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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
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10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
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From Update


18th December

3 x HD Videos
Suited to Tape
7 mins 50 secs
291 mb
The White Stuff
6 mins 45 secs
252 Mb
Waders & Rope
6 mins 30 secs
243 mb
192 images
Phil gave us a lot of rainwear a while ago including several rain suits and as he loves to see the ladies like Elle wearing the suits and multi layered with lots and lots of cellotape to bind them we have Elle undergoing just that. In a nylon suit with a clear one over the top and then a thin blue mac over the suits she was very securely cellotaped into the chair. With her arms taped down her sides and her legs together Helena used lots of tape over and around her head and gag until her whole head was covered. Jon has sent us several pairs of waders and obviously loves to see the ladies wearing them so here is Celeste tied up against the wall with her arms and legs spread. Also wearing a pink rain suit (from Phil) she ends up tightly hooded and rubber gagged first with her knees together and then spread out by the ropes. This being a very appealing way to view the waders of a lady in bondage. Many Thanks to Alastair for the swim caps he has sent us, they make such delightful additions to rainwear bondage scenes and Kitty proves this point very well. In a white spotted mac and white Dunlop wellies she is first bound sitting on a desk and white rubber gagged. Her white rubber swim hat is then fitted onto her head and others fastened around her neck. Her white rubber swim cap gag does makes her drool a lot which is another distinct advantage of this type of gag. Moved to the floor she is bound with her legs roped together and another from her knees to around her neck leaving as helpless as anybody could just about be.
Its getting very close to the holiday season and as the tree has gone up and then had to have Violet tied up and gagged along side it dressed in a festive long shiny red mac and red wellies. Hooded and gagged with a red ball gag, another bandage was used to hold the hood down over her eyes as the more helpless she is the better present she makes. Fay is tied with her hands taped into the pockets of her white retro mac and with her ankles crossed and taped she dared not to try and move as she could fall over. Purple tape down her body holds the mac very tight against her and with a tape gag a clear rain bonnet was tied onto her head. More purple tape was then tied over her gag around her bonnet and then the bonnet that had been placed over her eyes was taped in a similar fashion. A tightly bound rubber clad Elyssia is gas masked over her black rubber swim cap just because gas masks and rubber bondage go together so very well.

From Update
11th December

2 x HD Videos
Ivory in In & Out
8 mins 40 secs - 322 mb
Siren & Mallory in Green Godesses
10 mins 05 secs - 376 mb
147 images
Ivory has no problem with bondage indoors and out, or anywhere else for that matter, but does like to be heavily dressed when outdoors which is very convenient as we do have lots of coats, macs and boots for her when the cold weather looms. However indoors it is always good to be able to see her body as well so in a short clear rain jacket over her topless body and black and white wellies on her stockinged legs, she was tied up against the wall with her ankles apart and her arms bound down the sides of her body with white bandages. Along comes Helena with a white ball gag for this lady who is then hooded after being gagged. Another bandage is then tied over her gag and the hood draw strings tied off to an overhead hook so she has to keep her head up and the lovely side effect is the hood tightening as she struggles. Outdoors for her meant a heavy yellow riding mac and red wellies and gloves. She was tied to the tree with red rope, her arms and ankles pulled back and tied behind it. Then she was gagged very tightly with a very large red bit gag forced deep into the back of her mouth. With her arms retied in front of her and scarf gagged, tape was wound through her lips and over the gag and around the tree, again done very tight forcing the gag again deep into her mouth. Sat onto a desk dressed in a white rain suit with white wellies and white rubber gloves her arms and legs were tied apart as far as possible. Then comes the white ball gag and hood before her mouth is released from the ball gag but then taped shut with white tape.
Two beautiful ladies in green rainwear bondage looking delightfully helpless in their straps and ropes. Siren is wearing a very long green shiny mac and her arms are strapped out along the board behind her shoulders. Rope binds her legs and ankles together and then along comes Helena to gag her with a large black leather gag tightly strapped around her head. She is then hooded and collared and lots of tape stretched over her gag and hood just to further secure her gag and enforce a little more silence. Mallory is in a green Rukka mac and green Hunter wellies and has been tied into a chair with her arms bound behind her. Initially gagged with a large green sponge gag and then a green swim hat is forced onto her head and strapped under her chin. This gag is then changed to very tight green tape wrapped over her lips and under her chin as tight as the tape could go. A green cape was then draped over her and secured with rope around her waist, now she really looked the part of a delectable green bondage goddess, as did Siren.

