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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
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10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
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From Update
24th April

2 x HD Videos
Celeste in Staying Safe
5 mins 30 secs - 205 mb
Violet in With Pleasure
6 mins 05 secs - 225 mb
145 images
Celeste has been here since the beginning of Rainbound many years ago and has undergone more rainwear bondage than just about anybody else. As she keeps coming back she will continue to be put into this type of bondage as often as possible. The waters edge could be a dangerous place if you fall in, so to ensure this did not happen to Celeste and to keep her safe it was definitely a good idea to have her tightly bound and gagged. So in her long clear mac and wellies she was roped with her hands down by her knees, hooded and ball gagged. When it looked like she might be able to reach her gag her hands were taped to her legs and her hood strings tied to her knees, which pulled the hood down over her eyes and with an even larger red ball gag stuffed into her mouth there was no danger of her getting closer to the waters edge. Tied up sitting on a high stool in a bright yellow Rukka mac and yellow wellies her ankles were tied apart and she was gagged with a ball gag before she was hooded. Then to prevent her moving around her ball gagged mouth was taped over to the bar behind her head holding her head very still. In a short navy Peter Storm nylon jacket and navy riding boots Celeste was bound sitting on the floor with her ankles crossed and her hands balled up inside the jacket sleeves. Then hooded and cleave gagged with a white scarf she did try to wriggle away so another white scarf over the gag and rope around her neck soon put a stop to that. The second white scarf was also long enough to blindfold her with as well so that just had to be done to finish off with.
A very helpless Violet and a very tightly bound Elle to be savored and enjoyed. Violet was dressed in a long hooded nylon coat and then a long yellow transparent mac backwards with rubber boots and long rubber black gloves. With her body roped to the post behind her and her arms spread she was first hooded and then tape gagged by a green Rukka'd Helena, who done this with the utmost pleasure especially when she pulled up the hood of the yellow mac covering Violets face which was then tied at the back of her head. Violets arms were retied across her chest but the hoods had to stay as Helena was in no rush to release her now that she had her like this. Elle was was tied up with black and white rope in her shiny red mac so her breasts were as prominent as possible. Then after she had been bought down onto the floor rope was tied around her legs ensuring she stayed in the kneeling position. Then came the hood and a large red ball gag, all of which left her delightfully helpless as she wriggled and moaned in her bondage.

From Update
17th April

2 x HD Videos
Kitty in Loving Rubber
5 mins 20 secs - 200 mb
Drew in Outward Bound
5 mins 20 secs - 201 mb
165 images
Sometimes and for some people it just must be black rainwear so here are three lovelies in black rainwear bondage. For Drew it is a very shiny black trench coat and shiny black wellies. Her body has been roped with her arms behind her and her booted ankles spread apart and tied around the metal tank on which she is sitting. First gagged with a scarf and then tape over the top of that Helena is there to tuck Drew's hair into the mac and turn up the collar. Then comes a full head shiny black pvc hood to match the rest of her outfit locking her into her own dark world. Kitty is tied up in a heavy black rubber coat and with a red ball gag strapped in her mouth and a wide red collar holding her head up. A black sou'wester was then added and a rope from her neck collar to the tree branch holds her in position. Then after being sat on the floor the rope from her collar was tied off around her knees to prevent her standing up. Her struggling actually made her fall onto her side, a position from which she was going to have to stay. With Deception tied to the post in a long black semi transparent mac a navy macked Helena gags this helpless lady before pulling the black hood down over Deceptions eyes and tying it as tight as possible only leaving her ball gag exposed. Deceptions struggling from here gets her nowhere as There was no give in the ropes and Helena was certainly not going to release her, now that she had her like this.
Drew is out in the woods in a blue striped mac and red Hunter Thurlstone wellies. Her wrists have been tied behind the tree and one foot tied out at a right angle along a branch leaving her to stand on one foot. She was then gagged with a rubber ball gag and her hood pulled up and then tied, also more rope was applied to her body holding that to the tree and her leg to the branch. The result was one very helpless and not very comfortable lady in bondage but look very stunning at the same time. She was retied out in the sun at the waters edge while sitting on the grass. This time her rubber gag was tied over the macs hood and with a roped connecting her knees to her neck, the result was the same as before. Bella was tied up against the wall in a yellow riding coat and to prevent much movement her booted ankles were crossed before being bound. With the mac fully buttoned and belted and a large rubber gag in her mouth Belle really was 'The Belle of the Wall!' For Mallory it was a red riding mac and bound with her arms tightly roped behind her. Her rubber bit gag and sou'wester was changed for a head harness bit gag after her knees had been also bound so she could only hobble very slowly.

