her ankles bound together and tape over her gagged mouth holding her head back against the fence railings.
An almost naked Elle, a nylon clad Elyssia and a tree tied Violet in shiny red all three coping with their bondage and looking very good as they do so. Elle is wearing only a small pair of panties and black and white wellies along with a long clear plastic mac into which she is tied with her arms down by her sides. Rope above and below her chest displays her breasts as she is ball gagged and hooded by Helena. Elle's ankles have also been tied out to the tale legs and then a rope collar is added and her ball gag is taped over, she is then ready to be left for Helena to play around with and torment in the nicest way possible. Elyssia is in a green nylon jacket, fishnet stockings and high heels. Her arms have been bound behind her and she is gagged and hooded by Helena after her knees have been tied together. Then a rope around her neck to hold her to the wall was the necessary final addition. Violet was out in the woods wearing a shiny red mac and shiny black wellies with red laces. She was tied up against a tree while sitting on the ground with her boots tied back to the tree. Hooded and then ball gagged before her head was taped to the tree to keep her even quieter as there were dog walkers not very far away.

From Update
29th May

2 x HD Videos
Celeste in Under Cover
6 mins 25 secs - 238 mb
Fay in Neat & Tidy
9 mins 35 secs - 357 mb
171 images
Sometimes when things are all over it means that you have finished and completed your task. When we say it it means that you get the ladies fully covered in layers of tight restrictive rainwear as well as their bondage. For this we know we have many fans so hope you are going to enjoy Siren, Celeste and Fay. This was the first time Siren had been dressed in three macs as well as a pair of rain trousers and wellies. A very long black mac then a red one and then a clear black spotted one and Sirens arms were bound at her sides with her hands balled up and sealed inside the arms of the macs. Then hooded with the black one and a ball gag tied over the hood before the second and third hood were also tied into place completed her first multi mac bondage experience. Celeste, dressed in a black mac with a wet clear one over the top was sat onto the metal tank and taped and roped into position. Then rubber ball gagged and double hooded before Helena added another clear mac draped over Celeste's shoulders and the hood was tied over her head. Then came a wet clear jacket fastened around Celeste backwards so the hood could be pulled up and fastened over her head and face which was then done leaving her tied up inside a plastic cocoon. For Fay it was a nylon jacket and trousers and lots of cellotape around her arms and body with Helena sealing her gagged mouth with more cellotape before fitting a second nylon jacket on her backwards with was the sealed against her with lots more cellotape. Over this came a long see thru purple mac and the hood on the second jacket was bound tightly around Fay's face leaving only her nose poking through. The purple hood was then tightened as tight as possible so this lady was totally enclosed in her rainwear prison.
First there is Siren who has been dressed in a blue and grey nylon jacket and black rubber Hunter Shorefisher waders. Her arms and legs have been spread apart and bound with rope and she struggles desperately before a crotch rope is added to limit her struggling. Then hooded and ball gagged she continued to try and escape but with more rope added over her shoulders she did end up even hanging off the ropes and violently kicking her rubber clad legs, but all to no avail. Mallory is dressed in a very heavy rubber coat and waders as well as rubber gloves and a sou'wester. Her hands have been roped in front of her and her body is tied to the post behind her . Her rubber ball gag is then covered with a thick rubber scarf tied down over the sou'wester sealing her into what was then a very wet rubber outfit which was glistening very nicely in the bright daylight. Fay was taped into a long black nylon mac from her chest down to her knees and scarf gagged before have the macs hood raised and her gag taped over. Then forced to kneel down to prevent her from moving which was a very effective as she then stood no chance of being able to stand again.

From Update
22nd May

2 x HD Videos
Betty in Welcome Back
5 mins 45 secs - 214 mb
Drew in A Good Posting
7 mins 05 secs - 263 mb
141 images
It is so lovely to have Betty back again, she appeared briefly a couple of years ago and then had to leave town for a new job. She is now back again and hopefully to stay this time and coming back here is one of the first things she did. Dressed in a shiny black trench coat she was bound with her arms out along the beam and her ankles spread. A rubber ball gag followed and then more rope around her torso to hold her closer to the beam. This had to be a good way to restart her rainwear bondage career. Taped onto a stool among the mac collection she is dressed in a shiny red hooded Rukka style mac as was Helena who was there to ball gag and hood her before adding lots more tight tape to her body and around her mouth to keep her still and silent which then left her to be comforted by an admiring Helena. Out in the garden in a navy Grunden mac and navy wellies her arms were first taped very tightly behind her. Then came the hood and a ball gag and then more tape around her body sealing her arms even tighter to her body. First kneeling and then laying down on the lawn her taped up body making sure she stayed on the grass with no option of being able to do anything else.
For this week we have Drew and Bella working very hard to please and succeeding in a wonderful way. Drew, wearing a nylon jacket and purple Hunter wellies had her body very tightly taped to the slanting post forcing her to stay bent forward. She was then gagged with our latest gag edition holding Drews mouth open. Then with her head taped back to the post and one foot taped off the floor to the bottom of the post left her just about totally immobilised. The plug in her gag was then fitted and taped over to stop it coming out and then her other foot was taped alongside the first leaving her suspended off the floor by the tape. Bella is in a long black hooded semi transparent mac and very tightly roped with ropes tied off to the overhead hook. With more rope being added down the whole length of her body and the hood tightly tied she is the epitome of a very helpless rainwear clad beauty.

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