From Update
4th December

2 x HD Videos
Celeste in Having Trouble
8 mins 50 secs - 328 mb
Betty & Elle in Nice & Tight
6 mins 0 secs - 222 mb
133 images
Celeste has been a very long serving member of this site and has spent time in rainwear bondage than just about anybody else and she still keeps coming back for more which has to be a very good thing. In a long blue mac with a shorter see thru blue mac over the top she was spread eagled along the wooden beam with rope around her gloved wrists and booted ankles. Hooded and a tight blue ball gag in her mouth and rope around her neck helpless to keep her still. With her ankles tied together and a pole bound up to her waist forced her to stay upright her gag was changed for a large blue bit gag forced deep into her mouth. In only lingerie, a short see thru jacket and silver Hunter wellies Celeste had her wrists tied behind her and her ankles crossed and bound and was gagged with a metal ball gag. Then sat onto the desk, hooded and re gagged one leg was tied out along the length of the table and then other bent and tied beneath her. This left her rather uncomfortable which was added to when her head was bent forward and tied down to her knee. Outdoors in the sun and tied up in a blue mac with red boots and gloves. Her ankles hobbled with a water hose she was then gagged and a wet clear mac buttoned up around her bound body. This mac was then tied around her and she was laid down in the sun to roll around on the grass as her macs dried in the hot sun.
Betty in blue and Elle in red both of them bound nice and tight and suitably silenced in their bondage. Betty is in a long blue mac and has her arms laced into a black leather arm binder in front of her. With tight leather straps binding her body and ankles and a mouth filling leather gag strapped into her mouth she is able to offer no resistance to her bondage. Even more so after more straps had been applied to her body and her gag changed for a matching head harness leather gag. Elle is in a long shiny red mac and short shiny red wellies. She has her arms pulled back and tied behind a boxing punch bag, a very tight rope around her waist and her knees are bound together. Then hooded and a a large red leather is applied her head is taped back against the bag leaving her to delightfully hobble and struggle and look lovely at the same time with her tightly bound body stretching her mac to its limit.

From Update
27th November

2 x HD Videos
Ivory in A Leg Up
6 mins 0 secs - 223 mb
Luci in Staying Put
5 mins 50 secs - 219 mb
151 images
Jason would love to see more of the ladies in short jackets and wellies and says he cannot get enough of this. To keep you going here is Elyssia in an orange work jacket and short coloured wellies. She is tied up against the wall with her arms down by her sides and her ankles are tied together. To make sure she cannot bend down to remove her ball gag or to spoil the view, rope has been tied under her chin to the hood drawstrings and to an overhead hook to make sure she stays standing up. Francine has been asking what has happened to Tabby as she thinks she is the most lovely of ladies and wants to see more of her? We are afraid that Tabby has now moved away and here the last of her in rainwear bondage. Tied into a chair in a red mac and wellies she is scarf gagged and the very large hood pulled up over her head and tied into place with rope around her neck. Hopefully Tabby will be back one day. Roy is somebody who loves to see the ladies enjoy their rainwear bondage and also loves to see them having to hobble on one foot in their bondage (which does happen quite often here) so with Ivory in a long clear mac and tied to a tree you can see just how much she does enjoy the ropes and gags. First with one booted foot tied up behind her she swings herself around trying to laugh and giggle from behind her ball gag. Then with one foot tied as high as possible, she almost makes vertical splits and as she continues to swing herself around she also manages to show off her lovely legs and lingerie.
This week starts with a very tightly taped Luci which has to be a great way of making sure she stays put. In a bright shiny hooded yellow mac and coloured heart covered wellies she had her wrists tied down to the handles on the chest, on which she was sitting. Her arms were tightly taped to her sides and more tape applied around her body knees and ankles. Her mouth was tape gagged and then more so after she had been hooded. A long yellow see thru mac was then draped over her shoulders and the hood tightened around her eyes and mouth leaving very little of her face showing. Deception was tied up in the corner with her arms sealed into red bandages against her body and her hair was tied off to a hook above her head to keep her still. To go with her white wellies Helena buttons up a white spotted mac around Deception, releases her hair and hoods and bit gags her. Her balled up hands now poke out of the front of the mac but she is totally helpless. The sight of Helena and Deception in a combination of red and white rainwear is quite lovely to see.