From Update
10th April

2 x HD Videos
Deception in Hose Connection
5 mins 15 secs - 196 mb
Alt Siren in Hard at Work
5 mins 25 secs - 202 mb
136 images
In a clear trench coat and high heels Deception was tied sitting on the end of the table with her arms bound behind her and her ankles crossed and bound. Her knees were tied together and she was gagged with a rubber ball gag. Helena was there to finish off doing up Deceptions mac, turn up the collar and make sure all the ropes were as tight as possible which of course they were. Outdoors in a long navy mac with her wrists taped behind her Deception was quickly hobbled with more tape , tightly hooded and tightly gagged with a knotted scarf. Then her ankles were also taped and the yellow water hose, which would not work, was fully wrapped around her to prevent her from moving away. With this holding her back she first ended up sitting on the floor and then laying down as she struggled in the tight tape until a long blue scarf was wrapped over her already gagged mouth. In a yellow trench coat Deception had a metal neck and wrist brace fitted to her as well as a spreader bar on her ankles and a metal ball gag in her mouth which had been fitted by Helena, this leaving her a helpless but beautiful wall flower.
Siren always works so hard trying to escape her bonds. She also makes a lot of noise while doing so and even a ball gag does not do very much to silence her. Sat onto a high stool with a post behind her she is bound in a red nylon jacket and spotted wellies. Her hands are stretched out to the sides and her ankles are bound to the sides of the stool and Helena is there to tape over her ball gag to keep her a little quieter. Her arms were taped behind her after a while and her body taped to the post and this time Helena was there to heavily tape over her scarf gag to see if that would keep her any quieter, not much really but I am sure we can do better in the future. Shannon was very taken with this long blue mac so having her in bondage while wearing this mac was a logical next step. With her body and arms roped down to her knees she was hooded and ball gagged before being forced down onto her knees and then onto the floor where she was left to be watched and admired.

From Update
3rd April

2 x HD Videos
Mysteria in Silver Lining
6 mins 15 secs - 233 mb
Elle in Bedtime in Chains
5 mins 55 secs - 221 mb
153 images
Mysteria is another new raven haired buxom beauty to grace these pages, she has appeared briefly a couple of weeks ago and here she is again showing that she is here to stay. In a long clear mac over her skimpy black outfit and high heels her wrists were bound her and her chest tied with thin red tape. After being sat onto the edge of the desk she was also taped at the knees and ankles with the same before being hooded and ball gagged over the hood with a red ball to match the tape. The hood was finally pulled down over her eyes and retied at the back of her head leaving her helpless, silent and viewing the world through a plastic lens. Dressed in a long silver mac and silver wellies, this time Mysteria had her body and arms strapped and silver tape placed over her lips. The lower part of her body was also strapped and a wide leather collar buckled around her neck. Rope was attached to this collar and around the beam to keep her in situ and Helena the chance to get to know Mysteria a little better. Then it was a very shiny blue Rukka mac and short blue wellies, a chair and lots of rope to show off her lovely figure in the best way possible, that is with lots of rope around it. Hooded and a big scarf gag which was eventually sealed in place with a very long blue scarf was how she ended her first solo rainwear bondage session, and very nice it was too.
For Elle it is chains at bedtime. She has been sat upon the spring base of a bed with her covered legs and booted feet spread out and cuffed to the sides of the bed. Her hands have been cuffed down by her sides and chain is wrapped around her long nay mac holding her arms tight to her body. She is hooded and a very tight metal ring gag is strapped deep in her mouth. Her knees were then chained together and with another chain around her neck holding her head up her mouth was sealed shut with lots of silver gaffer tape. Kitty is roped to a post in the corner while wearing a white mac and patterned wellies. A white rubber gag is in her mouth and more rope is tied around her body holding her tighter against the post. Her gag is then covered with white gaffer tape and one foot is tied up to the wall behind her leaving her to stand on one foot. With her foot lowered and her ankles tied together a white swim hat is strapped onto her head and her gag changed for white tape which was wrapped around the post as well as her mouth.