From Update
20th November

2 x HD Videos
Anastasia in Lady in White
6 mins 15 secs - 232 mb
Buffy & Ammalia in Loving to Ride
6 mins 40 secs - 248 mb
141 images
Please say hello to Anastasia who we know you are going to love. This dark haired beauty was very keen to come here after she heard about us. It is not her first time in bondage but it is her first time in rainwear bondage and doesn't she look gorgeous. Her first taste of rainwear bondage came with a white vintage mac and her own black and white boots. With her arms roped tightly behind her it was a perfect way to show off her magnificent body which is so suitable for this type of bondage as she stretches the macs in a way that many will appreciate. Scarf gagged after being sat into a chair with a rope from her neck to the chair back made sure she stayed there. In a shiny purple metallic mac her arms were taped out along the beam and with very tight tape above her breasts and around her waist she looked perfect and even more so after she had been gagged and then that taped over. The in a long white mac and white Dunlop wellies and white rubber gloves she was sat onto the desk and her body and legs roped and her arms tied out along the beam. A large white ball gag was then tied into her mouth. Then hooded and gagged with a white bit gag forced between her red lips and with more rope tight around her body her struggling is a delightful sight to see. White tape around her mouth came next leaving her beautiful pleading eyes as she continued to struggle. Anastasia is already booked to come back so that makes her happy, us happy and am sure lots of yourselves.
Well dressed ladies outdoors and indoors but always well bound bound and gagged. Luci is dressed in a belted pink mac and bound to the tree with purple rope. She is hooded and gagged with a very large purple bit gag by Helena. With her body roped tightly to the tree and her arms and legs pulled back and tied around around the tree she is one very helpless lady enhanced by a rope around her neck forcing her to hold her head up. Buffy is in a red riding mac and tied up against the wall with her red booted ankles spread. Gagged with a spiky black rubber gag the only thing she had to worry about was whether to drool or not as there was nothing else she could possibly do. Then with her arms strapped out into the wooden board and her body and legs bound she was gagged with a rubber ball gag after having her hair tucked into the mac and the collar turned up. Ammalia was taped to the fence in a spread eagled position while wearing a very tightly belted beige riding mac. She could then swing a little back and forward on the fence but with very little noise coming from her mouth filling red leather gag.

From Update
13th November

2 x HD Videos
Siren in Hard at 'Work'
9 mins 30 secs - 356 mb
Violet in A Tight Corner
5 mins 25 secs - 202 mb
138 images
Siren has been hard at 'work lately trying her best to escape from any bondage that she is put in but as she copes so well with bondage it has to be tighter and tighter to cope with her struggling. In a red Rukka mac and red wellies her arms were tied behind her and then more rope added around her chest before she was ball gagged and one foot tied high up to the beam to which she was also roped. This did mean that she could hang off the ropes with both feet in the air, something she immediately did. Then hooded and the ball gag tied over the hood the foot was this time bought up behind her to the high beam so she could continue to swing around. Finally the foot was tied to the lower beam and her gag was changed for a long scarf wrapped several times tightly through her mouth to quiet her down a little. Then it was a yellow hooded mac and yellow wellies and tied to the metal frame. Hooded and yellow ball gagged again meant she had to work hard again but had no more success than last time. Sat onto the table in her pink mac and wellies she had her arms and legs strapped together and was the hooded, gagged and collared with several of the gas masks laid around her to show what she is going to wearing in the very near future.
The beautiful Ammalia is back again and this time sitting on a desk with her hands tied behind her and her ankles spread and tied to the desk legs. Both Ammalia are wearing glass clear matching macs and high heels. Ammalia is hooded and rubber ball gagged, Helena then removes her mac and places it over Ammalia and buttons up just the top button and brings up the hood. This lovely is now double wrapped and looking very glamorous at the same time. Violet found herself in a tight corner, in more ways than one, after being tied to an upturned metal bed frame with her hands and feet apart, each with a lot of rope. She is wearing a short nylon jacket and short purple Hunter wellies so showing off her bare legs at the same time. She was then purple ball gagged before her hood was tied up over her head and her gag retied over the hood. A tight crotch rope and more rope around her neck came next with the final touch being more rope around her chest and arms and a leather harness muzzle gag tied over her ball gag. Now with her still and quiet the job was complete.

From Update
6th November

2 x HD Videos
Celeste & Bella in Lovely in Nylon
9 mins 45 secs - 363 mb
Fay in Taped Delight
6 mins 30 secs - 242 mb
143 images
Three ladies tied up and gagged in their nylon rainwear and very lovely they all look too. Bella was sat onto a high stool while wearing nylon jacket and trousers and then bound with strips of nylon from old torn nylon jackets. Her hands were tied up inside the jacket sleeves to stop her reaching the knots and she was gagged with another nylon strip. Her gag was then retied over the hood and then a second strip applied and then gaffer tape around that to secure her gag properly. Another nylon hood was then placed over her head and tied off under her chin. It would have been a shame not to use it as it was sitting there doing nothing. Ammalia was wearing vintage bra, knickers, high heels and a short blue nylon jacket and nothing else. Her arms were bound behind her, her ankles crossed and bound and she was hooded and ball gagged. The ropes around her shoulders were tied off to a hook above her to stop her toppling over as she hobbled and strained in her bonds. Her jacket was then opened to show off her lingerie and you have the stunning combination of her lingerie and hooded rainwear. A nylon suited Celeste was very tightly cellotaped into her rainwear with her arms behind her and after being hooded and tape gagged, cellotape was wrapped around her gag as tightly as possible (which was very tight) and her was bought down onto the floor and her ankles were crossed and taped together with more cellotape around her legs. She was now very very helpless but looks lovely at the same time, something they all do which I am sure you will all agree.
This week we first have Violet tied out sitting on the bed in her yellow riding coat and yellow Hunter wellies. Her ankles have been cuffed as far apart as they will go and her wrists cuffed to the hooks in the wall. Gagged with a very large yellow sponge ball gag the high collar was buttoned up around her neck to make her look even better. Ammalia is wearing a long green mac and green Hunter wellies. Her arms have been heavily roped in front of her and she is then hooded and ball gagged. Her knees were roped apart and another around her neck meant she was going to stay on display for quite a long while with her able to do nothing about it. Fay was dressed in a hooded clear mac. Her elbows were taped behind her and her arms taped to her body. Tape gagged and hooded by Helena she was bought down onto her knees and then ended up on the floor with Helena rolling her around and enjoying her company.

From Update
30th October

2 x HD Videos
Mallory in A Touch of Red
9 mins 45 secs - 363 mb
Drew in Coated in Rubber
6 mins 25 secs - 240 mb
137 images
Two more helpless ladies bound and gagged in their rainwear and as more bondage is added to their bodies the better they look. DreIt is good to see Mallory again as I am sure you will agree, this lovely lady has been working hard all summer in the tourist trade and now that things are slowing down she has time for more important things, like appearing here in rainwear and bondage. Tied into a chair in a red Rukka mac and red wellies she was bit gagged over the macs hood. This very wide red bit gag holding her mouth wide open. With her gag changed a for a red scarf gag she was also fitted with a very wide red leather collar. The rope attached to the collar was tied to the over head beam with another scarf wrapped over her gag and looped into the ropes to make sure there was never going to be a chance of her getting away. Out in the garden in a long navy mac and red wellies she was bound with her arms behind her and scarf gagged and hooded. Then laid onto the straw bales she was tightly hog tied after lots of red tape had been tied over her gagged mouth to silence her. A yellow Rukka mac, yellow wellies and yellow gloves came next for her, so did a lot of cellotape to tape her arms down by her sides. A yellow ball gag applied by Helena who then cellotapes over her ball gag to force and secure it into her mouth. Then lots more cellotape to secure Mallory to the tree and it was case of a job very well done.w is wearing a short black rubber coat, black rubber riding boots and black rubber gloves. She has been bound sitting on a high stool with her arms tied out to the beam behind her shoulders. Her ankles have been tied out to the stool legs which shows off her rubber boots very nicely. A black pvc clad Helena gags Drew with a rubber ball gag and then ties a black rubber sou'wester onto her head. Helena then wraps a thick rubber scarf over her ball gag and replacing her sou'wester as lots of black rubber it has to be. Anita is wearing a long metallic hooded mac and riding boots and has had her arms pulled back and tied behind the tree. Black tape secures her body to the tree and her knees are taped together after which she is ball gagged and the hood is pulled down over her eyes and tape is then tied around her eyes and the tree to make sure she is now blindfolded and unable to move her head.