From Update
27th March

2 x HD Videos
Ammalia in Well Spotted
6 mins 20 secs - 235 mb
Mallory in The Colour of Choice
4 mins 30 secs - 167 mb
154 mages
Ammalia is a very stunning brunette who has appeared here once and now has her first solo gallery, which is hopefully going to be the first of many as soon as she returns from her visit to her home town. A very short pink jelly jacket and pink spotted wellies had to be a great way to start as this showed off her seamed stockings in the most wonderful way when she bent over after being roped and hooded. One ball gag later she was bound on top of the desk with her booted feet out in front of her and the rope from around her knees to her neck was tied off to the behind her to make sure she could not move or topple off the desk. Up in the attic in a shiny leopard coat and black rubber retro boots she was tied into a chair and a big rubber ball gag strapped into her mouth. With the jacket pulled up all around her and a rope around her neck to hold her head up Helena was there with the rainbonnets to cover her head, gag and eyes with these plastic delights. A red Rukka mac and red flowered wellies and Ammalia tied up to the beam first stopped her running away and was then hooded and a red ball gag forced into her mouth. Then one stocking covered and booted leg was also tied to the beam showing off her legs and making her hobble on one foot which became even more difficult after another rope was tied around her knee and to the beam as well. This stunning and sultry lady has already attracted a lot of attention and seeing her here, we know she will be attracting a lot more.
We have Violet and Mallory for you just in the way that we hope you like to see them. Violet is dressed in a short blue nylon jacket and blue Hunter wellies with her bare legs showing. Her arms and wrists tied tightly behind her before she is ball gagged by a nylon jacketed and high heeled Helena. After Helena has tightened Violets hood and got her to kneel down in front of the stool Violet is forced to lay across the stool and her bound ankles tied back to her wrists making her balance on her knees with Helena's foot on her back to make sure she is unable to raise herself. Mallory chose yellow but did not realise how much yellow this might involve her in. A yellow rain suit with the bib pants being worn over the jacket, yellow rubber boots and gloves and surrounded by lots more of the same was the environment in which she was tied to the beam with her ankles spread and bound. With her hands tied down her sides and rope around her neck this yellow ball gagged and hooded lady was totally helpless even though she did try hard to escape her bonds. With her small ball gag changed for a much larger yellow sponge one which filled her whole mouth and a sou'wester tied over the hood she then wore herself out with lots more futile struggling.

From Update
20th March

2 x HD Videos
Elyssia in Macs & Tape
5 mins 20 secs - 198 mb
Shannon in Loving Lots
6 mins 05 secs - 225 mb
145 mages
How lovely it is to see the ladies fully covered in layers of rainwear and very tightly bound and gagged. Loving very helpless females dressed like this has to be a good thing, don't you think? Bella in a black, red and clear mac is tied out to the wall and her ankles strapped apart before being ball gagged to show off her outfit and before her macs are all done up and her arms crossed and bound in front of her. With all the hoods tightened around her gagged head, rope is wound around her neck and tied off to the wall to keep her in position which works very well. This was Shannon's first time in multi layers of rainwear and she loved it and was so content after she had been sealed inside she made no effort to escape at all. A long navy mac first then a clear one and then a red one worn backwards over the top was how it started. A fully gagged and taped up mouth and then another clear mac over her macs and rope provided all of the layers. The red hood was then tied up over her face and the top clear hood pulled up and also tied. This now left her entirely sealed into a plastic rainwear world, something she found very exciting. For Elyssia it was three macs while being taped to the bed upon which she was sat. Her rubber gloved hands and rubber booted feet were also tightly taped to the bed before more cellotape was wound around her body and tape gagged mouth holding her head back against the post behind her. With the hoods pulled down tight over her eyes more cellotape was applied to keep them there.
Blossom ended up in the attic surrounded by lots of the macs and boots and tied to a high stool while wearing a shiny hooded beige mac and grey heeled rubber boots. With her body tied with red rope she was hooded and had a red tube gag strapped over her head and into her mouth forcing her to keep her mouth wide open. When this gag was changed for a big mouth filling inflatable black rubber one with a red head harness she inflated her gag even more when she found she could reach the inflate bulb. It cannot get better than watching her do something like this. Siren wanted to bring her friend Missie around which was of course agreed to very quickly. It was not long before they ended up tied together after being dressed in macs and boots, red for Siren and green for Missie. With their mouths taped and their ankles tied together they do provide an absolutely wonderful sight as they struggle in their ropes and this being Missie's first time in bondage it was met with a very happy reaction from her.

From Update
13th March

2 x HD Videos
Anita in Going Nowhere
4 mins 10 secs - 155 mb
Deception in Well Looked After
5 mins 55 secs - 222 mb
143 mages
We are so lucky to have Anita with us. She is such a busy lady modeling all over the country but still manages gets here as often as she can. We are always so happy to have her come back for very obvious reasons as you can see. First dressed in a short nylon jacket and white Hunter wellies her body and bare legs are roped with her arms behind her. A big white gag is strapped between her teeth and a white bathing cap is strapped onto her head. Her gag was soon changed for a swim hat gag as there seemed to be many available. Anita is a rubber lover so in a black rubber cat suit a clear mac over the top was the perfect addition as were her very high heeled knee high boots. Tied with red rope and a red ball gag in her mouth tied in place over the macs hood she was eventually sat onto a chair so she could remain in her heels without toppling over. Outdoors in a long black mac with a purple trench coat worn over the top she was put into bondage with thin black tape. Then hooded and gagged with a very large red bit gag she first had to hobble around the garden to the stool upon which she was taped. She then had to endure being sat down onto the lawn and suffer being gas masked for good measure which can never be a bad idea.
Luci in pink and Deception in red has to be a great way to celebrate the coming end of the week. Luci is in a very long loose pink pink mac and a black leather single arm glove which she has tied up to the post behind her forcing her arms up in the air. After her arms had been lowered she was hooded, gagged with a pink ball gag, collared and her arms pinned to her back with a tight studded belt. The roped to the post behind her she has one pink spotted booted foot tied to the hook in the wall to keep her hobbling and unsteady. Deception, dressed in a red Rukka mac and black waders was bound into a chair with white bandages and as it is always good to make sure she is well looked after Helena was there to hood and gag her with several layers of bandage as the more helpless she is the better she looks.

From Update
6th March

2 x HD Videos
Drew in Perfectly Exposed
5 mins 30 secs - 204 mb
Marina & Ammalia in New 2 You
8 mins 20 secs - 312 mb
146 mages
It is always a wonderful sight when the ladies can show off her bare or booted legs while tied up in their rainwear. The beautiful Tabby is roped up against the wall in a long silver mac and black rubber waders. Hooded and then ball gagged before her mac is pulled back and her wader covered legs exposed to the camera. Tight rope around the top half of her body and her mac tied up between her legs made sure her waders and legs stayed on display. Then comes Buffy, another new lady just being exposed to rainwear bondage for the very first time. In a short purple jacket, bare legs and purple wellies she was bound, gagged and then hooded before she had one leg tied up to the beam to which she is also anchored, this left her legs uncovered and in a strenuous position but was well worth it for the lovely effect. Drew is perfectly exposed by being spread eagled against the wall in a pink mac and pink wellies. After being roped and ball gagged her mac is opened to reveal she is only wearing a tiny pair of panties and with a tight rope around her waist to hold her mac back she is here to reveal just about everything.
Two new ladies for you to enjoy in their rainwear bondage. It is the first time in rainwear for both of them if not their first time in bondage so they have now been exposed to a new element in their bondage lives. Marina is first dressed in a red mac and taped onto a high stool with thin black electrical tape and with her back against the post. With her gloved hands taped together in her lap she did actually almost manage to free herself which only meant a lot more tape to make sure she could not do that. Her ball gagged mouth was also taped over after she had been hooded. Ammalia, another dark haired beauty is absolutely gorgeous and she has been put into bondage many times but never in rainwear. So in a blue mac and boots she was taped up while sitting on the edge of the bed. She was gagged with a metal ball and hooded before she ended up lying on the bed with her ball gag taped over. Her hands also had to be balled and taped up to stop her reaching her gag, which is not allowed. These two beauties are both coming back for more which can only be very good news.