From Update
23rd October

2 x HD Videos
Kitty in Red & Blue
9 mins 55 secs - 373 mb
Elle in Pink Love
7 mins 45 secs - 290 mb
142 images
The bondage loving Kitty is back for more and starts with many bright colours. In a 1960's coloured flowered 'pop art' mac and yellow wellies she was tied with her wrist bound to the beam behind her and her ankles were crossed and tied together. A yellow ball gag follows and more rope around her body and knees. Her hands her bound just far enough apart so she could not reach her ball gag and just to make sure rope was tied around her upturned collar and to the beam so she could not move her head at all. Tied onto the dining room table with her hands bound into her lap but the mac pulled back to show off her bare legs and red wellies. Rubber ball gagged and then hooded left her drooling from her gag, which she always does so well, and finally the hood was tightened down over her eyes as tight as it would go. Then it was a semi transparent blue striped mac and very high heeled shoes for her. Roped and head harness gagged before she was laid down onto the floor and hog tied, something she enjoys more than anything else and she does always look so good as she struggles and moans.
Its a pink haired lady in pink and a dark haired lady in black and very lovely they look too. A topless pink haired Elle is dressed in a short see thru pink rain jacket and pink wellies. Her arms have been roped to her sides with her wrists tied to her thighs. Hooded and pink ball gagged with a rope around her neck to the knob on the wall provides a lovely view of her and her bondage. After her legs have been tightly roped as well along comes Helena to drape and button a pink edged clear mac over her shoulders. After this has been secured, pink rope is tied around her body and she laid down onto the floor where she has to remain. Sassie is in a black trench coat and tied into a revolving chair. Her body is tightly roped and her knees also bound but with the mac open you get a lovely view of her legs and high heels. Then with her hair tucked into the macs collar she is ball gagged and her heeled ankles are bound together, this just means the sight of her gets better and better.

From Update
16th October

2 x HD Videos
Luci in Lovely Layers
9 mins 30 secs - 354 mb
Kitty & Fay in Very Accepting
10 mins 45 secs - 401 mb
163 images
Ladies in lots of layers of macs as well as their bondage is when the scene becomes even more delightful to see. Here first is Luci in a yellow rain suit, wellies and two long clear macs over her suit. The clear macs are already wet so they steam up after she has been taped into her macs. Her arms taped behind her by Helena who then double hoods her and tape gags her as well as taping her legs and ankles. Then comes the third hood and more tape around her head and gag. The water hose is then draped around her and turned on so Luci's macs get another soaking before being laid down onto the floor and left to roll around under Helena's boots. Both Kitty and Fay are always very accepting with their bondage and their rainwear so dressing them in many layers is easy as they will never object to something like this. Kitty is wearing a red work suit and heavy red toed wellies and a wet see thru black mac and then a wet clear one put on her backwards and buttoned up by Helena. Kitty is ball gagged while she is dressed like this and with the addition of a thin plastic cagoule pulled down over her head. She is then sat into the chair and cellotaped to it with lots of layers of tight cellotape. The hood of the clear mac is then pulled up over her face leaving her in her own rainwear covered world. Fay has been tied to a tree with her arms and ankles pulled and bound around the tree. She is wearing a long red mac, a white spotted mac, a see thru purple one, backwards and another purple one for good measure. Double hooded and ball gagged which has a breathing tube attached before all the macs are done up around her and one purple hood is pulled up over her face while the hood of the top mac is then tightly tied off around her head. This leaves just her breathing tube poking though this rainwear sealed lovely, all so very beautiful to see.
Two more ladies tied up and gagged in their rainwear. Rosa is in a blue mac and blue wellies and her lovely bare legs on show after she had been bound. First she had her arms tied behind her and then after being ball gagged over the macs hood she was anchored to the gate by rope around her neck. It was then that the mac was pulled up and hitched into the ropes to put her bare booted legs on display. The beautiful blonde Siren is a gas mask lover as well as a pvc lover so it is always good when the two come together. Tied up in a red se thru long mac and high heels she was first hooded and rubber ball gagged and then her heels changed out for red wellies. Rope around her knees to prevent her getting away and then a red edged gas mask after her gag had been changed to under under her hood. With the hood tied tightly around her gas mask she really was quite happy and content in her bondage.

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