From Update
27th February

2 x HD Videos
Ivory in Shining in Silver
4 mins 40 secs - 173 mb
Elyssia in A Perfect Fit
5 mins 25 secs - 203 mb
164 mages
Ivory really is a shining star so silver rainwear is very appropriate for her. With her arms bound behind her and her body tightly roped her bonds were tied off to the hook above her head and she was gagged with a large red ball gag, and then left to swing around on her high heels. Then hooded and with more tight rope holding her body in bondage her ball gag was retied over her hood. This as done so when she had been laid down onto the floor and hogtied the hood did not fall down over her face. She is so lovely it is always good to see her ball gagged face. In very shiny black rainwear her arms were tied out along the beam with red tape, her body and crossed ankles were also heavily taped , all of which matched her red gloves, red laces in her wellies and her red and black rubber ball gag. A black rain hat was finally forced down onto her head after tucking her hair into the back of the mac. A classy red trench coat and red Hunter wellies and Ivory in tight bondage has to be a good idea. Sat onto a desk and with her feet bound and a big red ball in her mouth Helena was there to fuss over her and drape a red transparent poncho over her mac and head which gave Helena even more of and excuse to play with her.
Violet and Elyssia, dressed up, stretched out, tied up and gagged doing what the ladies have to do. Violet is in a long green shiny mac and sat onto a sat chair with her arms tied out, her knees together and her booted ankles stretched and tied apart. First with her hod pulled up loosely over her head and then tightened before she has a huge ball gag with a very wide face plate strapped into her mouth. After a few minutes frantic struggling she settled into her bondage as she began to enjoy herself more and more. The new bib pants (Thanks Arne) fitted Elyssia perfectly and looked especially good over a yellow rain jacket and blue boots and gloves. She was stretched out onto an upright bed frame and roped in place. A blue ball gag was fitted into her mouth before she was hooded. More thin cord to bind her to the bed frame and her ball gag refitted over her hood to keep that in place as well. After her hands had been bought down and tied in front of her her gag was changed to a scarf cleave gag which was tied back to the bed frame as well for good measure.

From Update
20th February

2 x HD Videos
Shannon in Parcel Post
6 mins 15 secs - 232 mb
AltSiren in Dark Times
5 mins 55 secs - 220 mb
161 mages
This beautiful heavy yellow riding mac was sent by Rob along with others to see the ladies in their bondage just as you see here. Deception is tied with her wrists behind her but soon ends up tied to the post and yellow ball gagged to stop her getting too far away. Then comes the yellow sou'wester and her ankles bound together as the less she can move the better the things are. Just after Shannon arrived a parcel in the post followed and it is a collection of nylon rainwear that you see here. Thank you so much Roger these are all very welcome additions to the nylon collection Shannon ended up like this within fifteen minutes of the parcel arriving. In navy trousers and light green jacket Shannon was tied to the post sitting on the nylon jackets and the hooded and gagged. After which she was stood up and a dark green jacket was fitted over the light green one and she was tied to the post with her hands trapped in the jacket pockets. After this jacket had been fully zipped up the hood was tightened down over her eyes leaving just her gag showing. Thanks again Roger and Shannon sends her thanks too! The Israeli style gas mask that Celeste is wearing in the first pics was sent to us by John D a long while ago and has been asking to see more close ups of the girls wearing this and any other gas masks or respirators, while they are in bondage of course. The second set is Celeste again in a grey and red gas mask and the Sassie back in the Israeli one being led around the garden by Helena. Then comes Elyssia wearing a respirator with three macs and lots of tight rope which has to be a very good combination.
This week we have Siren and Blossom having to suffer for the cause. Siren is dressed in a long shiny mac and purple Hunter wellies and is tied up next to Helena who checks that all the ropes are going to stay tight and then hoods and gags her with a large black spiky rubber bit gag. It can be very hard to keep this lovely lady quiet so the bigger and tighter the gag the better. Sat up onto the water tank she has her feet tied to the end of the tank to make sure she stays put. She then has a scarf tied over her gag to stop her drooling and as an aid in keeping her a little quieter. Blossom is in a short lilac mac and patterned wellies and roped and ball gagged in front of the sofa. The purple ball gag being used to match her wellies. Then sat onto the sofa and hooded she has her ankles crossed and retied to keep her on the sofa and stop her hobbling off, something she will always do if given the chance.

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